Valentine’s Day gifts for your frugal-hearted honey

Are you having difficulties in finding a perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day?

According to Professional Matchmaker:

The funny fact is that when you are chasing or staying in a relationship, then it’s very important to be informed when the Valentine’s Day is coming. Take advantage of this day or you will stay in the doghouse for all the time!

Every year, Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February is one special occasion for individuals to embrace and celebrate emotions with their love ones. It always seems a little bit tricky since not prepare enough will result in some brownie points for your effort. In contrast, showing too much of your tenderness may scare this person off from the beginning; or even turning your spiritual message into a wrong one as well.

Annually, we have made researches to see there are many Americans invest lots of money into purchasing one gift; however, they fail to get that these presents need to show the romance and creativity instead. Based on our perspective, two common gifts which are consumable including flowers and chocolate; which won’t last for more than two weeks. Therefore, if you want to save the money but still satisfy your love ones, check out these suggestions for Valentine’s Day gifts for your honey.

Flowers or plants

As mentioned, flowers are not the great ideas because they obviously last less than two weeks. But if your lovers prefer gifts related to floral, you can consider purchase one flowers pot or give them the strong seeds which grow into large plants in the future.

The advantage when purchasing the plants or seeds is that you will have tons of bulbs and seeds throughout the time. For example, there are many options include jasmine and orchids (these two plants are known as the aphrodisiac). Seek for the indoors plant, it is better to choose miniature roses.


When standing in a position of a gentleman, they rarely pay attention to accessories that have been used for a long time; especially the wallet. Therefore, giving present as the wallet is not only the wise way to make your boyfriend miss you everytime they use, but reveals your thoughtfulness as well.

  • Since most men nowadays are very simple, their wallet also reflects the personal characteristic through its slim and sophisticated design. In fact, slim wallets for men can come from different types to meet the diverse tastes. Although highlight the minimalist construction, items still provide adequate storage for good organization. Read: Best And Cool Slim Wallets For Men.
  • Don’t forget to mention about women, this type of gift will definitely bring intense amazement if you are seeking for one gift for your lovely girls. Different from the past, women and girls in the modern century pay special attention for clothings and accessories ; which reveals their status when appearing in the public. Known as the “luxurious wallet”, the actual price is worth to try!!! Come here: Luxury And Best Wallets For Women

Vintage – Sparkle jewelry

Among the presents for Valentine’s Day, jewelry is one common and traditional option people often put in their list of priority. However, to own one high quality and long-lasted one; obviously, individuals need to invest in a bunch of money. But these days, people start to pay more attention to vintage jewelry since these items not only bring the real spirit; but reveal the romantic performance with eye-catching design.

  • Let’s think again to see which types of jewelry your valentine love to have on this special day. Commonly, people will find it easy to get them in the antique shop or some small resale in their area
  • For people who don’t have the time to wander around local stores, there are many online websites provide vintage accessories. For instance, Etsy is one famous site where you can get whatever kind of gift you want, especially the vintage product. On the other hand, men can check out Ruby Lane for unique items as well. We sure the seller will answer every question related to the quality, origin or the price you want to know.
  • And one last thing is that vintage jewelry is the ideal gift since they can last for several years and allows you to combine perfectly with different clothing set. No one will know the secret stories stay inside each piece of vintage item, so just treasure and embrace it.


There is one rumor about giving shoes to your loved ones; as people always believe that this is the reason leads to unhappiness or broken relationship. But, please!!!! According to, choosing one pair of shoes is the greatest way to show your thoughtfulness with this casual item. Besides, your boyfriend/girlfriend will feel so lucky that they have such a great lover who knows even the shoe size.

In one shoe collection, casual shoes are the essential; cause we know that your man always has to attend the meeting. And sure that special occasions are a great period to reveal your gentlemen appearance as well. With these casual shoes for men include the oxford, boat shoes or soft slip-on; they allow you to wear on various terrains from inside space to sand beaches. Read: Men casual shoes in 2016.

Similar to men, no one can deny the truth that shoes are the powerful weapons for women. Obviously, with the real fashionable taste; beauties tend to find the suitable and lovely ones that allow them to combine with different clothes. For instance, the skinny jeans, dress or short skirts. Don’t make you wait for more, these high heel shoes from Dream Pairs will definitely make your girls stand out no matter which types of party she joins in. For more, read: High heel shoes from Dream Pairs

Compact bags

Similar to the wallet, bags now are becoming important since people purchase this to bring along their essentials. Especially, women in the modern era rely on the brand of bags to define the social class or personal status of others. It is very obvious, seeing one woman on the street with her Prada or LV bag will definitely grab your attention at the very first glance; compared with those who don’t, right?

Different from the past when men always carry their suitcase, modern gentlemen now prefer wearing the messenger bags for men on one side of their shoulder. Take advantage of the genuine leather, these products not only last long; but reveal the sophisticated performance as well. Among these items, every man always loves to own one that helps to use for various purposes. Check out: Best messenger bags for stylish men.

When choosing the favorite bag, most women tend to pick the soft and comfortable material to reveal the feminine style. In contrast, others love to choose premium leather for its exquisite and elegant performance. If your women have to attend meeting or important parties with elegant clothes, you may want to look at: Leather bags that women may love

Homemade chocolate or desserts

There is the fact that sweet dessert and chocolate are the common gifts for the Valentine’s Day. However, as we mentioned, these items tend to discard quickly after a short period of time. So how can make the most of these items?

When the day is coming, it maybe a little bit tricky to go for the famous chocolate brand or high-quality one in the shop. Nowadays, to meet the needs of customers, individuals can offer the types of chocolate and the level of sweet. After days, you will receive the adorable and elegant chocolate box with an exclusive package from the trustful service.

For girls, making the homemade chocolate is not so hard as you may think. Buy a book from the bookstore or you can watch several videos on Youtube – the fastest site that supports individuals in doing anything they want.

A long-distance travel or local adventure

To maintain the healthy lifestyle, individuals need to keep in mind the term “sustainability”. But how to stay positively and sustainability for days? We highly recommend you to eat balanced and travel to explore the natural environment. Instead of going along, it’s always better to ask your valentine out and enjoy the outdoors activity in the local area.

  • In fact, people rarely have the idea to explore small corners in their neighborhood. Therefore, grab this chance and take them to a local museum or famous theaters. Just spend time watching some interesting plays and you guys may find the similar taste of music or art.
  • To create long-lasting memories, take them to some places special every stop. For instance, nursery and antique store are two options that will win your valentine from the very first glance.


Although wall clocks and smartphones nowadays allow individuals to get the time whenever they want, modern gentlemen have always wanted a beautiful and modern wristwatch. Not only for checking the time, the watches also reveal the personal class of individuals as well.

In the market, watches are divided into different styles and categories for individuals to pick one that best suits their taste. However, there are some still wonder the reason why every gentleman needs to have a watch while they can check out the time by their own smartphone. In fact, watches are the powerful weapons that help individuals define their status, especially the businessman.

The hat

Hat not only has the only function to protect your head and hair in various weather conditions. A nice hat for men is also a fashion accessory, a workhorse to create accents for various outfits. When mentioning, the Fedora is probably the kind of hats for men that becomes popular recently. When it comes to the hat, people mostly comme across the Fedora hat.

Fedora hat features the easy-to-bend and flexible construction; great a perfect combination of elegant shirt and trousers. In addition, combine with a slim blazer will make you look more stylish and trendy. However, selecting one fashionable fedora hat would take you lots of time. In this case, read this collection: Best fedora hats for men

Feature the sophisticated design as Fedora, Panama hat is one model that makes individuals say “Yes” everytime they make a decision. This type of hat is available in various colors, especially the black, gray and brown. According to, gentlemen nowadays also seek for product takes advantage of real straw to enhance its uniqueness. For more information: Top Best Panama Hat in the market industry

Wine bottles / Homemade beer

Different from the past, women these days also take chances to try wine; when attending parties or special events with family. If your valentine taste belongs to this group, we highly suggest you make their favorite drink (or you can learn from books or online videos). It will definitely grab their attention rather than going to the liquor store and purchase one.

  • For people who intend to purchase the homemade liquid kits, you will receive a few batches and some ingredients. With this component, it is easy to make some drinks for special nights or the cozy date on the weekend.
  • Obviously, Valentine’s Day gifts requires you to pay more subtle observation; as to know that favorite drink and taste. And don’t forget to prepare more food and fruits to make the meal more special.

Above all are some suggestions to look for one perfect gift on this Valentine’s Day. In some case, we also provide the detail collection or online websites where you can seek for more information. How will you plan this special occasions? Don’t forget to share with us!

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