Best Wallet Survival Tools With Multiple Functions (Updated 2019)


With the flexible survival wallet, you will be surprised when knowing how one minded-individuals can deal with dynamic situations that come up accidentally.

Have you ever imagined you are lost in the forest with one survival wallet and trying to find ways to solve up some difficulties? In this case, it is very important to have one pocket survival kit, or you can call it the best wallet multi tool as well. If you already have this tool, then you’re definitely well-prepared than a huge number of people in this country. But which type of survival tools individuals need to include in their daily items?

Mentioning about the list of everyday carry items, it contains things that individuals carry along under the most scenarios period; especially the time you will need to make essential process. For the best wallet survival tool, it appears with multiple benefits as knife for opening things, ruler or even the stand to have your phone up when you want to watch long movies.

In this collection of Best survival wallet tools with multiple functions, you will find your ideal support allow you to overcome various obstacles during the daily life. With the flexible credit card tool, it is now easy to know how one minded-individuals can deal with dynamic situations that come up accidentally.

What to seek for when purchasing a survival wallet?

As you carry this best multitool with you everywhere, it is better to choose one with adequate functions to meet different needs. For example, frequent traveler tends to choose a pocket survival kit that can take turn as a screw driver, wrenches, fruit – veg peeler. While individuals who love to trek prefer the best multitool which allows them to use as the rope cutter, bottle opener …

Before making any purchases, make sure you look for these features:

  • Offer adequate card slot: As this is one wallet, it should have space to carry money and cards. Therefore, seek for survival wallet with card slot to help you deal with emergency situations.
  • Deliver durability: People mostly select the survival wallet for a long camping or discovering vocation waiting ahead. Select wallet made of premium material is highly recommended to prevent breaking and rusting.
  • RFID Blocking System: High technology basically results in the high rise of electrical thieves, which mean your privacy is always endangered no matter where you are. Be sure to select one survival wallet with strong RFID shield to protect your data at the safest stage.


Top 9 Best survival wallet reviews:

Since you will be surrounded by appealing designs from several brands, we have decided to suggest some of the best survival wallets from prestige source. Check out!

01. Lethnic Minimalist Survival Wallet, Tactical Modern Slim Genuine Leather

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Every time you seek for a specialized wallet multi-tool, Lethnic item is a great option that needs to stay on top of the list. Exactly as its name, this Lethnic Minimalist Survival Wallet is simpler than other previous products with a plain two-color design with nice logo embossed. Going inside, there are just 3 compartments. However, the real fun is the size of every compartment, which was measured smartly to give high customization. You can store many kinds of stuff in each, for example, money, bank cards, ID cards, member card, etc.

With this amazing design, you can store up to 10-15 cards and lots of money with many ways to streamline. And again, RFID Shield for the ultimate security no matter where you are going to. In term of dimension, this one measures 4.33 x 3.15 inches. Although you carry on too many cards, the survival wallet will stay neatly in your pocket without taking too many spaces.

This one receives most compliments on the design and good construction. Lethnic credit card multi-tool comes along with elegant gift box set if case you may want to use it as a gift. In case there is something wrong with your survival wallet, this brand always willing to lend you a hand.

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02. RAPDOM Tactical Best Survival Wallet

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For people who belong to the #canvas team, this Rapdom Tactical Wallet might make a good match with your daily outfits. Feature the combination of 6.6 Cordura Nylon 1000D and other fibers, wallet multi tool delivers the long durability. As the construction applies the high tenacity fiber technologies, it ensures to withstand the toughest conditions. Even when you shake or drop this credit card survival tool, nothing will fall out.

For people who do care about the size, its size measures roughly 4.75 x 3.5 x .75 inches when being closed. The opening size goes up to 11 x 4.75 x 0.30 inches. Feel free to carry on hands or put inside any pockets. Take a closer look, survival wallet offers 18 compartments for cash, card and important receipts. If you are the type of person who loves to move around, then you will like 3 elastic compartments which help to secure media cards, SIM. There are also zipper pockets for small pocket tools, keys or coins.

Since this is one imported product, we sure Rapdom Tactical Survival Wallet delivers all its best functions and construction. As its design based on the tri-fold wallet, things may get bulkier when you carry more items. The wallet is available in 4 separate colors for you to choose from.

03. Tuncily Credit Card Survival Tool – 11 in One Multipurpose Beer Bottle Opener Portable Wallet Size Pocket Multitool

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Have you ever gone camping and realized you need one opener to open a beer or soft drink? This Tuncily Credit Card Survival Tool features the combination of 11 different essential tools in just one item. Made of heat treated stainless steel, the survival wallet delivers the maximum durability to help your item withstand any outer impacts. If you are into camping, you can use it as one Beer bottle opener, Saw blade or direction auxiliary indicator.

Kindly note that the material always presents the excellent performance. It never gets rusty or bends. But in our opinion, you do need to use it with care too. Whether your father is a mechanics, carpenters, repairmen, boat owners or campers, this one is the best gift on any special occasions. One good news is that this Tuncily survival wallet is highly recommended by customers and; especially Amazon!!

This survival wallet receives lots of compliments from customers; for both the design and performance. When you have nothing handy and you have a need for one of these tools it might save your day. Check it out!!

04. Lethnic Minimalist Wallet, Business Card Holder, Modern Slim & Small Embossed Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Horizontal

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You are seeking for one best multitool wallet and obviously slim to get rid of those bulky situations? Check out this Lethnic Minimalist Tactical Wallet, Business Card Holder and we sure you won’t get disappointed. Crafted out of 100% precious Italian genuine cowhide leather, mens wallet multi tool delivers the long-lasted lifespan. Feature the combination of straight seams, shiny hardware, and premium material, be ready to experience the uniqueness and minimalism.

Wallet measures 4.4 x 3 x 0.7 inches, such a small and slim design that stays neatly in your pockets; even your hands as well. Take advantage of strong stitching and firm button strap, you can carry up to 10 credit cards, ID, driver license and up to 15 folded bills. In term of design, mens survival wallet features 3 inner pockets and 1 button closure to secure all stuff. No more worry about the loss of privacy thanks to the superb RFID blocking technology.

As Lethnic is too proud about their product, kindly feel free to contact for support or any replacement, refund within 30 DAYS. Besides the Military one, there is one extra version in military texture and the moss plain pattern. We think you need to try it out as well. If interested, do not hesitate to click “Add to Cart” and share your thoughts with us!

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05. 10 pack Credit Card Knife Folding Blade Knife by JJMG Pocket Mini Wallet Camping Outdoor Pocket Tools Folding

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If having one best multitool is not enough, we sure you may wanna check out this package with 10 pack Credit Card Knife Folding Blade Knife. Especially, this is the perfect option for a huge family when planning for the upcoming vacation. Feature the sleek design, these 10 folding knife wallets measure 2.2 mm thick while other designs may go up to 25mm.

No matter how many items you bring, this package still remains its light-weight feel – about 13 grams. Utilize the Razor sharpness, the best multitool delivers the long productivity through the long cutting edges. Also, you do not have to worry about the blade since it is protected when being stored in this JJMG survival wallet.

Most customers advise that the brand should attach the protective closure, which helps all the blade secures in their places. If you intend to travel internationally, make sure that this best survival wallet can pass through the airport.

06. Tactical Credit Card Survival Wallet Tool with Emergency Whistle and Gift Box

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If the two versions of survival wallet above guarantee for you to solve everything, then this one is worth trying. The Tactical Credit Card Wallet Multi Tool is a great option for traveling; especially when you go on a long-distance trip. All you need to do is purchase one slim survival wallet, you will receive a 12-in-1 tool. Not just a survival wallet product, it helps you with anything. Just imagine when you need to cut a thread off or one toothpick after meal, its thin design will lend you a hand.

Survival Hax receives most compliments by giving you one emergency whistle. Just use it to ask for help or scare a snarling dog away whenever you have problem on the street. When purchasing one set, you will receive 1 credit card multi tool, 1 Free paracord in case you want to wear on the neck; and 1 protective sleeve. Wondering about the size? This pocket survival kit measures 3.5 x 2.3 x 0.2 inches. If you are seeking for one special gift for dad or boyfriend, this should stay on top of the list.

Wallet receives lots of compliments for the design and its functions. Please remember that this one stays in the Amazon’s Choice list; which means you really need to give it a try. Based on the most comment, this item will not come close to fit inside a credit card sized sleeve. It’s larger than a credit card.

07. SE MT908-3 11-Function Stainless Steel Survival Wallet Pocket Tool (Pack of 3)

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If you are seeking for one special gift for your handyman, don’t forget this SE MT908-3 11-Function Stainless Steel Survival Wallet. Utilize the super-strong stainless steel for materials, this one ensures the long-lasted lifespan to prevent an item from getting rusty after a hard use. In addition, if you are the type of careless person, then this credit card pocket knife will support you from the bottle to can and even various complicated tasks.

With the design measures roughly 2 ¾ x ⅛ x 1-¾ inches, this one appears with the small compact design allows you to bring comfort in the pocket. In term of function, just feel free to discover more than 11 different features. They contain tools for opening bottle, can, even the screwdriver and compass. Moreover, you can utilize its function as the Direction axillary wrench, Knife edge, Saw blade, Screwdriver, Ruler or Keychain hole

Fortunately, this best wallet survival tool receives lots of positive compliments. It provides various handy tools for using in the difficulty problem. Interestingly, this Multi-Purpose Credit Card also sells as the single pack, 3 packs or 5 packs depending on preference. The more quantity you choose, the more discount for purchasing price.

When you purchase this SE MT908-3 11-Function Survival Wallet, kindly keep in mind:

  • Avoid purchasing the fake items. For real SE survival wallet, you will find the SE logo on its packaging.
  • SE is committed to providing the customer with the best source of value possible on the market. We ensure you will enjoy the quality, function, and usefulness which the 11-Function Survival Pocket Tool, 3-Pack has to offer.
  • SE is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law.

08. Survival Tool Card: Credit Cards Opener Knife Wallet Sized Multitool Emergency Kit. Multi Purpose Fishing Pocket Tools

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If you love camping outside, then having one wallet multi tool for fishing is such a great idea. With this Survival Tool Card: Credit Cards Wallet Sized Multitool Emergency Kit, you now have completed support when catching the fishes around. And other activities as well. Originally made in the USA, this best wallet survival tool ensures to adapt all the strict requirements for perfect performance. Therefore, you can feel free to pick this for survival training or serious combat.

When purchasing this means individuals receive one item with 22 different functions. It plays as the fish hooks, snare locks tweezer and arrowheads. For those who often travel, Titan best multitool offers you 1x Fork, 2x Sewing Needles, 2x Saw Blades, 1x Awl as well. When choosing accessories utilize the stainless steel, having your items become rusty is not a big problem anymore. If you are not satisfied with the product, Titan promises to offer its customers a lifetime GUARANTEE for a refund.

This survival wallet receives heaps of compliments! The edges are sharp; which perform excellently in every task you need to solve out. Its sizing is also comfortable in case you want to put in pockets or small purse.

09. 37-in-1 Wallet Multitool Card Gift Set | Cool Gadgets for Men: Credit Card Sized Multi Tool + EDC Cool Tools for Men – Silver Edition

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These versions above feature as the pocket survival kit with up to 12 functions. However, this survival wallet EDC Wallet Multi Tool Card & Other Cool Gadgets for Men are sold as hot cakes when allowing you to try 37 functions in just ONE SURVIVAL WALLET. Credit card multi tool is made of heavy-duty alloy finish, you will own one strongest wallet in the market. Besides, credit card survival tool ensures the long-lasted lifespan to prevent the item from getting rusty after a hard use.

When purchasing this set, you will receive:

  • Wallet Multitool Card
  • Premium Gift Box
  • Sleeve Cover
  • Card Holder
  • Key Ring + Carabiner
  • English User Guide. Such a great deal, isn’t it?

With the dimension measures roughly 4.3 x 3.2 x 0.6 inches, this EDC Wallet Multi Tool Card can take turn as a classical bottle opener to multiple screwdrivers, wrenches, fruit & veg peeler, rulers, letter opener, can opener, saw & knife blades in just a pinch. And the most interesting part is that you now have one item to keep smartphone stand in multiple directions for long videos or drama series.

If you are the hobbyists, campers, boat owners, repairmen, mechanics, consider select it from today. However, this one receives complaints from people about the real performance; which is not as they expected. In case you are not satisfied with the wallet, the brand guarantees for 1-YEAR replacement or a full refund.

Overall, there are various problems require you to have one handy tool to solve perfectly. In this collection of 9 Best wallet survival wallet tools with multiple functions, you are now having more chances to select the right pocket knife or wallet survival tool that best meets the need.

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