Why You Need A Minimalist Wallet

A wallet is undoubtedly one of the most essential accessories that you can find in a man’s wardrobe. There are quite a few styles and types of wallets to adapt to different needs in different men. We have bifold wallets, trifold wallets, or breast pocket wallets. Most of them are classified as traditional wallets, which are full of slots for all of your cards and banknotes.

If you pay attention to what are on trend lately, you will realize that the minimalist wallets (which are the opposite of the traditional wallets) are becoming more and more popular. Many of you might think that the tradition is always better. If not, why does it last for a long time? However, there are still plenty of good reasons why a minimalist wallet should be on your top list when you search for your new wallet. Check them out in the article below:

What is a minimalist wallet?

A minimalist wallet is simply a thinner, smaller and more lightweight version of a traditional wallet. Most of the minimalist wallets on the market can hold up to several credit cards, some banknotes, and an ID card. They are also simple in style as they mostly come with plain basic color designs.

Here are the benefits of using a minimalist wallet:

  1. A minimalist wallet is good for your spine

Most of the traditional wallets are big with a lot of credit card slots and money slots. Even some bifold wallets have the thickness of more than 0.5 inches. As a result, you can’t slip these traditional wallets into your front pockets. Instead you have to put them into your back pockets.

And how many of you take your wallet in your back pocket out when you sit down? You really need to do so. Having a wallet in your back pockets when you sit down is one of the main reasons why you get the pain in the lower back or in your hip. Your wallet in the back pockets can cause an inclined surface. When you sit like that, it will cause a serious burden on your hip and your spinal alignment. Over a long time, the pain in your lower back and your hip will be much more severe.

You can always take your wallet out to prevent these pains from happening. But how about when you forget to do so? Or you think that is too much of a hassle.

Here is another solution which is much simpler. Go for a minimalist wallet. All of the minimalist wallets on the market have the thickness of no more than 0.5 inches (more than that and it will not be called a minimalist wallet). They are compact in size and small in thickness. As a result, you can always put your minimalist wallet inside your front pocket. You don’t have to worry about taking it out when you sit down. There is no more pain in your lower back and your hip.

  • Not only does a minimalist wallet is good for your spine and your lower back, it is also good for your credit cards. When you sit down on your traditional wallet, your credit cards will be crushed and damaged. That is the reason why a minimalist wallet for the front pocket can ensure your credit cards could last for a long time.
  1. It is more convenient.

Men are often more unorganized than women. That is the reason why each of us needs to have a minimalist wallet. A minimalist wallet helps use to be more organized and is more convenient to use. Let me explain in more details:

  • The capacity of a minimalist wallet is not as much as the capacity of a traditional wallet. You don’t just put every card that you have and every bill you receive inside this wallet. In fact, since there is a limited space inside the minimalist wallet, you need to think about what cards you really need to carry. You will dump any card or bill which you don’t need anymore. That is the reason why you will become more organized when you use a minimalist wallet.
  • And surely a minimalist is more convenient, as a result. When you have just a few cards inside your minimalist, it will take you a short amount of time to find the card that you need to take out. If you use a traditional wallet, you will know what I am talking about. How many times have you had to make a mess searching for what cards you need in a lot of credit card slots? And if you are in a rush, how many times does everything fall out when you try to take out a few banknotes? That will not happen with a minimalist wallet. You find out exactly what you need just by looking inside your wallet. And it is quicker for you to open, take a card, and then close your minimalist wallet. That is for sure.


  1. It is safer to use.

There are many reasons to explain why a minimalist wallet is safer to use than a traditional wallet.

  • A traditional wallet will lead a very obvious shape out of your pockets. The pickpockets will spot it easily and know when they have to land their hands. In addition, some of the wallets can be moved up when you walk. As a result, a part of them will poke out, making it easier for pickpockets to take them away from you.
  • As I mentioned above, a minimalist wallet is carried on the front pocket. It is way harder for pickpockets to steal a wallet in the front pocket than in the back pocket. Not to mention that a minimalist wallet is very thin and compact in design. The only way for pickpockets to get their hands on that wallet is to dig deeper into your pockets. You must be really distracted to let anyone do so without you knowing.
  1. It is stylish and trendy.

Many people like to use a minimalist wallet simply because they like the look of that minimalist wallet. If you like the minimalist style, there is no doubt that you should own a minimalist wallet. It is sleek and very trendy. It is also very neat and will not wear out as badly as the traditional wallets. When the minimalist wallets are rising in popularity, there are a lot of them with different colors, materials and constructions for you to choose from. Whatever style that you like, you will be able to find it in the market of minimalist wallets.

A minimalist wallet does not only look good itself; it also makes you look good. There is no bulky wallet to ruin the silhouette of your denim or your trousers anymore.

Here are all of the benefits of using a minimalist wallet. It is good for your lower back and your hip; it is easy to use and helps you to become organized. In addition, it is safer to use. Overall, a minimalist wallet is a stylish, trendy and compact while remaining very functional like the traditional wallets. You should try having one and I am sure that you will never regret this decision.

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