Top 12 Best Wristlet Wallets For Women [Updated 2019]

Top 9 best wristlet wallets for women

These 10 Best wristlet wallets for women are highly recommended for those who love the colors, stylishness and want the convenience and practicality of a reliable wristlet wallet.

Wristlet wallet for women features as one small bag or wristlet purse. It also attaches to a wrist strap for carrying or wearing on your shoulder. As its size is usually small, a wristlet can be very useful and convenient when you want to go out at nights or go to the store for daily shopping. It can carry your essentials such as cash, ID card, license card and credit cards without a burden. Not only the essentials, individuals especially women can bring along their key chains, smartphone, and lipsticks.

In addition, the trap that you can loop around your wrist also makes it perfect to be taken with you in many cases. Keeping your valuables close to your body all the time is always good, right?

Like the full-sized handbags or purses, a wristlet wallet for women comes in a variety of materials, styles, and finishes. Thus, it is also one fashionable accessory of a woman. That’s why so many famous brand designers have created many cute or fabulous wristlet wallets that you can choose one of them to match with your clothes.

All in all, who does not need a leather wristlet wallet? Someone even likes to have more than one. It makes life much easier when you are on-the-go. Now, if you are interested in a wristlet wallet, take a look at our collection of Best and Nice Wristlet Wallet For Women below.

So, what are the benefits of one wristlet wallet for women?

Wallet is now available in several designs. If you just carry the basic essentials, then having a small slim wallet is enough for cash and some most-used cards. On the other hand, more items require more space to keep your stuff, such as the big backpack or large wristlet purse. Although a minimal purse seems to have the same design with one wristlet clutch, we believe you may sometimes confuse when choosing one for yourself.

  • When making a comparison between purses and wristlet wallet for women, the wristlet clutch is easier to use. In case you are attending a party or a romantic night out, some designs allow you to detach the strap for better convenience.
  • Wallet with wrist strap is not only safe, but also fashionable. Commonly, strap’s color is similar to your wallet shade. But in some stores, they are willing to sell a strap collection with colorful textures that will match your style. If you prefer accessories which are trendy and fashionable, choose one wristlet clutch with a removable strap or adjustable cuff.

Some best wristlet wallet for women you may fall in love:

1.  Vera Bradley RFID Front Zip Wallet, Signature Wristlet Wallet For Women

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Just because the days are getting shorter doesn’t mean you cannot bring a little light into your life with this Vera Bradley RFID wristlet purse. Let’s warm up your sense of style this summer by selecting one among those vibrant colors. Since this one is one imported wristlet clutch, it meets all the strict requirements in both design and quality. Feature the combination of textile and synthetic lining, wristlet wallet for women delivers the smooth and perfect experience.

Whenever you need to grab all your essentials for a short hangout or a fun night, these cute wristlets are your ally in the adventure. Its size measures 4.5 x 7.5 inches (high x wide). Take a closer look, there are 6 card slots, 1 bill pocket. You will find one extra zipper pocket outside for train fare, keys or tiny items. Take privacy as the top priority, do not worry cause all your information will receive the high secure thanks to the strong RFID blocking system.

One precise element from this one is that it has space for iPhone 6 and 6+. As the wristlet wallet for women is built to last, it allows you to wash with the machine after a long time using. Wristlet purse receives mostly compliments for the design and quality of materials. Take advantage of the quilted stitching sewn in tight configurations, Vera wallet not only adds an element of embroidered appeal and aesthetic but also enhances the structural integrity of your favorite bag.

2. BOSTANTEN Womens Leather Wallets Credit Card Cash Holder Large Capacity Clutch Wristlet

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Offer you a variety of colors, this BOSTANTEN Womens Leather Wristlet Wallet For Women should stay on top of the list. Utilize cow split genuine leather, leather wristlet wallet ensures to bring the durability no matter how hard you use. As itself is polished and oiled, the outer surface becomes shinier and sleeker. The more you use, the more retrospective it will be. The leather wristlet wallet utilizes golden metal hardware; which both brings the gorgeous look and long-lasted lifespan.

This is a wristlet wallet for women you can simply put inside your purse or carry on hands. Its size measures roughly 7.5 x 1 x 3.9 inches (L x W x H). Take a closer look, there are 2 pockets for the receipt, 3 cash compartments, and 8 card slots. For women who have the habit of using coins, you will find 1 zipper pocket in the middle. Please feel free to put your smartphone without a burden (like iPhone 6Plus). The wristlet allows you to remove when it is not necessary.

As BOSTANTEN Leather Wristlet Wallet For Women makes use of genuine leather, you will experience the strange odor smell after purchasing. Leave it in a ventilated area for a few days to get rid of the smell. According to customers, you need to be careful when using as the strap and zipper can break easily.

3. Coach Signature PVC and Leather Corner Zip Wristlet Wallet For Women

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Since 1941, Coach became famous for its high-quality craftsmanship and luxury accessories. Among all the handbag and wallet, this Coach Wristlet Leather Logo Zip Wallet plays as a handy wristlet purse. You can feel free to keep inside bags or carry on hands. Take advantage of premium leather, wristlet wallet for women delivers the durability and excellent performance no matter how hard you use.

Design for you to carry on hands, its outer skin features the rough design which avoids leather wristlet falling off the ground. The inner design features 1 huge pocket for all the necessaries and 2 slots for some basic cards. The leather wristlet utilizes golden metal hardware; which both brings the gorgeous look and long-lasted lifespan. In term of sizing, wristlet wallet for women measures 6 ¼ x 4 inches (L x H).

The Coach wristlet purse is available in several colors, from the dark to brighter tones that match your daily outfits. Wallet in real item matches the mentioned description. However, there is an inconsistency in the sizing, which makes you feel the real one is somehow smaller.

If you prefer having your essentials secured by the strong zipper, these Luxury And Best Wallets For Women are designed for you.

4. The Sak – Wristlet Wallet For Women

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With the performance as one small cross-body bag, we sure this Sakroots Artist Circle Cross-Body Bag will hook your eyes. Feature the sophisticated exterior design and floral patterns, sure you will fall in love with it from the very first time. Made of polyester, wristlet wallet for women deliver the durability and high protection. Feature one layer of coated canvas, you will feel smooth when sliding your fingers on the design.

With the size measured 4.5 x 7.25 inches (high x wide), it fits iPhone 6/7 with a slim case perfectly. The interior design features 9 slots for credit cards, 3 large split pockets and one secured with zippers for you to put the coins in. With one zippered compartment for storing important cash or papers, you can put the key or even small chap-stick when needing to go out just for a while. All your item receives the high protection thanks to the pin snap closure outside.

Know that most women often bring their wristlet wallet purse outside; the manufacturer adds one small pocket outside secured with snap closure to store the phone conveniently. According to most customers, the zipper is of average quality so be careful when using it.

5. Lecxci Luxury Womens Genuine Leather Clutch Cell Phone Handbags, Zipper Wristlets RFID Blocking Wallets Purse for Women

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Apart from the wallet, choosing one wristlet clutch is a great option as you can use it for different purposes. The Lecxci Luxury Womens Genuine Leather Clutch is available in several colors; from bright to darker tones. Using Premium Cowhide Leather with lichee pattern, this wallet wristlet delivers the durability and soft within one immediate touch. The inner design features high-quality polyester to bring you a smooth and soft experience when using.

This clutch measures 8.07 x 4.13 x 0.8 inches (L x H x W). So, you can use as one handy clutch or shoulder bags depends on your style. When opening, there are 3 inner compartments for phone, keys, 1 hidden zipper pocket and 10 card slots. Apart from cash and card, you can carry your smartphone and some makeup kits when hanging around. Your phones can be the iPhone 6 plus 6S plus 7 plus 8 Plus iPhone X.

Please allow the slight difference in color shade due to monitor brightness. According to most customers, the strap’s quality is not good enough; which can break if you are not careful. Kindly leave the wristlet wallet for women in a ventilated area for a few days to get rid of the leather smell.

6. YALUXE Genuine Leather Wallet Women’s RFID Blocking Large Capacity Luxury Wax Clutch Multi Card Organizer

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Let’s check out this item from YALUXE – One good brand in the wallet industry. This is the Women’s RFID Blocking Large Capacity Luxury. Made of oil waxed cowhide leather, this wristlet wallet for women brings a vintage artistic performance. Very suitable to combine with professional outfits! Since the leather characteristic seems to appear wrinkles, avoid putting inside bags with sharp items or chemicals.

In term of sizing, this one measures about 7.32 x 4.05 x 1.1 inches (L – W – H). This best wristlet wallet for women offers 21 card slots and 4 huge compartments in full-length. There is 1 extra pocket protected by high-quality metal zippers; allows you to carry cellphone without a burden. Measures your phone carefully to make sure its size is similar to the iPhone 7 Plus or smaller. With this YALUXE one, no more worries about electronic pickpocketing or RFID scanners.

One disadvantage of this product is that it appears the strong smell after purchasing. Please leave in an airy space or use one piece of soft cloth to wipe out the dirt easily. Also be careful with the zipper because it can get broken easily

7. LOVESHE Women’s New Design Bohemian Style Purse Clutch Bag Card Holder New Fashion Wristlets Wallets

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Appear with the feminine and floral design that can grab individuals, you can pick this one as a new color to your wallet collection. This LOVESHE Women Bohemian Clutch wallet is known to be the most adorable design in this collection of wristlet wallet for women. While other wallets are made of leather or premium materials, this one focuses on making use of 100% imported canvas. This material helps to bring along the softness even when sliding your fingers on the surface.

With the size measured roughly 4 x 8 x 1.25 inches, it contains 5 interlayers for bills and cash, 1 ID window, 11 slots where you can put all the cards in for necessity. If you are the type of people who often use coins or have small essentials when going out, kindly leave them inside the zipper pocket.

The actual item seems a bit small; then if you are seeking for one small basic wallet, this one is a good option. The zipper is in average quality and it can break easily if you are not used to it. Yet, there are huge options on colors and floral patterns. Choose one and click “Add to Cart” now!!

8. Kate Spade New York Women’s Cameron Street Eliza Wristlet

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For people who have read all our collections, Kate Spade’s item is becoming too familiar with you guys; thanks to its elegant design and premium quality. Let’s check out this Kate Spade New York Cameron Designer Wristlet. As this is one imported wristlet wallet for women, its design meets all the strict requirements in construction and efficiency. Made of crosshatched leather, leather wristlet wallet remains its quality and performance throughout the time.

In term of sizing, the Kate Spade Street Eliza Wristlet measures 7 ½ x4 x 10 ½ inches (W x H x L). Take a closer look, there are 3 cash compartments, 8 card slots and 1 ID window. You will also find out 1 extra zipper pocket for keeping important receipts or train fare. The precise element of this leather wristlet wallet is the customized woven Bookstripe on Poly Twill interior lining. This wallet with wrist has its strap measured roughly 5 inches.

This wristlet wallet for women is available in two different colors, why don’t choose one that matches your personality the most? The version “Tusk + Black” would be the most attractive and elegant. Do not forget to keep the original security tag in case you wanna return the cute wristlets. It receives mostly compliments from customers for the beautiful design and excellent performance.

9. IVESIGN Womens Genuine Leather Wristlet Zipper Clutch Wallet RFID Blocking Credit Card Phone Holder Hand Purse

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Let’s get to see this 4-in-1 Wristlet wallet for women – The IVESIGN Zipper RFID Credit Card Holder. Take advantage of genuine leather, large wristlet purse delivers the durability and excellent performance. The combination of coating finish and detailed streamlined stitching is the most important aspect that helps brighten your wallet. It is equipped with advanced unique proprietary blocking material; which helps protect your privacy when going out.

In term of sizing, this one measures 7.7 x 4.3 x 0.2 inches. You can use it as one leather wristlet wallet or one wrist design. The inner space is roomy with 1 hidden slip pocket, 10 credit card slots and 1 ID window. There is one small zipper pocket in case you need to store something special likes keys, train fare or coins. With this one, just feel free to carry your smartphones including iPhone 6s, iPhone 7/7s, Samsung Galaxy S6. And don’t forget to measure your height since its strap measures 7.5 inches.

Mostly feedback for this IVESIGN Zipper Wallet RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder is compliments; for the design and good quality. Purchasing this one means you will receive one gift box set for giving as one gift on special occasions.

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10. {Grace Collection} FunkyMonkey Fashion Wristlet Wallet For Women Clutch Phone Purse Handbag 3 Sizes Brown/Tan Style

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Seeking for one wristlet wallet for women? This GRACE Vertical Herringbone Stripe Keep it simple all year long with this timeless herringbone patterned wristlets. Take advantage of high quality canvas, you can feel free to fold or put it inside bags when going out. Wristlet purse features the tweed outside while the inner design is covered with black cotton. It not only helps you find your stuff easily but avoid the inner design from getting dirty as well.

Wondering about the size? GRACE wristlet wallet for women has 3 different sizes according to your purposes. The SMALL one measures 6,25 x 4,25 inches; with adequate space for cash, cards and small essentials for those on the go moments. Besides, the MEDIUM measures 7.5 x 4.5 inches; and the LARGE 9.5 x 5.5 inches; which are more suitable for daily usage with phones. The wristlet is removable. Then feel free to take it off when it is not in use.

Kindly measure your items or plan all things you want to put inside your wristlet wallet for women. Choosing the right size will avoid customers from getting size inconsistency. The inner material is said to be in low quality; which means you to need to pay good maintenance and caring.

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All items in the above collection are hand-listed from the 10 Best and nice wristlet wallets for women from the reliable brands of the fashion industry. They are highly recommended for those who love the colors, stylishness and want the convenience and practicality of a reliable wristlet wallet.

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