Best Waterproof Wallet For Men and Women (Updated 2018)


In this collection of Some best waterproof mens wallet, these products feature the diversity in design and materials. For instance, you can carry on your hands, strap securely to the body or appear inside the bathing suit; all the function which keeps it stay out from the reach of dirty moisture fingers.

Basically, people often have the habit of bringing along their essentials when traveling outside; especially the wallet and other electrical devices. So we have heard thousands of stories about the loss of priorities from all audiences. No more fear when leaving your personal essentials along the hotel lobby or in a superb dangerous situation; items are left carelessly in the blanket on your sand beach when you already have one protective – best waterproof wallet.

Take a closer look, wallet now highlights the compact design which allows you to put inside many items including cash, cards and others. Therefore, having one best waterproof mens wallet not only keeps your money safe from the accidental water; but protect your smartphone from serious damages as well. They will surely secure the important things no matter where you are; on the beach, by the hotel pool or any situation you have not imagined.

In this collection of Some best waterproof wallet for men and women, these products feature the diversity in design and materials. For instance, you can carry on your hands, strap securely to the body or appear inside the bathing suit; all the function which keeps it stay out from the reach of dirty moisture fingers.

01. Ebax Mens Bifold Minimalist Slim Front Pocket Wallet

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Are you planning to enjoy on the beach during your summer holiday? Do you want to bring along all the small essentials? Ebax Mens Bifold Slim Front Pocket Wallet leads you to the best of life’s little moments. Different from others, this Ebax waterproof mens wallet takes 100% pure microfiber as the main material. You will find this material incredible when offering the long durability and compact experience in quality too. It delivers the softness, durability and light-weight feeling for carrying out without a burden.

No more worry about the bulky item while this one features the slim construction (which is 2 3 times slimmer than normal leather). Waterproof wallets for swimming measures 4 xx 2.8 x 0.2 Inch. Opening inside, there are one full-length compartment, 2 card slots and an ID window. Feel free to carry up to 8 cards in your wallet. Your privacy instantly receives good protection from RFID blocking system. However, cards operate at 125 Hz may not be blocked.

In term of waterproof mens wallet, this one ensures the minimalist and great capacity. According to some customers, the size is too short for important receipts; requires you to fold them instead.

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02. WITZ Surfsafe Waterproof Sports Case

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WITZ Surfsafe Waterproof Wallets for swimming is one perfect option to carry all your items without worrying that they will fall all over around. Do not worry even when you are swimming, it obviously floats on the water surface. But not only for holidays, we sure you can utilize for several purposes as hiking, daily jogging or working out at the gym. Made of crush resistant ABS plastic, the waterproof mens wallet can withstand the toughest and wettest environment.

In term of capacity, the WITZ Surfsafe Waterproof Wallets measure 2.5 x 3.7 x 0.8 inches. You can either put inside your pant pockets or wear around the neck thanks to the neck Lanyard. Besides, the wallet features the O-ring for you to attach to your belt loop. Feel free to keep your item inside cause all things will receive the best protection with one magnetic closure.

The waterproof wallets for swimming are available in 3 colors including black, blue and yellow. According to most customers, the real item appears to be smaller and thinner than in an advertisement. Please be careful when using the neck lanyard to avoid unexpected tears.

03. Venterior Waterproof Pouch 2 Pack with Waist Strap – Keep Your Phone Wallet License Safe and Dry

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People are always asking us how to protect their belongings when going to the beach alone — so here is our suggestion for solo beach travelers! Check out the Venterior Waterproof Mens Wallet Pouch. Utilize the Soft PVC material, it offers the best protection for wallet, cash, and phone from snow, sand, dust and water. The precise element lays on the triple seal that helps protect your phones from external impacts.

Kindly measure your phone before selecting this waterproof mens wallet with the size: 8.5 x 6.2 inches. Feature the transparent design, you can feel free to use the phone and take pictures without taking it out. Besides carrying, you can wear it around your neck, waist or shoulder. The belt size runs from 32 – 44 inches. Purchasing this Venterior Waterproof Mens Wallet Pouch means individuals will receive a 2-years-warranty.

As this is one of the Amazon’s Choice, so mostly receives the compliment for design and material. The purchasing this package of waterproof wrist wallet, you will receive 2 wallets with color based on your own preference. Do not forget to seal wallet properly before using it under the water.

04. Dry-Pak Alligator Waterproof Mens Wallet

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You are looking for one waterproof mens wallet that is small and compact to keep your essentials? The Dry-Pak Alligator Waterproof Money Holder is sure to do its task effectively. Take advantage of TPU material, the waterproof mens wallet reflects 10 times stronger than vinyl. So no more worry about the external impacts as hot or cold temperatures, it can deal with all.

Wondering about the size? Dry-Pak waterproof wallets for swimming 4.4 x 0.05 x 4.4 inches (L-W-H). This brand makes use of the alligator skin print pattern as this pattern gets your wallet stand out and bring a sophisticated look. Yet, it prevents prying eyes to read your personal information from across the table. You can turn your way to use from carrying to wear on the neck thanks to one durable lanyard lace included.

As the material is thin, try not to put your keys inside to avoid unexpected tears. According to customers, the TPU material is not good enough to protect cash and cards from water flashes.

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05. Tenn Well Passport Wallet, Waterproof Mens Wallet Hands Strap Passport Card Holder …

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You are a businessman and seeking for one wallet to carry all your cards? You often go traveling but do not know how to keep things in the best condition? Check out this Tenn Well Blocking waterproof mens wallet. Made of polyester, the inner material offers intense protection to prevent unexpected scratches on your cards. On the other hand, the outer performance features a combination of nylon and burlap-like material. It ensures to maintain the durability through external impacts such as sand, water or dirty moisture.

In term of sizing, this waterproof wallets for swimming measures roughly 9.1 x 5.3 x 1 inches. Take a closer look, there is 1 pocket for cash, 1 zipper pocket and 1 pen loop. You will also find 9 card slots, 4 for passport and 5 slots to keep your credit cards. No more worry about the loss of information since there is one RFID strong blocking system equipped inside. Instead of carrying on hands, you can choose to wear on your wristlet thanks to a small wristlet strap.

Basically, this one receives lots of compliments from customers; for the design and quality of the material. According to one customer, people who are using an iPad mini 3 should not try this waterproof passport holder due to sizing inconsistency.

06. Active Pride Money Belt for Travel RFID Waterproof – Hidden Travel Belt Pouch – Running Pack

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Waterproof mens wallet does not have to feature the bifold design, long or credit card construction. This Active Pride Money Belt will bring you to the new level when allowing to wear around your waist. For people who prefer the hands-free experience, feel free to carry along your headphones and keep it careful with the special rubber slot.

Take advantage of the SPLASH-PROOF nylon, waterproof wallets for swimming deliver the durability and excellent performance. Even if you wear for all day, your skin won’t get irritated since the back side utilizes premium breathable fabric. The size of the waist pocket is 25.5 x 14 cm. The precise element of this wallet is the double RFID blocking sleeves. There is one to secure our passport, and another pays a special care to your credit cards. Wallet features an adjustable strap depends on individuals preference.

The waterproof mens wallet features the same construction and material as mentioned. Yet, customers feedback that the size is smaller than the mentioned dimension. Kindly be careful when using the zipper as it can break easily due to carelessness.

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07. Waterproof Passport Holder Travel Wallet – Luxsure Ticket Card Organizer Naturhike

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One more design of waterproof passport holder – the Luxsure Ticket Card Organizer Naturhike. Be ready cause you will own the most capable waterproof money holder in the world. Made of nylon fabric, your essentials will receive the high protection which avoids bending or having scratches on the surface. Besides protecting your item from water flashes, you can also wash your wallet after such a long time using.

This is a portable waterproof passport holder. It features the mini size measures 4.7 x 8.8 x 2 inches; so feel free to carry along or put inside your backpack, it won’t take too much space. The buffered interlayer is the PET+ adiabatic aluminum film to better protect bag contents. Mentioning about the design, you will find 10 card slots, 1 full-length pocket for cash and a small zipper purse to keep coins. With one front pocket, you can put on your smartphone without a burden.

When purchasing this waterproof mens wallet package, individuals will receive a 24-month warranty and a lifetime customer service. Wallet receives positive compliments for the roomy space and well-organized slots. But according to customers, the waterproof material still not works good enough.

08. Saking Multifunction Zipper Waterproof Small Crossbody Bags Cell Phone Purse Wallet For Women

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This Saking Multifunction Zipper waterproof mens wallet is designed for men who prefer the minimalist and masculinity in every accessory they have. Utilize the imported component as Oxford leather, wallet delivers the long-lasted lifespan and excellent performance. You will also feel the smoothness even when sliding on its surface. Wondering about the size? This one measures 8.9 x 5.8 x 1.2 inches.

Take turn using this waterproof mens wallet as one shoulder bag and one arm bag as well, thanks to the premium wristband. Even though this wallet features the small design, it still offers adequate space for all your daily essentials. Kindly organize your cash, card, keys and small makeup kits inside 3 separated layers. Besides, you can put your smartphones including iPhone X/8/8Plus/7/7plus,6s Plus,6 Plus,6s/6 Samsung. Make sure the dimension is less than 5.5 inches, then it will fit all.

In term of waterproof mens wallet, this one ensures the minimalist and great capacity. According to some customers, the size is too short for important receipts; requires you to fold them instead.

09. Waterproof Case Dry Bag Pouch Waist Pack with Strap, JOTO Waterproof Case Bag for Beach, Swimming, Boating, Fishing, Protect Your Cellphone

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Similar to those designs suggest before, this Premium Waterproof Case Dry Bag Pouch is ideal; with a bunch of colors that best suit both men and women from different ages. It not only allows you to wear as a waist pack, but also the cross-body and shoulder backpack. Utilize the black PVC material, it brings the flexibility and durability with lifespan goes up to 140 years. With this component, not just water; but sand, dirty debris and even snow are not the big problems anymore.

When sizing measures roughly 8.6 x 6.5 inches, all the essentials as the slim wallets for men and women, camera, sunscreen will stay well-organized. Besides, individuals can carry their smartphone (as large as the iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy Note 5). Tested through independently process in the lab, valuable items are now secured when having the design of the seal protection on the top. Best waterproof wallet attaches to one waist strap that can be used as the shoulder strap or neck strap.

The wallet is ideal for protecting all the important items. This dry waterproof mens wallet offers the 100% lifetime guarantee for a completely risk free. However, some people warned us about the low-quality zipper. So be careful!

10. Waterproof Case, 4 Pack F-color Universal Clear Waterproof Pouch Dry Case Compatible with iPhone X 8 7 7 Plus

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Among the best waterproof mens wallet in this collection, this F-color Waterproof Case, 4 Pack is one best seller; which preferred by lots of customers thanks to the great design and compact function. Take advantage of premium synthetic, wallet protects your item from accidental water, even the snow or dirty debris. On the other hand, you won’t have to scare about the scratches after a long time using.

This rated IPX8 certified has its size measured 8 x 5 x 0.5 inches; which fits all smartphones up to 5.7 inches diagonal size (including iPhone X 7 Plus 8 Plus 6S 6 Plus). Different from another protective bag, individuals can use their phone for multiple purposes when having the all-around transparent design. It allows the operation of camera (both the front and back) to help you enjoy your time. Not only protect your phone, you can carry some cash or credit cards without any difficulties. A circle with air around the clear window, decorated by a luminous strip, allows the waterproof wallets for swimming float on water (if drop)and be seen at night conveniently

Just take a glance at our suggestion to see whether your phone fits in this item. However, we do not recommend the smartphone with large otter-box. These waterproof wallets for swimming design with a snap clasp and one lock seal system to prevent things from being damaged by water.

Besides some luxury wallets for women or leather items that men prefer, these best waterproof mens wallet rapidly grabs the attention of customers; thanks to its compact and protective design. This type of accessory is available in various design; from the simple one to more complicated for carrying a heap of things. Instead of being confused by lots of designs, why don’t take a look and give these items here a try?

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