What is RFID wallet and why it is important?

For the past few years, individuals prefer to use a wallet that reveals their own style; for instance, some slim leather wallets for men or the luxury one that women were attracted. But with the development of technology, the risk of having your information and stuff stolen from thieves is increasing among the society. People are seeking for products with the compact and effective protection; but also maintain the sophisticate design, too.

This RFID technology starts to become popular that manufacturers apply it for different types of product; including credit cards, passport and various essentials. But commonly, you will find it easy when seeking for a new wallet. It allows individuals to confirm their identity as well as protect your information from being skimmed by dangerous people.


As mention, people nowadays can make use of radio waves to steal your identity. It can be done several miles away, without the need to make direct contact or asking others.

The danger of having your items scanned

Obviously, RFID technology is ideal when protecting your stuff. However, this is a double-edged sword when other can also activate the hidden chip equipped inside your things. As a result, they start to take advantage of sensitive information of the users in just a few moments.

Base on some recent researches, thieves are now having a variety of methods to take possession of your info from a far distance. Commonly, they will seek for things such as name or the place you are living from your papers. For worst, people are more likely to lose bank account and credit card numbers.

Why you need a RFID wallet as soon as possible?

Obviously, one of the common ways to protect you is by applying wise methods for preventing the situation. So, purchasing some RFID wallets means you can make use of technology to secure your info. Rapidly, it leads to the new renovation of wallet and its new function to protect people.

As saying from the beginning, selecting one eye-catching design goes along with unique patterns is very common when people purchase their wallet. But now, “providing the RFID technology” is one of the top priorities customers often ask when coming to the store.

Take a closer look, this new function of wallet protects you by spreading one strong shield around your items. Therefore, when dangerous people using their readers for taking the info, this shield stands up again the powerful energy spreading from those.


Choose your own RFID blocking products (especially wallets)

In the market, there are numerous sites and services that sell RFID wallets with various prices and a long list of construction. Generally, the price measures around $10 and even more than $150; which is based on your design and the appropriate brand.

With a detailed list composed by Best Wallets 2015-2016 on the Best And Stylish RFID Wallets for Men, they make recommendation based on the rates and feedbacks of customers; which is very reliable. From that, Sharkk, Access Denied, Travelon or Dash Co. Are common brands received positive attitude from customers. And there are bunches of sources you can take a look for, not just the one we say above.

Other replacement

At the moment, we also come up with some problems require manufacturers have to think about a new solution. “We are worried about the RFID situation nowadays, but are there any methods for protecting our stuff without having to change the wallet”; this is one common question we receive from our audiences. Fortunately, there are some alternatives that you can consider.

  • First, we suggest the Armourcard. With the size measures as your credit card, this device operates using the powerful energy from the battery. When putting in the wallet, it will protect all the essential items if there is one RFID reader tries to reach out your info.
  • Second, you can put your wallet in the Altoids cans or wrap it with one piece of aluminum. Although these two ways seem to be unprofessional and unfashionable, your information is secured absolutely.
  • Additionally, there is a wide range of Credit card holder wallets for business purposes in the market. All you have to do is just to choose the one makes of premium metal for the intense protection.


Useful tips when choosing your RFID wallet

  1. Standard of Government – When purchasing the RFID wallet, having the ability to block reader is the most important feature. Besides, we sure you always want to check whether this brand achieves all the requirements and standards of government or not.
  1. Piece of material – For RFID wallet, they can come from every material that you may think about, it can be leather, synthetic or others. But we highly recommend that you seek for RFID wallet which takes advantages of premium metal or synthetic (similar to some credit card holders)
  1. Size and Design – These days, there is a variety of dimensions in the market; all you have to do is to select the one that best suits your taste. Before purchasing, set a plan to use your wallet. For instance, you will have places for cards, currency and important papers like you often use for Checkbook wallets for women and men. As a result, individuals will know how to pick the right size.

When the risk of having your information stolen is increasing gradually, people tend to think about having one RFID wallet to protect their items. For those who still want to go though the day with your old ones, why don’t apply the alternative methods as we have suggested. We also want to say that prevention is always better than getting into the problems to learn your lessons.

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