Outdoor activities and their essential gears

For most people who do not have time to practice outdoor sports; have you ever wondered why your body sometimes feel so weak or exhausted? The reason is due to the lack of movements; which creates chances to strengthen and form a healthy lifestyle. Basically, doing exercises regularly will bring lots of benefits to your health as well as the emotional state.

In terms of science, the researchers have pointed out that the daily exercise is useful; because it stimulates the body to practice in the comprehensive and daily habit. During exercising process, the blood will be pushed into various cells in your body which provides a great amount of oxygen and nutrients. But besides that, protecting yourself with essential gears is one important thing to boost the productivity as well as the performance.

In this article, we will suggest some useful outdoor sports go along with appropriate gears for the must-have items. Do not underestimate the importance of these items since they can bring a huge impact on your working-out performance. Keep reading!!

Benefits of exercise in general

  • Exercise can enhance the strength and dynamism to the muscles. In addition, it reduces the risk of taking systemic paralysis, increases bone density and prevents the body from having osteoporosis.
  • Exercise and regular activity also reduce the risk of taking non-communicable diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity. In detail, several movements stimulate all the parts in your body to practice on a daily habit; so that individuals can prevent themselves from dangerous disease.
  • Maintain a regular work-out schedule will not only lengthen the lifespan, but improve the quality of life as well. Based on some studies, it is suggested that exercises are good for supporting the treatment of neurological diseases such as anxiety and depression in elder people. On the other hand, it provides adequate energy for a hard-working day.
  • Since women and girls often worry about the excess weight gain, then outdoor activity would be a great option to maintain the slim gait. The more frequency you practice these sports, the more calories you burn at this time.
  • Do you often feel lazy or exhausted when it comes to the time for enjoying physical intimacy? To solve the problem, regular work-out or sports both improves the physical appearance and provide more energy; which is a bonus point to boost your sex life. Beside a nutritious eating schedule, sport is also one of the options which may increase the arousal for women.

Intensity of doing exercise

The intensity for different types of outdoor sports is the key aspect that most doctors often recommend to their patients. To illustrate, the heart rate is the key measurement of the intensity when individuals practice exercises. It is estimated that when your heart-rate is about 60-80% during the practicing process (MRH – heart rate at peak) is enough to help people set a balanced and healthy habit.

Take a deeper look, MRH is calculated using the formula: [MRH = 220 – your age]. For example, the maximum heart rate of a 40-years-old man is 180. On the other hand, this index can also measure by pulsing his wrist (with proximal thumb) or using the measuring equipment.

1. Walking – the best sport in the world

In one meeting between the Institute of Medicine Shanghai (China) and citizens who live in Beijing (China), the elderly people are told one simple story: One old man has a habit of walking around his neighborhood in the morning. He often spends more than 2 hours walking around every morning. As time passed by, people at the same age tends to become weaker and have more risk in taking serious diseases. However, this man still maintains a healthy lifestyle with a positive emotional state.

As the story, walking for more than 2 hours regularly is the key reason that will help you remain the healthy lifestyle during your lifetime.

So how to walk efficiently but still provide enough energy for other activities? Actually, you just need to keep in mind the key principles of the practicing process in just three words: three, five, and seven.

  • Three” – Every person should spend at least 30 minutes walking for 3,000 meters everyday
  • Five” – It is important to form the frequency of practicing for at least 5 times a week
  • Seven” – You should distribute the intensity to best suit the health as well as your capacity.For example, it is better to set up one particular practicing day for each muscular group during a week.

Essential gears:

Trekking pole – When walking on a high and rough terrains, preparing one trekking pole will reduce the fatigue and make it more flexible to deal with obstacles. In the market, you can find several designs highlight the minimalist and light-weight function.

Slim wallet – “Lightweight and simple” are two common elements people often seek for when selecting the gears for their outdoor activities. Mentioning about wallet, we believe selecting one among these slim wallets for men or the small pockets for women not only leaves more roomy space; but allows the flexible movements.

Drinking bottle – Sure that everyone cannot forget to drink water when walking on their daily habit. Therefore, having one aluminum water bottle not only supports the long distance; but enhances the sturdiness to withstand the accidental drops and falls.

Hat / Cap – In the summer, you need to prepare one high-quality hat which can help you avoid being directly affected by sun exposure to the eyes. In the winter, use warm hats that can protect both the head and ears. Basically, there are different elements you need to consider when purchasing one hat. Let’s this The best sun hats for men collection help you

2. Why don’t try jogging for the first time?

The researchers have showed that, jogging forms the toned and healthy bodies, and reduce the risk of taking dangerous diseases. These serious symptoms can be known as the blood fat, fatty liver and issues related to heart.

On the other hand, it is suggested that jogging is not only good for your health, but it is also an effective weight loss method for people, especially women and young girls. When jogging, individuals must pay attention to the startup and the time during your exercising process. If individuals can spend 30 minutes every day jogging around their neighborhood, they are more likely to achieve the good results in just a short period of time.

Essential gears:

Jogging shoes – Avoid using old shoes to prevent the risk of taking serious injuries or hurting your feet. As we highly recommend, go to the showroom or store is one ideal option to select the most suitable pair for you. But if you don’t have time, take a glance at some Trail running shoes for beginners because they allow people to wear on different terrains.

Sunscreen – There is the fact that joggers spend most time practice this outdoor activities under the sun; so please remember to protect your skin from dangerous exposure. Choose sunscreen which has an SPF for at least 15 to protect you from both the UVA and UVB rays.

ID card and money – It does not matter where you go, you always need to bring money in order to deal with emergency situations. If you do not have the habit of bringing wallet when jogging, make sure your bracelet have the name and one emergency contact on it. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to invest in some Stylish RFID wallets for men and women and keep things well-organized.

Sunglasses – To get rid of the sunny exposure, individuals can consider wearing a sunglass which brings additional protection. Therefore, just go to the store and the salesperson will help you choose one fashionable design that best suits each appearance. Remember, selecting one pair of UV-blocking will both protect the face and the eyes as well. On the other hand, these Best wayfarer sunglasses for men are preferred by men and women; thanks to their natural and trendy form.

3. Taichi – an effective and inexpensive sports

Taichi is one inexpensive sports which help individuals improve their health gradually through the time. Compared to the modern lifestyle nowadays, why people still have to spend lots of money for various fitness centers or gyms while they can practice this interesting recreation

Taichi is one of the sports which is popular to those who live in America and the West region. Take a closer look, Tai Chi is one particular sport requires a perfect combination of different gentle movements. One interesting advantage individuals receive is the improvement of the nervous system. For people who often have stress and impression after dealing with lots of tasks at the office, this sport is an ideal choice for you.

Tai Chi practitioners who have practiced for more than three years have pretty good balance. In addition, they do not stumble easily when catching strong obstacles.

Essential gears:

Suitable clothes – In term of material, selecting clothes made of cotton not only allows your skin to breathe; but enhances the absorption of the sweat as well. It is okay when wearing loose clothes since they deliver the comfortable feeling.

Shoes – Besides the clothes, the shoe is one component individuals need to pay closed attention. Choose the shoe with a thin sole and broad base under the footbed. As a result, it helps you balance as well as reduce the heaviness for movements; especially for those who have just started practicing this healthy activity. Even though you can pick the normal lace-up shoes from famous brands as Adidas or Nike; footwear which is specifically designed for Tai Chi is highly recommended.

Important items – Since you cannot bring them along or put in the front pocket, why don’t think about finding one small pouch to wear around the neck. Basically, one neck wallet features the strong and long strap; allows individuals to wear as one long necklace while still have their hand free. If you consider this suggestion, take a look at our collection of 8 Best neck wallet for completed safety.

Important notes for outdoor sports

For people who often do exercises on a regular basis, there are some small tips that you need to consider:

  • For people who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, arthritis, it is recommended that you should make a consultation with your doctor before participating in these activities
  • Prepare suitable clothing and shoes
  • Provide enough water for your body. During the practicing process, the body tends to lose the great amount of water.
  • Add up some warm-up exercises for about 5-10 minutes at the beginning. It will absolutely prevent serious injuries or strain at various muscular parts.
  • Manage the response from the body. When your body appears some symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, chest pain or you find it difficult to breathe; try to stop doing exercises immediately. In addition, if the phenomenon remains prolonged, we highly recommended you to go to a doctor for examination.

Hopefully that after reading this article, individuals somehow start the habit of doing exercises from today. This will benefit for both the health and the emotional state as well. There are also other basic outdoor activities that individuals can consider to select. Just find out and improve your physical health. And please do not forget some important accessories we have listed out; since they bring lots of advantages from several perspectives.

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