Best Trifold Wallet For Men [ Updated 2020 ]


Gather all the essentials with no fluff when it comes to a tidy wallet. Here’s our list of the 18 best mens trifold wallets that brings the perfect way for slimming down in style

A man wallet should deliver two aspects: functional and fashionable. Since it plays as an extension of your true personality, so just think twice before choosing your favorite wallet. Different from the bifold design, one best mens trifold wallet offers roomy space for several items including money, cards and even coins.

For those who read our trifold wallet collection for women already, we know you may want to see more designs of the leather trifold wallet for men as well. Selecting the mens trifold leather wallets means you will have ultra-capacity with multiple pockets divided into 3 creases. Like other wallets, they all spark out the compact and durability which can last for a lifetime.

Check out this new collection of Best mens trifold wallets in this 2020! Select one stylish wallet for your loved one is not a big deal anymore. You can even grab one that allows you to carry the whole world.

Differentiate between a bifold wallet and a best mens trifold wallet:

Mens trifold wallet features three separated sections with two folds. As with the bifold style, you will have a long open compartment for cash and vertical slots for cards and important receipts. The wallet is often made of genuine leather, synthetic, fabric or soft canvas.

As best mens trifold wallet is divided into thirds, we believe you will have more space for money and cards. However, it depends on your style to keep essentials well-organized when using. Since it offers spacious design, best trifold wallet appears to be bulkier and heavier than the bifold.

Choose the material for the best trifold wallet:

There are 4 common types of material that are used to make the designer trifold wallet including leather, synthetic, canvas and fabric.

  • Leather: The most popular material for several “mens trifold wallets” in the market. As you will use the wallet multiple times each day, leather accessories bring an intense durability and flexible performance. Not just the mass-produced wallet, handmade and personalized wallet made of leather are more likely to win people heart.
  • Synthetic: Although cheaper than other genuine leathers, it still brings the long-lasted lifespan. One advantage of this material is the consumer-friendly characters and resistance to stretching, wrinkles and water. However, this manmade material may cause irritation or annoyed smell.
  • Fabric: Best mens trifold wallet made of fabric ensures to bring you durability and protection, which withstand all tearing and typical erosion. Purchasing fabric wallet allows you to wash gently with water after a hard use.
  • Canvas: When you are looking for one product that features the weather-resistant, outdoor-friendly and tough as all hell, then mens canvas trifold wallets are the best choice.

Reviews of some best mens trifold wallet in 2020:

01. Lethnic Small Leather Trifold Wallet – NOBLE

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For this first design, a perfect combination of colors including Navy and Brown, we believe this Leather Trifold Wallet NOBLE from Lethnic will bring new colors to the table. Besides this color, you can choose black if your daily outfits have black as the dominant color.

Made of genuine Nappa leather, Lethnic best trifold wallet ensures to bring smooth touch and exquisite look to hook your glance from the very first time. In term of capacity, you will have 7 card slots, 1 bill compartment and 1 hidden pocket (ideal for private items, condoms). NOBLE designer trifold wallet is ideal for traveling as it features 2 extra slots for miro SD and simcard.

Moreover, this mens trifold wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system, which secures your cards from dangerous thieves. Proud to bring you the best quality for every product, Lethnic always willing to refund and offers FREE WARRANTY within 12months using.

02. Trifold Wallets For Men – Slim Minimalist Smart RFID Blocking Wallet – CANYON

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If you are doing your research for one sophisticated wallet, then it’s better to pick another item with good quality and unique design. And be sure that this Leather Trifold Wallet is different than others. Made of soft genuine cowhide, wallet delivers the long-lasted lifespan as well as excellent craftsmanship. Its outer skin is covered with one layer of waxed-oil leather, which enhances the natural beauty over time.

This mens trifold wallet measures 3.7 x 4.4 x 0.5 inches; convenient to put inside both the both and front pockets. Take a closer look, this Lethnic designer trifold wallet features 1 full-length compartment, 2 curved slots for basic cards and ID, and 1 roomy pocket for multiple cards. This mens trifold wallet emphasizes the uniqueness through the ID sleeve. It allows you to read your information without opening the item.

One precise element lies in the hidden pocket. Why don’t make use of this feature for saving some personal items or tiny gifts to make your boyfriend/ girlfriend love you more?

In case you are not satisfied with the wallet, Lethnic offers a 30-DAY WARRANTY; which means the brand will cover any factory defects as a result from the manufacturing process of the product. No more worry about the loss of personal information as this one secures your belongings at the safest stage.

03. Levi’s Mens Trifold Wallet – Sleek and Slim Includes ID Window and Credit Card Holder

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Let’s give your cash a safe space with this best mens trifold wallets from Levi’s. The Levi’s Mens Leather Trifold Wallet is available in several color tones, from the dark to the brighter tones. If you prefer the black version, wallet comes along with one separated keychain. As one imported product, all Levi’s product ensures to adopt the strict requirements and good performance.

In term of dimension, the mens trifold wallet measures 4.25 x 3.5 inches (High x Wide). Take a look inside, there are 2 hidden pockets, 1 bill compartment, and up to 6 card slots for basic use. You will find 1 additional ID window with thumb cut-out, which makes it easier to remove your cards. We hope this leather trifold wallet will give you a peace of mind with all good functions and design.

If you are seeking for one best trifold wallet that carries a couple of cards, this one is a good choice. But you are craving for more space? Then it will get you disappointed. Please make it gentle when pulling the tag out, because it may leave some unexpected tears. Cutting it out is better!

04. Timberland Men’s Trifold Nylon Wallet

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If you have heard about Timberland shoes or belt, then it’s time to take a look at some premium accessories allow you to bring the whole world. Prefer canvas material? Check out this Timberland Men’s Trifold Canvas Wallet Mens. Utilize 100% nylon, the tiny canvas purse ensures to deliver the durability as well as easy to clean. Kindly find the embroidered logo at the front to make sure its authenticity.

Since this mens canvas trifold wallet was made in the USA, so no more worry about the construction and quality. You will have 1 transparent ID window, 1 full-length cash compartment and 13 card slots. In term of sizing, Timberland canvas trifold wallet measures 4.25 x 3.5 inches. All your essentials will be secured by one hook and loop closure; no more worry about things that fall out.

According to customers, the real item appears to be a bit small compared to the mentioned size. It’s hard to state that this is one slim wallet for men, as the thickness tends to increase depends on the quantity of your stuff. Still interested? Why don’t give it a try and share with us?

05. Billabong Men’s Classic Tri-fold Wallet

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Got bored with these traditional leather trifold wallets? We highly recommend this Billabong Men’s Classic one which brings a youthful spirit. This one will best match teen boys or individuals who prefer sporty outfits rather than casual ones.

Made of polyester and strong fibers, Billabong designer trifold wallet is flexible to resist against wrinkles and shrinking. It allows you to clean gentle by hands to remove all the dirt. You will have 1 bill compartment, 3 card slots and a mesh pocket for keeping important papers. Take convenience as the top priority, this best trifold wallet features one out zipper pocket for small items such as bus fare or keys.

Most customers fall in love with this mens bifold wallet thanks to the hip, youthful design. Also, Billabong item seems to be popular when combines with west coast surfing stuff. Wallet enhances its look with trimmed seams outside.

06. Real Leather Wallets for Men – Slim RFID Trifold Wallet

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Most best mens trifold wallets embrace themselves as one item that sparks the masculinity for men. ESTALON Handmade Slim Mens Wallet brings your several versions of wallet: the plain surface, the pebbled one. You will also find one that reflects the uniqueness by using the combination of two separated colors. Skillfully handcrafted by artisans, you will feel the smoothness from the very first touch. This handmade method also reduces the risk of stretching leather.

ESTALON mens trifold wallet equips to the RFID Shielding Technology, which completely encases all your private data like ID information, bank accounts. Its inner design has 2 full-length compartments, 2 slots for documents, 6 credit card slots and 1 ID card. In term of sizing, wallet measures roughly 3.5 x 4.4 x 0.75 inches, which stays firmly in your hands.

According to most customers, the real product appears to be bigger than the advertise dimension. Card slots are a bit tight at the beginning. Yet, it will stretch out for easier access.

07. Lethnic leather bifold wallets for men thin slim RFID

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Although this collection suggests the best mens trifold wallet, this Lethnic Bifold Wallet For Men will help you differentiate between the bifold and trifold design. Make it easier to choose your favorite one.

Carry more things with you by purchasing our wonderful mens bifold wallet that won’t create a big bulge in your pockets. If you always waste time going through wallets, reorganizing things again to have more space, then Lethnic leather bifold wallets for men are here to lend a hand! Made of genuine cowhide leather with fine embossing, wallet reflects its unique characteristics as well as your fashion taste. Kindly measure your cards to make sure it fits this sizing: 4.3 x 3.6 inches.

Take a closer look, you will have 1 full-length compartment for cash, 1 half-open corner pocket and 2 quick-access slots for cards. In case you have some private receipts, Lethnic best mens bifold wallet brings 2 hidden pockets, which helps keep them in the safest place. These pockets create space for up to 9 cards and 40 bills. This slim bifold wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system that secures your private data from electrical thieves.

For all products from Lethnic, you will receive them in an elegant package. Not only show our thankfulness, but the package would also be great if you purchase this wallet as a gift. What are you waiting for, click “Add to Cart” and share with us your thoughts?

For more designs of bifold wallet, take a glance through this collection: Best And Nice Men Bifold Wallet.

08. Carhartt Men’s Best Trifold Wallet

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Apart from other leather trifold wallet designs with simple appearance, this Carhartt Mens Trifold Wallet is suitable for vintage lovers. Made of genuine pebbled leather, wallet delivers the excellent quality and sophisticated look. This kind of material also prevents it from sliding out of your hands.

In term of capacity, you will have 1 full-length compartment, 6 card slots, and 2 hidden pockets. There is 1 transparent ID window with thumb cut-out. So, feel free to keep your driver license or your most favorite images. Carhartt embraces the solidness in design by using contrasting stitched seams along the edges.

In case you purchase for yourself or send it as a gift, this best trifold wallet comes along in a beautiful tin. All you need to do is wrapping it up with lovely gift wraps. But according to some customers, thread tend to tear out after times due to its thin leather. As this is one important product, buy now to make sure it won’t get out of stock.

09. Men’s Wallet – RFID Blocking Cowhide Leather Vintage Designer Trifold Wallet

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Add some retro to your unique individual style with this Vintage Best Mens Trifold Wallet from GDTK. Made of retro cowhide leather imported from Italy, wallet brings the soft experience as well as compact functions. Its outer skin is covered by one layer of polyester. This kind of material both delivers the durability, but also the exotic beauty.

Best mens trifold wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system that blocks 13.56 MHz or higher RFID signals. We are sure that your credit/ debit cards, ID cards and driving license will be secured at the safest level. In term of sizing, this wallet measures roughly 4.40 x 3.50 x 0.41 inches (when being folded).

Take a closer look, you will see there are 12 card slots, 2 currency pockets, 1 ID window and 2 SIM card slots. You will have 1 extra side slip ID window, super convenient for checking information when you are in a hurry.

When purchasing this GDTK best mens trifold wallet, you will receive one package includes one mens trifold leather wallet, one gift box set and a fabric dust bag. According to most customers, this best tri fold wallet appears to be bigger than the advertised dimension.

10. Clifton Heritage Trifold Leather Wallets for Men – 2 ID Windows Credit Card Holders Slim Design

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Suggest this Trifold Wallet For Men from Clifton Heritage, we hope to make your life safer and easier. Made of genuine leather combines to polyester fabric, mens trifold wallet ensures the durability and excellent performance. Wallet also comes along in a nice package in case you love to send it as a gift.

Take a look inside, there are 9 card slots, 2 currency compartments, 2 document compartments. You will have 2 transparent ID slots, where you can keep your driver license or photos. In case you seek for one slim mens trifold wallet, we do not recommend this one. As the thickness tends to increase based on how many cards kept inside.

Not only ideal for regular workdays, Clifton Heritage RFID trifold wallet equips to the strong blocking shield. All your information will be secured intensely from any dangerous signals. Based on most comments, card slots are a bit tight from the beginning. But it will stretch out after times using.

11. Mt. Eston RFID Blocking Mens Trifold Wallet

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By the first time looking at Mt. Eston RFID Best Mens Trifold Wallet, you will be amazed by its sturdiness design goes along with the golden color tone. Made of Nappa Pebble Grain and hand-stitched skillfully, wallet ensures to bring the best quality; but still remains at an affordable price. For those who purchase the wallet from Mt. Eston, you will receive a lifetime warranty and full refund in case you are not happy with their product.

This genuine leather trifold wallet offers a spacious room divided into 11 card slots, 2 full-length compartments, 1 ID card window and 4 extra oversize pockets for private receipts. Mt. Eston best tri fold wallet is designed as one trifold with an open layout, easy for you to access all the cards at one time. It gives security and assurance by equipping to the strong RFID blocking system which is tested and approved at 10 MHz to 3000 MHz.

We are proud to suggest this one, since it receives lots of compliments from customers for the design and performance. Don’t worry about the tight card slots after purchasing, they will stretch out after a few weeks.

12. Hilltop Leather Company Mens Handcrafted Leather Trifold Wallet

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“You think of religion as ritual, there’s also this ritual element. But there are no priests, there are no ministers, there are no rabbis, there’s no system of clergy of any sort. Everybody’s their own thinker.”

Masonic Masons help to build a better world through a unique and worthy process of building better men to live in it. If you are into these beliefs, we bet you would fall in love with this Mens Handcrafted Leather Trifold Wallet. This wallet embosses a mana sonic symbol, reveals the meticulous stitches through the handcrafted process in the USA.

Made of oak tanned leather, the wallet is dyed in different shades of brown color. This earth tone delivers the elegance and masculinity, which suitable for any kinds of outfits. The inner design includes 5 card slots and 1 transparent ID window which makes it easier for checking your ID information. Best mens trifold wallet from Hilltop Leather Company comes along with one hand-crafted keychain.

There are positive feedbacks on the design as well as the detailed stitches. As the best mens trifold wallet is made of genuine leather, you will feel and smell the leather from the very first time.

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13. Dickies Men’s Trifold Chain Wallet – High Security

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One more design of best mens trifold wallet!! However, this one is more awesome when attaching a strong keychain. This Dickies Mens Trifold Chain Wallet is highly recommended for people, especially teenagers who need their hand free when hanging out, skateboarding. The long and durable keychain ensures to keep your wallet safe through long hours of falls, drifts and high jumps.

Wondering about the size? Dickies wallet measures 3 x 4 inches. Such an ideal size to put in your back or front pocket, even if you would love to carry it on hands. Basically, trifold wallet means you will have adequate space for all essentials. So does this one! There are 6 card slots, 1 compartment for cash, and 1 ID window. The slot is designed with transparent sleeve and thumb cut-out to make it easier to take your items in/out.

Kindly measure your height to make sure this mens bifold wallet matches your outfits. Its chain measures around 7 or 8 inches. Dickies leather trifold wallet comes in a nice package, perfect to send as a gift on special occasions.

14. PUMA Little Kids’ Rise Mens Trifold Wallet

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Among all the mens bifold wallet designs, we suggest this PUMA Rise Trifold Wallet in case you are seeking for one gift for your kids. Known as one great item to stash their cash, this wallet offers roomy space as an adult item. There are 3 inner pockets, 1 bill compartment, and a zipper pocket to carry along tiny coins.

As children are always active when joining in any activities, this best trifold wallet features the hook-and-loop fastener to prevent things from falling all around. PUMA takes advantage of dark color (red, black) which makes item still look okay when having dirt.

Made of 100% high quality polyester, handwash is acceptable after such a long time using. Don’t buy this one if you are looking for one slim and small designer trifold wallet.

15. Genuine Leather Mens RFID Blocking Slim Trifold Wallet

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This LEVOGUE Slim Leather Bifold Wallet embraces the beauty of exotic materials. Made of genuine leather, it will satisfy you thanks to the long-lasted lifespan as well as excellent performance. Please kindly understand the tiny scratches and stains on the wallet surface, as they are the natural characteristics of this material.

In term of capacity, this RFID trifold wallet features 2 bill compartments, 6 card slots, and 2 pockets for receipts. You will have 1 extra ID window with a thumb cut-out to keep driver license or even your most favorite photo.

Known that sometimes customers are not happy with the product, LEVOGUE always offers a full refund or free replacement. This mens bifold wallet comes in a nice package, perfect if you are sending as a gift to your love ones. According to most customers, the quality of threads is not good enough to withstand after such a long time.

16. NEW Swanky Badger Personalized Wallet – Leather Trifold Wallet

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These days, personalized accessories are preferred as it embraces the personal and emotional spirit. This Swanky Badger Personalized Wallet is one great option for those who always want to surprise your loved one with creativity. Wallet features 5 card slots, 1 pocket for bill, and 1 transparent ID window.

Made of split cow’s leather, this material both delivers the durability, but makes your wallet stand out when using the contrasting golden color when engraved. The brand takes advantage of two main colors including Black and Brown. So, all you need to do is pick your most favorite shade to see whether it matches your outfits.

Known as one-of-a-kind mens bifold wallet, you can order your personal graving. It could be 3 initials on the outside and up to 160 characters on the inside, at no extra charge.

17. Timberland Mens Leather Trifold Wallet With ID Window

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One more item for all Timberland fans – the Mens Leather Trifold Wallet With ID Window. With several colors from the class look to a minimalist style, wallet ensures to match your daily outfits perfectly. Measure 4.25 x 3.5 inches (H – W), this one stays neatly in neither your front nor the back pockets. Even if you just want to bring some cards when you are in a hurry, this best tri fold stays firmly in the palm of your hands.

For all Timberland products, wallets are often made of genuine Italian leather. It not only brings a smooth feeling when touching, but also delivers the durability that can last for time. Its outer skin is covered by one layer of manmade lining to bring the most exotic look. The longer you use, the better your wallet becomes. Take a closer look, you can leave things well-organized inside 2 cash pockets, 2 slip pockets, 6 card slots and 1 ID window.

Be sure to check the tree logo embossed on the front, and brand name embossed inside this wallet to make sure its authenticity. According to most customers, Timberland best mens trifold wallet appears to be smaller and tight at the beginning. Hence, leather will stretch out after time using.

18. EXENTRI Leather Trifold Wallet – RFID Blocking w/Stainless Steel Locking Clip

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EXENTRI creates a huge impression by combining between the eye-catching design and appealing colors. This Leather Trifold Wallet made of genuine cowhide leather, which delivers the superb durability to withstand unexpected wear and tear.

Featuring the rectangular trifold shape, wallet construction brings you roomy space through 6 card slots for your ID, currency private bills. The outer slot is designed with a thumb cut-out for easy access. So, just grab your most-used card and simply swipe up on the card to take it out. Very helpful when you are in a hurry!

Instead of worrying that things may fall out due to carelessness, this mens trifold wallet attaches to one snap closure. Known to be one imported item, wallet ensures to meet all strict requirements in both design and quality.

This one is perfect for those who often wear casual clothes, formal outfits for meeting, business trip as it makes you look more elegant. However, the thickness tends to increase depends on the number of cards you keep inside.

After checking out these 18 best mens trifold wallets, have you put any item on your wish-list yet? They are all stylish, made of high-quality materials such as full-grain cowhide and imported microfiber polyester. In addition to its magnificent look, their extreme usefulness can fit your purposes well. So, what are you waiting for, grab this chance to own one masculine wallet with high quality?

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