Taking a trip into the factory of branded bags

Gucci, Chanel or Louis Vuitton … have been known all over the world as the most famous brands for fashionable handbags for years. However, have you ever wondered, what generally makes the difference between branded products with conventional items and how can they manufacture such a branded bag?

Now let’s take a look at the process of producing a branded handbag to get the most plausible answer for yourselves.

Taking a trip into the factory of branded bags

It is agreed that all kinds of stylish bags, regardless of its brand, are also going through a number of stages required in the making process. The very first step is to design it.

For some products with sophisticated textures, the designers even have to spend up to 1500-2000 hours to complete this work.
For some products with sophisticated textures, the designers even have to spend up to 1500-2000 hours to complete this work.

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At this stage, experts of each brand will rely on the fashion trends of every year and season to create a draft for their company products.

It is also one of the hallmarks of the branded products compared with conventional bags, which means that branded ones often have a very beautiful and fashionable design crafted by famous fashion designers.


Another thing is that branded ones always have to be made of high quality and reliable material. For example, if using ostrich leather, the design must take full advantage of the softness of the leather. Or if using crocodile skin, so the structure of the bag would be sturdier and more compact than normal.


After accomplishing a complete design, the suede for making bag is moved to the workshop. Most of the current branded bags are made from animal skin like veal, python, ostrich, crocodile … imported with enormous cost.


After receiving leather, leather cutters are supposed to continue the process. Each pelt has their own ridges and thick along with different pros and cons.


Therefore, the cutter have to prefigure which is suitable for the respective parts of the bag before cutting to avoid waste and make the bag look as natural as possible.

Workers then mark the location of the transplantation. All of the connections are made rounded and dyed for later stages.


Another difficult step requires precision and concentration: graft and sew pockets. Because it is made of pure leather, each pinhole on the bag is done only once with absolute precision.



In the branded handbags factory, the meticulous and careful character always comes to the fore. To obtain 100% accurate seams, the craftsmen have to spend about 48 hours completing his work. For the handbags which are privately reserved, customers may have to wait years to get their wanted items.


After successfully pairing main parts on the bag, workers continue to sew the hem and strap and connect the bag lock. Most of these small steps are brilliantly handmade.


A branded handbag after finishing all above steps are not immediately shipped but must undergo a stage of inspection. With some brand reputation, the bag will have to withstand temperatures of about 3 days at 60 degrees C and 95% humidity.


Or some craftsmen will even sit there counting and stitching on each bag. And if there is any fault, the bag must be removed and they will start with another.

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