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Why travel money belt?

Spring is nearly end; the sun is shining longer and longer every day. We are about welcome the summer as usual by outdoor activities or outboard trips. Before stepping to the main part, as a traveler, I’ve been through most of regions in Asia and as a consequence for my very first times, I asked myself some questions like: Have you ever felt insecure when you were somewhere in Italy, downtown of Bangkok or at the middle of a night market in Beijing? Have you ever felt unsafe when you are out and you have to leave your money at hotel? Or simply want to have a tight sleep on overnight trains when you know there is how much money in your back bag?

Everything comes to me as an idea to find something has enough space to keep all of my important stuffs, cash, coins, smart phone and the most important thing is that a peace of mind to enjoy every single moment of my trip or even for running, mountain biking or swimming. So if you need something more secure than a wallet, money belts or hidden money belts are your key to peace of mind and free your hands.

What is the perfect travel money belt?

  • Lightweight

Of course, because you absolutely never want a hidden money belt as heavy as your purse around your waist. I advise that it should be less than 3 pounds and a bonus point if the design is slim enough for you to hide under your clothes.

  • RFID blocking material

Really important! You can be aware enough to protect yourself from a pickpocket but, can you protect yourself from a machine which is trying to steal your credit card information? The response is you travel belt wallet should be made in RFID blocking material.

  • Waterproof money

If you are a kind of person who loves outdoor activities you will know how it needs. Waterproof material can help you to free your mind when you are playing with waves because, you don’t need to hide your money belt on the beach! Or suddenly the rain comes you can be sure everything is secured.

  • Easy to access

It should be relatively easy to access and usually large enough for you to put a hand in. I bet that you don’t want to mess things up when you want to take one thing out only. One more thing is that all zippers of your travel money belt should be in high quality for you to pick thing up easily and quickly.

  • Enough room for passport, important paper and smartphone.

Traditional money belts are definitely useful when traveling however there is no space for your smartphone. So, that is the reason why you there is no need to save 20 bucks on this one because you can protect your iPhone 7 plus. With me, it should be divided in 2 or 3 smaller pouches for different needs.

Which is the best for me?

I’m so happy if you are continuing reading this part. Because I’m trying my best make a list of 6 best money belt wallets for you below each of them has all benefits of an ideal belt wallet.

1/ The Amazing Running Belt

View here >>

This is a perfect belt for your running and your trips in high quality elastic and zippers for those who has an iPhone 7 plus or Samsung Note 5. With slim and stylish design, you’ll hardly know that you have it on and even the person right in front of you would never notice if you hide it under your clothes.

2/Eazymate Fashion Running Belt – World’s Best Stylish Travel Money Belt

View here >>

Available in 3 colors: Blue , Black and Grey. This money belt fits your waist perfectly with 2 zippers in the front and 2 in the back without zippers so that it’s very easy to access and has enough room for you to keep your valuable things.

3/RFID Blocking Waist Wallet – Money Belt – Travel Belt – Passport Holder – Card Wallet

View here >>

This one is really made for travel oversea without worrying that someone will stole your identity because it was made in RFID material and has enough space to keep your passport, smartphone. With adjustable waist band, roomy space but not bulky, I’m sure that you will like it.

4/ CutShotPro Travel Money Belt Hidden With Passport Holder

View here >>

2 colors available and was made in RFID blocking material and NFC clip, your trip would be safe with this stuff. The quality of the material feels good to wraps around your waist for hours. It also fit with the iPhone 6 plus or iPhone 7 plus.

5/ Tarriss RFID Blocking Money Belt – Waist Stash – Passport Holder – Lifetime Warranty

View here >>

I do recommend money belt for women or for those who want to find a hidden money belt with stylish design. The waist band is made of elastic which is soft and quite stretchable. You can also put a wallet inside unless your wallet is very, very fat.

6/ Money Belt For Travel With RFID Blocking Sleeves Set For Daily Use

View here >>

Available in 2 options, Non – RFID and RFID blocking, you can count on this travel money belt. It was made in high quality and comfortable wearing for hours. This one is suitable for your family in your daily use whenever you want to go out without purse or handbag.

If you don’t like anything around your waist, there are more options such as the neck wallet or the bra purse. I also did a review of the 8 neck wallets.

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