Best Wallet Collection By Lethnic Brand


If you are looking for some high quality, trendy design, cheap price wallets, then don’t miss out this article. Here is the best wallet collection by Lethnic.

In the position of customers, we always want to pick the best deals – those dream products with three must-have things: high quality, nice design and reasonable price. Actually, it’s not impossible to find such wonderful goods on the market, especially wallets.

The best way to have such good deals is seeking in new brands where they provide great quality yet affordable price tag to attract customers. Lately, we have found out a wonderful leather brand that affords those elements – Lethnic.

Not only do they offer high-quality trendy-design cheap-price products, but Lethnic also gives some good warranty for customers to freely try without risks.

In this article, we will give you the best product collection by them. Check it out!

Lethnic Passport Holder, 100% Handmade and Hand-Painted on Genuine Leather with Multiple Functions for Travel

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Lethnic Hand-painted passport cover wallet is the best choice for those who are a die-hard fan of handcrafted leather products. Made out of 100% genuine cowhide leather and hand-painted by the best artisans from high-quality skin-friendly paints with an extra protection layer on the surface, this wallet is sure to serve you for years.

On top of that, its functionality is always guaranteed and satisfying with well-organized interior, consisting of 5 card slots, 3 money compartments, 1 passport pocket, 1 extra opened slot for boarding pass, ticket and receipts and lastly, 1 tiny slot for memory card or SIM card when you are traveling abroad.

Besides, its built-in RFID Blocking Technology delivers ultimate protection to your private information. Choose from two colorways: silver and gold.

Lethnic Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet with ID Window – Genuine Leather

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While minimalist lifestyle is trending for a while, which leads to a sea of new-arrival minimalist products, Lethnic Slim Wallet stands out of the crowd featuring its supreme slimness plus with large space for storage.

It solves the hardest issues as well as the biggest struggle when it comes to slim wallets – capacity. In details, its dimensions are 4.33 x 2.95 x 0.15 inches, very slim and handy to keep in either your back or front pocket. However, you can put up to 6-7 cards and lots of money. Besides, it also has an ID window so you can store your identity card or your photo there.

If you are wondering about its material, this Lethnic Slim Wallet is made from 100% high-quality genuine leather for moderate softness, great flexibility and good durability.

The wallet has a mild oil layer delivering light shine, which is both good looking and easy to clean. They also build up RFID Blocking Technology to keep your private information stay safe from technological thieves, especially when you are living or intend to travel to Euro.

At first, they only provide 4 basic colors, but lately the manufacturer has added some more trendy and catchy options, increasing the total number of colors up to 8, which ensures to meet any taste.

Lethnic Minimalist Wallet, Tactical Modern Slim Genuine Leather

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This is a new released product by Lethnic minimalist wallet. Exactly as its name, this wallet is simpler than other previous products with plain two-color design with nicely logo embossed. Going inside, there are just three compartments.

However, the real fun is the size of every compartment, which was measured smartly to give high customization. You can store many kinds of stuff in each, for example money, bank cards, ID cards, member card, etc.

Another highlight feature is the enclosing of metal button strap, which helps to keep everything in place, no falling out, no losing, very closure and protective.

With this amazing design, you can store up to 10-15 cards and lots of money with many ways to streamline. And again, RFID Shield for the ultimate security. As you know, hi-tech thieves are more and more now.

Lethnic Men’s Minimalist RFID Front Pocket Slim Wallet

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This is another version of Lethnic Slim Wallet. The biggest difference between two designs is the ID window. This version doesn’t come in a separated compartment for ID card, but instead, it has more card slots, which is very suitable for businessmen or those who mostly depend on cards.

This slim wallet can fit up to 8-9 cards with much money, but the total measurements are only 4.33″ x 2.95″ x 0.12″ so you can comfortably put it in any pockets.

Another difference is its tilted design of each outer compartments for quicker access, very smart and thoughtful.

The rest features of this wallet are like its previous design, 100 percent high grade real leather, built-in RFID Blocking material and nice gift box.

Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet, Bifold Leather Business Card Holder With ID Window

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Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet is like a “new wine in old bottle” product with the same functions as a basic slim design, just replace the money compartment by a metal money clip. However, this alternation is not useless.

By utilizing a metal clip for money storage, you don’t have to fold all the bills. Also, it helps to level up the capacity, which means you can store more money than usual. Particularly with this money clip wallet, it can hold up to 20-30 bills.

Apart from that advance, the design still keeps all strengths from the previous wallets – slim profile, premium material, many separated slots and great capacity.

In terms of its construction, the wallet includes three card slots, one ID window and one money clip. Particularly, with the outer slot and the ID window, there is a special thumb strap for quick access.

For those who don’t need ID window, there is also a version without ID window as well.

The maximum capacity of this money clip wallet is 10 cards, identity card and 20-30 bills. Especially, the money clip is made from high grade stainless steel to avoid rust and nicely shine.

When it comes to this wallet, you will be attracted by its catchy look. Not only is it made from the finest cowhide real leather, but the wallet is also used the best crocodile embossed technology for beautiful surface. Hands on this money clip design and it will level up your luxury and class look.

Last but not least, it is RFID Shield that has been tested in 13.56 MHz Frequency, making sure to protect your cards against unauthorized scans.

Lethnic Leather Passport Holder Cover Case RFID Blocking Travel Wallet (World Map)

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It can be said that in Lethnic, you can get various options of wallet to meet specific needs. From the minimalist wallet to money clips and now is the passport holders for travel.

The best thing about this design is the integration of a slim wallet into it, which means apart from a large compartment for your passport, there are also some more slots for your cards, local currency, flight ticket and especially, your SIM card/memory card.

Thanks to this clever product, you don’t either need to fish in tons of stuff to pick out the thing you want or worry about losing your valuables while being abroad. There are places for everything, everything has its place.

Lethnic Passport Holder highlights its creative design. There are four images in the front with different meanings. And thanks to the advanced laser cutting, it is very sophisticated and nice looking. In addition, the manufacturer also encloses an elegant package. Hence, this wallet, it is not only perfect as a present for yourself, but also fine to gift your loved one.

Talking about its material, the wallet is made from high-quality genuine leather, delivering very soft and comfortable touch with great flexibility. There is also RFID Blocking Technology attached into it so that you can feel complete safe to bring all your valuables along when traveling abroad.

Lethnic Zip Around Wallet, Genuine Leather Metal Zipper With ID Window, RFID Blocking

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Slim, closure, spacious – these are three bold features when reminding to Lethnic Zip-around wallet. If you are fed up with those poor-quality zippers that are broken down only within a few days using then try this design. The manufacturer has solved this general issue by choosing YKK zipper for their product.

YKK zipper is well-known for its international standard quality for smooth operation and high durability. In addition, it is also made from premium cowhide genuine leather to ensure the wallet will last for years.

Are you wondering about its capacity? Lethnic Zip-Around Wallet consists of 4-5 card slots, 1 cash compartment, 1 outer ID window, and 1 main zippered pocket for coins. It doesn’t give you large space for storage, but also allows you to trim your stuff neatly.

Its whole dimensions are 4.53 x 3.55 inches with the maximum thickness is around 0.4-0.6 inch. In addition, there is a small key chain holder so that if you don’t want to put it in your pocket, hook it somewhere or simply attach this amazing wallet to your car key is not a bad idea at all.

Lethnic Zip Around Wallet

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This design goes simpler than the zip-around above. It comes up with just 3 outer card slots, 1 main zippered pocket and 1 functional inner compartment. The highlight of this functional pocket is its ability to fit many stuffs like keys, coins, cash or cards, delivering better customization and organization.

Again, the zipper is YKK for best quality and durability and the leather is 100% cowhide genuine. The sturdiness and moderate shine of metal combines with the softness and beauty of leather to deliver an expensive and cool look.

This design is the best for those people whose country requires using coins, particularly European or who would like to have a safe place for their keys. As it is also a cardholder, the manufacturer integrates RFID Shield for supreme protection as well.

Obviously, a wallet can’t meet all requirements, Lethnic offers 30 risk-free trial so that you can ease in mind to experience and find out whether this product is the best suit for you or not.

Lethnic is an entrepreneur specialized in leather accessories. At the present, their products mainly are wallets. However, there are still some interesting options like straps for wristwatch:

Apple Watch Band 38mm, Lethnic Genuine Leather iwatch Strap Replacement Band

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This product meets the demands of some Apple fans who don’t like the rubber or metal original bands for some reasons. This leather alternation works well in giving the best comfort to users thanks to its skin-friendly genuine leather and high-quality metal buckles.

As the leather is premium so that its durability is no joke. If you know how to take care of it, the bands can last for years. The older, the better.

Hence, if you are searching for a replacement for your original Apple bands to show up your characteristics, these straps are worth a try.

In summary, there are three best things about Lethnic. First things first, their products are well made and readily afford all basic requirements in quality, outlook and price tag. Secondly, it’s their diverse style options so you can pick the best one to meet your demands. Last but not least, it is the warranty. With these three wonderful benefits, there’s no reason to deny trying such amazing product, right?

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