Best And Stylist Long Wallets For Men [ Updated 2020 ]


With the same needs as modern women, gentleman also needs long wallets for men that speak their true colors.

It is widely seen that wallets for women account for a large part of the industry. However, it cannot be said that wallets for men are not considered. As mentioned above, the wallet is one important accessory that men carry around every day. It motivates all individuals to put many efforts in choosing the right one. Among various types available in the market, long wallets for men seem to gain popularity in the last year and even this 2020.

With the same needs as modern women, men also need a long bifold wallet at such an affordable price. Besides, they also seek for accessories which deliver great quality and appealing design for all important items. At that time, there arises a question that what benefits long wallets for men have over other types. Well, in addition to other features, the very first important one is the ability to keep your essentials in a good place and far from folded.

In case you want to dig deeper into more features of long wallets for men, the collection of Best and stylish long wallets for men followed may help. The collection shows what we have researched around, and we do hope that it will take your fancy and get you interested in the mens long wallets leather.

What are long wallets called?

Long wallets are also known as the checkbook wallet, or breast pocket wallet. Instead of putting inside pant pockets, people often store this one in the inner breast of their jacket. Long wallets for men are also preferred by people who use checkbooks rather than credit cards.

What to consider when buying a mens long wallet?

Before you make any purchase, there are a few things you may want to consider

  • Leather: Different brands will utilize different leather types to make their wallet. Commonly, you can choose between cowhide, calfskin or other genuine leathers. If you prefer the minimalist design, you should choose the plain skin, while stunning patterns (pebbled, alligator textures) tend to speak your personal spirit.
  • Color: Color also plays an important role in speaking your true colors. If you need a mens long wallet for daily use, then just pick any color you like. But if you prefer to use for formal occasions, selecting a dark brown color or black leather wallet would be the best choice.
  • Brand and Logo: Most branded wallets always have their logo stay somewhere on the design. However, we suggest choosing the long wallets for men with subtle logos in case you are using them for formal events. The brand itself is completely down to your personal preference.

Reviews of some best long wallets for men in 2020:

1. Lethnic Genuine Leather Bifold Long Wallets For Men

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If you are seeking for one form of the wallet which can be used for multiple occasions, then choosing this long wallet for men is a perfect option. You can even give to friends since the package includes one perfect box. This Lethnic Bifold Mens Long Wallet utilizes the high-quality material combines with well-made construction. Handcrafted by skillful artisans, it delivers an elegant and stylish performance. You will also feel the unique softness when carrying on the hands.

In term of sizing, this Lethnic best mens long wallet measures 7.6 x 4 x 0.4 inches. Feel free to carry on hands or put inside your jacket, your coat. Feature the slim construction, this item allows you to carry up to 15 cards, money, important papers and even your phone. Take a closer look, it features 1 zipper pocket, 6 full-length compartments, and 18 card slots. Such a huge amount of space!! No more worry about information loss as it equips the strong RFID blocking system for better protection.

In case you did not experience a good time with Lethnic item, the brand offers you a 30-day warranty for a full refund or replacement. Since this mens long wallet has not got any comments, why don’t give it a try and share with us?

2. Le’aokuu Mens Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet Organizer Checkbook Card Case (M W1037 Dark Brown)

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If you are finding one convenient and unique wallet, then you should not miss out this design. With the code for the product is W1019, be sure to select one authentic item. This Leather Bifold Wallet Organizer Checkbook is one imported product; which takes advantage of the premium genuine leather. Please do not panic when seeing the oil-tanned appears to have wrinkles and scars. They are just the inherent characteristics which deliver the vintage and wildness performance.

Wondering about the dimension? This product measures roughly 7.28 x 3.54 x 0.39 inches; comfortable to carry on hands when going shopping or hanging out with friends. Mens long wallets leather allow you to store up to 10 cards, one ID window for the picture or driver’s license, even some huge compartments which offer roomy space for important receipts and bills. When selecting this Le’aokuu item, individuals receive one package contains mens long wallet and removable card case (great for some basic items when hanging out for short period).

Long wallets for men deliver the perfect construction in design and materials. But leather is said to offer medium lifespan; which falls apart after a few months due to carelessness. Please understand the slight difference in color due to our monitor brightness.

3. Itslife Men’s RFID BLOCKING Vintage Look Genuine Leather Mens Long Bifold Wallet

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“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”

Among various brands that offer long wallets for men, Itslife also stands in a high position with high quality and great design for most modern men. With Men’s Vintage Look Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet; Crazy Horse leather is the top layer material handcrafted by skillful artisans. Apart from the smooth experience, this component even makes your items look better throughout the years. Itslife long wallets for men measure 7.28 x 3.54 x 0.78 inches.

Since Itslife is one US registered enterprise, all its products ensure to adapt the authority standard; also mean the mens long wallet mostly are imported. Take a look inside, you can have things well-organized in 1 cash compartment, up to 8 card slots and 2 bill slots. You will find one additional ID window for immediate checking or even for the frequent tour. There are 2 separated styles including the vintage brown and coffee color that match your fashion style. Wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system that fights against any dangerous signals.

Long bifold wallet appears the same as the advertisement. Based on the comment, the real product features thick material releases smelly odors at the beginning.

4. Genuine Leather Checkbook Cover For Men & Women – Checkbook Holder Card Holder Wallet

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It’s time to secure your checks with those Genuine Leather Checkbook Covers from Access Denied. Made of full-grain leather, wallet embraces the intense durability and elegant look which are suitable for both business and personal purposes. The outer skin features the pebbled texture which prevents wallet from sliding out of your hands. Not just for men, women also have several colors that match your clothing style from vintage, sexy and even formal outfits.

In term of design, you will have 6 card slots, 1 cash compartment and 1 transparent checkbook for easy access. All your belongings are secured from electrical thieves thanks to the RFID signals comply with FIPS-201 specifications. Wondering about the size? Wallet measures 6.5 x 3 inches (when being closed). Access Denied offers a full refund or replacement in case you are not happy with those long wallets for men.

All the slot seems to be a bit tight at the beginning. Yet, it will stretch out over times. Most customers prefer to have a zip around for better protection. Checkbook cover comes along with one elegant gift box set, perfect when choosing as a gift for special occasions.

5. Lethnic Leather Long Wallet With Snap Button

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When designing the wallet, Lethnic not only thinks of the style, but about the smart design that brings comfort as well. This Lethnic Long Wallets For Men With Snap Button embraces the casual business style; however, it still stays fashionable over time. Made of premium Saffiano genuine cowhide leather, cool thin wallet sparks out the elegant appearance and durability. In term of sizing, wallet measures 7.7 x 4, allows you to put inside bags or small purses.

Take a closer look, there are 17 card slots, 5 long compartments for cards and 1 full-length zipper pocket. Besides the money and cards, you can put inside your smartphone (measures 5.5 inches or smaller, checkbook, coins and important receipts. All your belongings will be secured with the snap button when it’s not in use. These long wallets for men also equip to the strong RFID blocking system which secures your item at the safest level.

Feel free to choose your favorite color among the black and navy colors. Tight line, cool edged cutting, exact measurement and elegant smell of real leather. You’ll regret if you don’t try it!

6. Day Dead Wallet Skull Unisex Long Clutch RFID Blocking Purse Long Bifold Wallet

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Skull has become an iconic symbol for most mens and womens accessories. Forget all its negative meanings, “the skull” somehow reflects our afterlife and spirituality. Mentioning about religion, this icon also reminds individuals of their afterlife and all the choices we have made before.

Apart from the plain texture, some will prefer a unique look, typically this Day Dead Wallet Skull Long Wallet For Men. This long bifold wallet is available in Retro Candy, Gothic Skull Printed that embraces your true colors. If your best friends or any members of the family love the PUNK style, we guarantee this is such a great gift to choose!

Made of soft PU leather, mens long wallet delivers the finest craftsmanship, as well as excellent quality. Its outer surface is smooth and sturdy enough to withstand average outer impacts such as dirt, water. Take a closer look, you will have 3 currency compartments, 8 card slots, 2 thin pockets and 1 extra coin pocket. For sure you can store your smartphone inside without a burden.

Please understand that every wallet from Laimi Duo has been crafted as an amazing artwork, so you don’t have to worry about its performance. According to most customers, the real item appears to be smaller compared to the advertised images.

7. Men’s Wallet, Genuine Italian Leather, Zipper Around, Mens Long Wallet Clutch Coin Card Holder

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Wanna grab some vintage long wallets for men to bring out the new colors to the table? Then Luufan Men’s Genuine Leather Long Wallet is ready to stay with you all the time. Take advantage of top- grain leather, wallet delivers the durability and excellent performance. Especially, crazy horse leather not only delivers the smoothness; but also enhances its exotic beauty throughout the time.

As sizing is one of the most important elements when purchasing any accessory. So please note down the size as 7.5 x 4.1 x 0.8 inches (L x H x W). For the inner construction, you will find 1 compartment for cash, 2 narrow cash pocket, 14 card slots and 1 zipper pocket for coins. The precise element of this Luufan long mens wallet is one metal chain measures 55 centimeters. It attaches to one belt loop for better protection when you are out of the house.

The long wallets for men from Luufan are said to be well-organized and beautifully made. Based on some comment, you need to be careful with the chain. Since its quality is not good enough, which can break easily. Kindly understand the scratches on the surface as they are the natural characteristics.

Take a look at these wallets with chains for men, bikers, or just to secure your wallet so you never lose it again at: Best And Awesome Chain Wallet For Men

8. Yeeasy Men’s Vintage Genuine Leather Bifold Long Wallets For Men

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For the first item, let’s get to see one slim design but still offers roomy space for your essentials. The Yeeasy Men’s Vintage Genuine Leather is available in black and coffee color, so feel free to pick your favorite one! Take advantage of genuine leather, it delivers the durability and convenience for daily use. Mens long wallets leather have their edges handcrafted with skilled line finish.

In term of size, this Yeeasy Men’s mens long wallet measures 19 x 9.5 x 1 centimeter. With this size, you can put inside the handbags, backpack or just carry on hands when hanging out with friends. Take a closer look, there are 12 card slots, 3 compartments for cash and 1 ID window. Feel free to store your smartphone in the cash pocket (compatible with iPhone7 Plus). Since these wallets for men utilize the genuine material, so it guarantees the wear-resistant function no matter how hard you use.

Based on most comments, you will smell the annoying odors from this long bifold wallet after purchasing. But don’t worry!! Just leave it in a ventilated area for a few days to get rid of this smell. Kindly understand the scratches on wallet’s surface due to its natural characteristics.

9. Kattee Men’s Vintage Look Genuine Leather Mens Long Bifold Wallet

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Not Just A Bag” – Kattee slogan always brings you A new perspective about fashion. For each product from Kattee, you can experience the classicism, elegance and compacity over time. Made of genuine crazy horse leather, wallet delivers the durability and natural smoothness from the very first touch. As all the parts are meticulously handcrafted by professional artisans, it only gets better and better with ages.

In term of design, Kattee Vintage Long Wallets For Men feature 4 cash compartments, 11 card pockets, 1 zipper pocket for coins. You will have one transparent ID window with thumb cut-out for easy access. Wondering about the size? This long leather wallet measures 3.5 x 7.5 inches (L – H), convenient for putting inside handbag and purse. When purchasing, you can feel free to choose between the vintage solid style and crocodile embossed style, which reflect your outstanding taste in fashion.

Kattee mens long wallets leather receive compliments for the quality and performance. However, most customers are not satisfied with the fabric lies behind card slots, as it may rip out easily depends on the way you use.

For more slim designs? Read this collection: Best And Cool Slim Wallets For Men

10. Easyoulife Genuine Leather Credit Card Holder Case RFID Travel Passport Wallet

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If weight and sizing are not the big problems for you, then this Easyoulife Passport Long Wallets For Men are worth the price. When purchasing this package, you will receive one mens long wallet with zipper measures 4.3 x 5.3 x 1.18 inches (L – W – H). Made of genuine cowhide leather, wallet presents its long-lasting lifespan as well as the smooth touch. Its outer skin embraces the masculine appearance through one layer of finish lining. This kind of material is more durable and environment friendly than the traditional PVC.

This size is easy to put inside purse or hold in hands when going for a quick hangout. Also, no need to worry about information loss as Easyoulife wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system. You can bring the whole world and keep it tidy through 2 full-length compartments, 2 SIM slots for frequent travelers. There are 24 accordion folds, super convenient to grab your cards in and out in just a few seconds.

Easyoulife offers a full refund or replacement within 90 days in case you are not happy with the product. Based on most customers comment, the real product appears bigger than the dimension given.

11. Men’s Wallet, Genuine Italian Leather, Zipper Around, Long Wallet Clutch Coin Card Holder with Zipper Pocket

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You may be the apple of his eyes, but this gift will put a sparkle in his eyes in this upcoming birthday party. These Italian Leather Long Wallets for Men from LUUFAN is a meaningful gift when having the sweet wishes engraving by laser on its surface. Made of premium cowhide leather, wallet delivers the intense durability and smoothness that brings you the perfect touch. This material even becomes newer and more beautiful over time.

This mens long bifold wallet measures 7.3 x 3.55 x 0.79 inches, easy to carry on hands or put inside your handbags. Take a closer look, you will have 1 full-length compartment, 2 hidden pockets for cash, 12 card slots, 1 transparent ID window. In case you are into coins, there is one extra pocket secured with zipper. In case you are in a hurry, feel free to put your smartphone in the huge compartment (compatible to iPhone 7).

LUUFAN long leather wallet may have small wrinkles on its surface results from the natural characteristics of leather. As wallet has gone through an engraving process, your finger may have some black stains from the powder. Just clean your hands with water or a soft towel. The real product appears to be bigger than the advertised sizing.

12. RAWHYD Full Grain Leather Long Bifold Wallet

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It is so true that men only have a few chances to create impression on their first date. What you are wearing or carrying will tell a lot about yourself to the world. RAWHYD Long Bifold Wallet can be used as a shortcut to impress! With the size measures 6.75 x 3.5 inches, it stays perfectly inside jacket’s pocket or bags. Made of full-grain buffalo leather, wallet delivers the long-lasted lifespan and excellent stretching over time.

If you are the type of person who is let’s say “an old soul” trapped in the 21st century, this RAWHYD mens long leather wallet will make you fall in love with the retro and vintage outlook. You will have roomy space divided into 2 long pocket sleeves, 7 card slots and 1 ID window with thumb cut-out. There is 1 extra cash sleeve sewn with nylon stitches. These long wallets for men come in a cotton drawstring bag, perfect to buy as one gift on special occasions.

Wallet receives most compliments for the design and craftsmanship. Please understand the variations in marks or color shade and wrinkles are these are the natural characteristics of genuine leather. RAWHYD offers a 1-YEAR WARRANTY which includes a full-refund or replacement if you are not happy with the product.

13. Tommy Hilfiger Leather Secretary Wallet – Slim Long Multipurpose Versatile Vertical Bifold Checkbook Cover

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Tommy Hilfiger has been one of the top brands when it comes to buying a new wallet, even clothes. This Leather Secretary Mens Long Wallet is highly recommended by Amazon’s Choice, so we believe you may want to give it a try. Made of 100% genuine leather, wallet delivers the long-lasted lifespan and excellent look. Wallet measures 7.25 x 3.25 inches, which is compact to carry on hands or put inside handbags, pockets.

Grab this one for a business conference, a romantic night-out or even long hours waiting at the airport is also perfect. This mens long leather wallet offers 2 full-length compartments, 10 card slots and 1 ID window with thumb cut-out. The outer skin brings you a sense of elegance thanks to one layer of textile lining.

This is a great mens long wallet allows you to carry various belongings. Tommy Hilfiger always utilizes the premium leather material that can last for such a long time. Based on most customer comments, pockets appear to be a bit tight at the beginning, which means you have to stretch them out to keep your cards in and out.

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14. HOJ Co. Men’s TALL Wallet – Full Grain Leather – Mens Long Bifold Leather Wallet

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No matter where you go, to a business meeting on Monday or a long vacation, HOJ Co. Mens Tall Long wallets For Men are here to help you out. Made of full-grain leather, wallet delivers the compacity and excellent craftsmanship to protect your everyday essentials. Its outer skin is covered with one finish layer, which develops the beauty over time.

We believe you may want to know about the size. This best mens long wallet measures 3.5 x 6.9 inches (L – H). Take a look inside, there are 4 full-length compartments, 9 card slots and 1 ID window with a thumb cut-out. HOJ Co. applies the lining stitches in contrasting color along the edges to emphasize the sturdiness for the whole design. These long wallets for men come along with a branded drawstring bag, perfect to choose as one gift for special occasions.

Fortunately, wallet receives mostly compliments from customers for its quality and performance. You can choose between the Brown crush and Natural Grain leather. As you may see some stains and wrinkles on leather’s skin due to its natural characteristics.

15. Mens RFID Blocking Wallet Vintage Genuine Long Leather Wallet

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It’s common when having the mens long wallet with a plain surface. So, how about one embossed texture at the front to refresh your collection? This Vintage Genuine Leather Wallet For Men will make you “wow” with its sophisticated look. All the crocodile textures are embossed meticulously, which brings you the vintage look and retro spirit.

Understand different purposes of customers, Admetus releases two versions including the Bifold and Trifold construction. However, this crocodile design belongs to the #bifold team. Offer roomy space, feel free to keep your essentials well-organized in 8 card slots, 4 currency compartments, 1 ID window with a thumb cut-out. In case you need to keep private bills or some tiny coins, these long wallets bring you one zipper pocket as well.

If you want to choose it as one special gift, please go on! Admetus long wallet for men comes along in one special box design. Give it to your loved ones, they will feel like opening one ancient book stolen from the past, such a precious artwork that lasts for a lifetime.

It’s great when this long bifold wallet receives lots of compliments from the customers, especially for its durability and design. As the brand is confident with their product, feel free to contact for support, replacement or refund in case you have any problems.

16. HOJ Co. DEER Long Bifold Wallet | Full Grain Leather With Hand Burnished Finish

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To offer you one precious piece from the past but still brings significant modernity, let’s check out the HOJ Co. DEER Long Bifold Wallet. This mens long wallet is made of premium grade hides, which delivers its own unique patina over time. The material not only embraces its beauty through the time but protects your item from any unexpected scratches.

Wondering about the size? This mens long bifold wallet measures 3.5 x 6.9 inches. For the inner part, there are 4 full-length compartments, 9 card slots, and an ID window. The ID window also features a thumb cut-out for easy access. No more worry when bringing so many cards as your essentials are now receiving the best protection from a strong RFID blocking system.

However, the precise element that wins most individuals heart lies in the front embossed whitetail deer print. We highly suggest this one for those who are into vintage appearance, as this one is handcrafted by skillful artisans. Combine to the excellent craftsmanship, the longer you use, the more beautiful your wallet becomes.

Feedback about these long wallets for men are mostly compliments, thanks to its design and perfect quality. However, this wallet is said to be too slippery when putting in your back pant pockets, or backpack. It’s better to be careful once you choose to buy this one!

17. Slim credit card holder wallet, Gift card display case, Minimalist light thin card storage

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Spend time digging the wallet to find credit cards seems to be our nightmare. And it’s even worse when you are in a hurry for a business meeting or your first date. This Card Display Long Bifold Wallet is here to solve all the problems. You will have such a huge capacity in 28 card slots. All the card slots are designed like a mini collection, allows you to find your needed in just a few seconds.

In term of sizing, this long wallet for men measures 7.9 x 0.4 x 5.3 inches (L – H – W). It is not only compact to put inside handbags, but you can also store banknotes and important papers convenient through the Velcro closure.

Made of premium Nylon, best mens long wallet delivers the intense weather-resistance and excellent craftsmanship. You will see that its whole design features the clear layout, which keeps things light-weight and easy to use. And no more worry about losing your information thanks to the strong and advanced RFID technology.

Please understand the slight difference in color due to our monitor brightness. If you are seeking for wallet allows you to carry the whole world, you can choose this one! Kindly remember that once you put all the cards inside, its thickness will increase. Not much slim if you are seeking for one thin motif.

18. Ariat Men’s Boot-Embroidery Rodeo Tan Wallet

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Your accessories and outfits should be an extension of what makes you unique. And Ariat products need to stay on top of the list! You will love this Ariat Mens Rodeo Tan Wallet in western design, trust us. As this is one imported item, the long leather wallet meets all the strict requirements in quality and construction.

If you often use small purses or mini backpacks, make sure this long wallet for men fits your stuff. Its full dimension measures 3.75 x 6.75 inches (high x wide). For those who are into cards, we highly recommend this one, when you can keep up to 12 cards, your driver license or even a lovely photo. Obviously, the slot features thumb cut-out for easy access.

Made of fibers, Ariat long bifold wallet delivers an intense durability. The brand applies the outer skin with slender pebbled leather to keep wallet in stay firmly in the palm of your hands. We believe the embroidered design and silver-tone logo hardware will show off your Texan Spirit.

The mens long wallet mostly receives compliments for its quality and eye-catching look. Also, no more worry of the loss thanks to one snap closure that secures your items. Interested? Purchase now and share with us your opinion!

19. Western Long Wallet for Men RFID Leather – Bifold Cowboy Wallet

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First buy a cowboy hat and boots. Then you’re on your way to be a Texan”. But have you ever thought about owning one Western Cowboy Long Wallet for Men to bring one amazing combination?

This long leather wallet makes itself stand out with a Texas map in black symbol. Made of premium genuine leather combines to excellent craftsmanship, this one ensures to last over time. Please understand the small variations in marks and colors, they are just the characters of leather, especially criteria that defines the wallet itself.

The long wallet for men is highly recommended for card lovers. This Cowboy design is not an exception, while offering 13 card slots, 4 currency compartments, and 1 ID window with a thumb cut-out. No matter how many cards you keep inside, you don’t need to worry about losing your information thanks to all effective RFID chips equip inside.

Not just the Texas map, there are still more patterns to go for including the Crown Brown symbol, Longhorn, Star Black … and we believe you will love them! Lots of people choose this one as a gift for a special Birthday, how about you?

20. Checkbook Cover for Duplicate Checks – Standard Register Wallet for Men & Women

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Bring to you one valuable design – the Estalon Checkbook Cover for Duplicate Checks. Update with all the latest technology, long wallet for men from Estalon is both trendy and practical. Take safety as the top priority, your long leather wallet equips to the strong RFID Blocking technology. We guarantee all the dangerous signals will be firewalled to protect your privacy.

Wondering about the size? This mens long wallet in checkbook design measures 6.75 x 3.5 inches. Feel free to keep your things well-organized inside 1 note compartment, 1 ID window, 5 card slots. And of course, there is one checkbook holder where you can keep cheque registers, identity proofs or important papers. Super convenient and professional for particular business needs.

Checkbook long wallet for men is available in several colors from traditional to brighter, more attractive tones that both women and men can give it a try! In case you are not happy with the product, Estalon willing to offer a full refund or replacement.

Wallet receives compliments for its simple and good quality. However, it’s better if the brand adds a closure for better secure. Since once you put too many papers, it would be hard to close. Otherwise, you should use it with care.

21. Zipper Long Wallet Business Hand Clutch Phone Holder

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Having one long wallet for men offers you roomy space for all essentials. But with this Double Zipper Clutch Wallet, be ready to carry a whole pocket without any bulk. Feature the combination of double zipper and trifold construction, you can use this for any occasions, from daily workdays to a long business trip, even some formal workshops that require elegant performance.

Double space means double capacity! Take a look inside, you will have 12 card slots, 2 cash compartments, and 1 zipper pocket. Displaying as one compact purse, you will have 2 huge slots for phone. Please kindly note that smartphone with 5.5 inch or less will give the best experience. Super convenient for businessman, isn’t it?

Take convenience as the top priority, we believe the strong metal zipper will secure your stuff at the safest stage. This long leather wallet comes along with one wrist strap for better protection while you are wandering around your neighborhood, or shopping at the supermarket. Enjoy!

Since long wallets for men came into fashion, there’s a wide range of choice available. However, with the efforts and research that we have worked on this collection, we believe that the collection of Best and stylish long wallets for men is where you can find your best one.

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