Best Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Wallet Cases


You don’t have to waste your time looking around for a cool Samsung S8 case. We have done it for you in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus wallet case collection.

Samsung fans, are you ready? Let welcome the triumphant mix of tech and design from Galaxy S8. How do you feel when unboxing your phone? Is it cool to enjoy the stunning infinity display? Nobody can deny its impressive screen. The completely smooth, continuous surface with no bumps or angles gives users a wonderful experience when using this phone. All the boundaries are removed.

We understand how cool it is when owning such a beautiful object and we know how much you love it and want to protect it. So, here you are. This collection of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus wallet case won’t let you down. We have carefully chosen the most qualified and fashionable cases. And yet, we don’t let the case covers the pure and interrupted screen of phone.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to explore the best part of the show.

1. Leather Galaxy S8 Wallet Case

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There’s just one word for this wallet case – perfect! A smart and sophisticated combination between a traditional phone case and a slim wallet. Lethnic S8 Wallet Case has an appearance of the traditional phone case, made of 100% high-quality genuine leather to release a luxury and classic look. But, here is where the real fun begins: when you open it, apart from a solid case for S8, there are also three card slots and a large compartment for bills and cash. Furthermore, the maximum thickness is just appropriately 1 centimeter.

What’s more? Built-in RFID Blocking Technology to prevent your identity disclosure and a kickstand so you help you hand free when watching videos, playing games or chatting, very convenient.

This wallet case is without a doubt the number one wallet case for Samsung S8/S8+.

2. Maxboost Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Wallet Case

We give this wallet case 5 star for its professional and business design. Men, you cannot miss this one if you are looking for a case that can also hold your card and money. Not only it is very convenience but it also give user a professional appearance.

You are offering 3 slots for credit cards and a side pocket for money. What’s more, there is a magnetic locking-lap that allows you to access to the phone. And the best part is you can use it as a kickstand, just lay your phone at propped-up angle and it’s time to enjoy video.

Let ready for a night out on the town with nice wallet case.

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3. Spigen Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus Case with Foldable Cover and Kickstand Feature (2017)

Leather is always the best material for case and wallet. But when using genuine leather, users have to pay a lot of attention to it because of its expensive and vulnerable feature. That’s why we bring to you this synthetic leather wallet case from Spigen.

This one is made with premium material to help it stand with wear and tear. The coffee brown color and soft surface give it a real-leather look. With the slim and handy design, you can hold it in one hand easily.

This case can be transformed into a kickstand to free your hand from holding it.

This case always allows wireless charging. Awesome, right?

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4. FYY Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus Wallet Case

Designed as a wallet case but this one is very slim and light. You are given 3 card slots and one pocket to put money. Using premium PU leather, this FYY Galaxy S8 Case is a perfect craftsmanship one. Every cut and every stitch carefully did by skillful craftsman.

And the cool thing is that you have 7 color options, from powerful black to hot-trend rose gold color. It would be a big mistake if we forget to mention its RFID blocking function. If you are afraid of losing your credit cards information, then this wallet case is your savior. Rest your mind in peace with this blocking feature.

Beside the kickstand function to free your hand from watching video, this case also has a wrist trap which makes it easy to carry around.

Isn’t it more than awesome?

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5. Amabin Genuine Leather Credit Card Slot Hidden Magnetic Book Stand Slim Flip Folio Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus

If you are looking for a manly style with genuine leather case, then this one is a perfect match. This one comes out with simple styles but never out of dates, because simple is always the best and simple retro is more than great! This one is suitable for any purpose, from daily using to business occasion.

Thank to its genuine leather, this Amabin wallet can stand with wear and tear. You don’t have to worry about scratches or stains, and even your fingerprint. It has 2 card slots for you to easily carry your credit cards or driving license without using your wallet. This case also allows you to stand your phone up and free your hand from watching video clip, …

This one can be a perfect gift for your boyfriend or brother. Let take a look!

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6. AMOVO Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus Case

This time we bring to you the most trust worthy brand in protector: AMOVO. The first thing we want to let you know is that this wallet case is 100% hand-made by skillful craftsman. The perfect stitches and cutouts combine with premium leather gave the case a luxurious look.

You are given 3 card slots and a pocket for money. And one cooler thing is that this wallet case support wireless charger. Use this case and you will find your life will be more convenient.

AMOVO offers you 5 color options, so if you want to buy couple phone cases your friend, than it will be your best choice.

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7. WWW [Crocodile Pattern] RFID-Resisting Premium PU Leather Wallet Case

Follow me to the awesome world of Galaxy S8 Plus case with crocodile pattern. Although this wallet case is made from PU leather but the premium quality won’t let you down. Vintage crocodile pattern cover gives this case a unique and powerful look.

Talk about the design, we have no complaint about this. So perfect, so thoughtful and so convenient. Beside 3 card slots and one money pocket, you can free your hand from movie-watching or video-chatting thank to its kickstand function.

Last but not least, if you are afraid of losing your credit card information, then RFID blocking technology included in this wallet case will be your savior. No information can be stolen if you put your cards in this case. We sure.

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8. E LV Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus Case Cover – PU Leather Flip Folio Wallet Purse Case

This case is specially made for Galaxy S8 so you can access the entire phone features without move it out the case. But if you want to take off your phone out of the case for wireless charger, then it is very easy thank to the magnetic design on the back.

Beside the card slots, you also have zipper pocket to keep things safe inside this wallet case. And there is a strap wrist for your convenience of taking this wallet to everywhere. Four corner of this wallet is enhanced by edge protection, which made this case more durable and resistant.

As we have told how fashionable and user friendly this wallet case, you are offered 4 color options to choose.

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9. Trianium Dual Layer Premium Cushion Walletium Series Card Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus 2017

There is just one word to describe this case: “Wow”. Yes, this is a very creative design for Galaxy S8 phone: a back case yet can use as wallet case. This wallet case is designed in advanced protection technique, which allows air circulation to cool your phone when using. This case also has shock-absorbing frame to fully protect your phone from dropping.

The minimalist pocket, which is designed in the back of this case, will keep your cards and money safe. The internal rubber grip will ensure your cards stay inside the wallet. No sliding or slipping.

Is the lifetime warranty make you feel secure? Yes, Trianium case offers you this policy.

Enjoy your shopping!

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10. Benuo [Card Slot Vintage Series] Premium Genuine Leather Card Case [2 Card Slots], Ultra Slim, Classy Leather Case Cover

If you are looking for a Galaxy S8 wallet case with ultra slim and lightweight design, then welcome to Benuo world. It is design as a back case but allow you to carry 2 cards with it. Made from top-notch material, this case will satisfy the entire leather lovers with its premium genuine leather with vintage classic style.

No sparking, no shining. Just simple design with precious cutouts, this case will take your heart away if you love minimalist style. It is just perfect, because we save the best for last. No need to say more. You should feel it by yourself.

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The above list is our wonderful Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus wallet case collection. Hope you will find it is useful. If you have any feedback or comments please raise your voice in the comment section, we love to hear your voice.

It’s time for shopping!

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