Tips to have a perfect men’s vintage wallet

Vintage items always have an irresistible attraction to those who are hunting for a timeless beauty of old fashion in real life. One interesting thing about a vintage item is that it has been successful in combining both venerable and modern look in a harmonious way. As for men, there is nothing better than a men’s vintage wallet when it comes to finding a simple but elegant piece of fashion to accompany them on a daily basis.


Buying a vintage’s men wallet is not an easy task as there are a large number of elements that should be keep in mind. Literally, it is much more complicated than choosing a normal wallet. However, you can rest assured that after going through a difficult process of selection, the fruit of your attempt is worthwhile. A perfect men’s vintage wallet would be the one that can give you all your desired functionality of a traditional wallet and state your fashion taste clearly and fabulously. Take a look at the tips below if you really want to add a vintage men’s wallet to your collection.


As for the fabric of a men’s vintage wallet, you are exposed to two main reliable choices including leather and textile as they both represent an excellent balance between functionality and classic beauty. Leather may be very familiar for its popularity as a highly durable ingredient of a men’s wallet. The more a leather wallet stay with you, the more authentic and vintage it becomes. Although today leather is not as outstanding as it used to, it still should be the very first consideration.

Besides, textile including cotton, wool and synthetically materials such as polyester is a perfect alternative. It contributes to your wallet’s vintage look and sometimes make it more distinguished. Textile, unlike leather, has a wide ranges of colors for you to choose. Because its prices is much more reasonable than a leather wallet, you are not supposed to expect them both to bring out the same quality and look.



What do you covet between a bi-fold and a tri-fold wallet? It should depend on your needs. Generally, a tri-fold wallet is often bigger than a bi-fold wallet. It means that the former gives you more space than the latter. You should also remember to take a closer look to its all compartments to see whether it is adequate to store your coins, cash and cards. Don’t try to chase a stylish wallet but forget about its main function as a place to hold your stuff.


Another element is that what you should choose between a model with a clutch or one that is simply folded. It is recommended that a vintage wallet which may be already used before, should be attached with a clutch to secure your essentials. However, a wallet without a clutch can be opened with much time saved and you don’t have to face the situation in which you will discard your wallet as its closure is broken.



A vintage wallet may become classier with a logo imprinted on the design especially if the brand is exclusive. A logo may is likely to act as a symbolic of a wallet’s status. Don’t worry that a logo may destroy the image of a high-profile vintage men’s wallet as it will upgrade your wallet’s look with a really impressive focal point.

A vintage men’s wallet is absolutely a perfect solution for those who appreciate something much more than a place to store their stuff. You may underestimate how a vintage wallet plays it role in enhancing your elegance. Finding a right men’s vintage wallet can be not that difficult if you understand your needs from such an item based on the above tips.

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