The buying guide for mobile phone cases and covers


This buying guide will present multiple types of the phone cases, the basic materials, the benefits and other aspects for you to make effective comparison.

Nowadays, people are willing to give a huge investment in purchasing one high-end smartphone; since this item not only reveals the fashionable and personal status, but fulfill the needs for entertainment as well. And when paying a huge amount of money, having numerous phone cases is ideal to keep your electrical device stay new all the time. One smartphone case protects phones from accidental bump or debris on the surface; while still enhances the functions for phones to work effectively.

Basically, a case reflects more aspects than just protecting your phones. Young generation these days is interested in buying a case with eye-catching patterns to reveal their personal characteristics. Picking the floral images, you must be girl and women who want to bring the feminism. For individuals who love to choose Kim Kardashian, we sure this person must have a great sense of humor. As mentioned, there are various ways to show off yourself with one phone case.

Purchasing one case for your phone is not that simple. This article will present multiple types of the phone case, the basic materials, the benefits and other aspects for you to make effective comparison. And remember that, everything has their own price, then just go for it and stick to the purpose of buying your case.

Why you need a case?

When thinking about buying phone case, most individuals often start with one question: “Do I need to buy a case for my phone?”. If you ask us, our question is simply YES. However, let’s read to see the two different stories behind this item.


  • There is the obvious face; things start to fall out when you drop them. That’s natural when things fall down. But for phone, this is NOT the way to try exploring about gravity fall. Dropping your phone without any case means the devices will get bumps and weaken its operations.
  • The cellphone is one exclusive device for contacting and saving your information. Dropping it will let you lose all the disposal and can lead to invest in a new one. Having one case make of silicone is ideal to protect phones from various damages from outside environment. Besides, this common material highlights the long durability and the ability to withstand flashes of water, in different levels depend on its design.
  • As mentioned, mobile phone case is released in various designs and creative patterns so that customers can pick one based on their taste and lifestyle. For better protection, you need to pick one high-quality with strong duty. In contrast, some women just pick the case as one fashion statement. Remember that, it does not matter whether your style is, choose one that fulfills all the purposes and functions.
  • If you want to resale the phone after a hard use, scratches and stains will definitely reduce the price. With smartphone case, people can have a chance to replace a new one without investing in more money. And we sure you guys all like this !!


One minor problem people often find out when using a phone with case is the overheating situation. Try to avoid this since the overheating problem will ruin your battery and even the phone lifespan. We suggest phone users take off the case when charging their phones.

The Types of smartphone case

As you may wander around our collections of the phone case, we advise individuals to invest money in purchasing a good quality smartphone case. Before going to the store, be sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of smartphone you’re using? (Apple iPhone, Samsung or other brands in the market)
  • Do you prefer a case with heavy-duty performance or the sleek and light performance?
  • Are you the type of people who often drop phone a lot?
  • Do you often take phones through the long trip? For example, go to the beach for swimming or running for long hours?

Basically, the Apple phone and other brands will have their products different in the design (especially the position for button and camera) which leads to the demand in choosing one suitable style. There are various designs for a phone case, including:

1. Slim and skin case

Commonly, the skin case often makes of silicone or premium vinyl. If you are seeking for one heavy-duty case, then don’t take this one as an option since it focuses more on decorating your phone rather than offering good support.

In the market, people will often find slim and skin case that utilizes premium silicone – one component delivers the better shock absorption than other hand cases. Besides, these cases often appear with grip and texture surface to prevent your phone from falling out of hands. Nowadays, this type of phone cases is gaining more attention from young individuals since you can have them in customized designs.

  • Pro: Offer flexibility and absorption effectively
  • Con: Not ideal to use as one heavy-duty item to protect the phone

2. Bumper case

Similar to other designs, the bumper case features the rectangular shape with strong corners to protect the edges of the phone. Take advantage of premium rubber, this type of phone cases delivers the effective elasticity to protect your device from a bump or accidental damage. Commonly, the bumper case is just the metal material to cover the borders; but for some designs, they can also come with one piece to protect the back from scratches.

  • Pro: Appear with simple design and affordable price to purchase (About a few bucks for one case)
  • Con: If you are looking to buy this design for your iPhone, then apple does not manufacture this type. But you can find from other retailers or online websites as well.

3. Wallet cases and sleeves

Using the two previous types also mean that you need to pay huge attention to prevent the screen from getting damaged too. Therefore, choosing the sleeves or wallet cases is one ideal option to deliver the general protection for the whole device. In term of construction, the wallet has one cover that allows individuals to open and close. This element will prevent the screen from having debris and scratches when you’re not careful. Using this will give people the look as they are carrying one small notebook

As there are now more demands for storing important items, wallet case is preferred since it provides roomy space for bringing around your cards and important papers. Interestingly, some modern cases deliver one freestanding allows you to watch your favorite films or videos in multiple angles.

According to some customers, they think that this design will bring difficulty when taking in and out of your pockets. Understand this trouble, the manufacturer also releases the designs with soft and smooth materials including premium fabric and canvas.

  • Pro: Available in various design with eye-catching patterns
  • Con: Sometimes you will find it hard to access the phone.
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Type of materials for case

It is also important to know a little bit about the material you are going to choose for your case:

  • Rubber: As mentioned, rubber is one common material for the bumper case. Take advantage of premium rubber, phone cases deliver the effective elasticity to protect your device from bump or accidental damage
  • Gel / Silicone: For people who do not know, this is the main component which is used widely for making phone cases. Silicone is flexible and easy for individuals to take the case in or out of their phone. Besides, those who cannot afford the price can choose this one as one ideal option.
  • Leather: Basically, premium leather is often used for sleeves and wallet case. Purchasing with leather, you will have the chance to experience the durability for long term using, but also the sleek performance to reveal elegance.
  • Metal: Offer the best protection. However, using metal means it adds more weight and especially more dollars when paying the bills.
  • Cotton or Canvas: Obviously, phone cases require the heavy-duty item to prevent serious damage when you’re not careful. But with soft fabric or cotton, women and girls can have more options to pick one item for protecting their phone.

How to select one high-quality phone case?

In the market, phone cases are now available in various designs and prices to adapt the needs of individuals. In fact, there are tons of ways to spot a suitable and good case for yours:

  • Note down the measurements and other information from your previous phone cases. Then, just base on these criteria to find the most suitable one.
  • Since there are now thousands of online website, be sure to select your item from authentic and reliable source. When purchasing the phone cases, do not forget to check the product listing carefully. It is better to read the information, size, weight, color and other aspects that can have a huge impact on your device.
  • Purchasing one phone case is similar to buy a car or a smartphone. Don’t go for the first one because you may like another later. Then it will waste both the time and the money spent for buying. Don’t be rush, just make comparisons

Mobile phone case not only provides the functional operations but also the easiest way to show off your fashionable taste. Purchasing phone cases on this site means you will have a wide range of choice with an affordable price to suit different group of people.

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