Best Mens Coach Wallet With Its Signature Style in 2019


Check out our coach wallet selection for the very best in unique or custom items. Not just wallet, you can find the whole world when visiting Coach; from bags, outerwear, to fragrance and jewelry.

Coach is one famous accessory brand that leverages your standard with luxury and high-end collections. Take womens and mens Coach wallet into consideration, they are all worth the price when utilizing premium fabrics, embracing stunning designs and functions. Since Coach branches showrooms are available in every country, we believe you can also find one retail shop near your place. This is the reason why Coach wins the heart of most customers, as the brand knows that their audiences need.

Not just wallet, you can find the whole world when visiting Coach; from bags, outerwear, to fragrance and jewelry. All the materials used for making Coach products always receive compliments thanks to its durability and high quality.

How to differentiate between REAL and FAKE mens Coach wallet?

Womens and mens Coach wallet is the high-end accessory that features the combination of excellent quality and appealing design. Whether you are buying the Coach purses for yourself or to give as one special gift, then authenticity is always the most important criteria. Keep in mind all the tips below to avoid buying the Coach replicas in the market.

  • Beware of patterns: Commonly, the Coach purses pattern is centered. If you owned one Coach wallet before, we believe you would see that the patterns are mostly symmetrical. The signature “C” pattern features paired Cs that face each other. If the pattern only has single Cs, it is a fake.
  • Check the stitches: Womens and Mens Coach wallet often has solid and well-organized stitched seams. So, if your wallet appears to have crooked or sloppy stitches, then you have bought the fake one.
  • Examine wallet hardware: Wallet and bag always have attached hardware include zipper, buckle and snap closure. For the real mens Coach wallet, hardware tends to make you feel heavy and strong. On most items, the hardware also has embossed Coach logo.
  • Look at the inner design: One funny fact is that when the outer design features Coach signature “C pattern”, then the inner lining should not. And the reverse is absolutely true, you will find the signature pattern inside when there is no in the outside. If both the outside and inner layer feature Coach signature, this is more likely a fake product.
  • Check the glue on the wallet: An official Coach merchandise will never have any faults after going through the strict examination. But if you spot any glue residue on its surface, do not purchase this one.
  • Make comparison for online purchase: If you guys purchase your mens Coach wallet from online websites, check the images and reviews carefully. Spend time making comparison between the online product with Coach item on its official website.

11 Best Coach Wallets for Men with stunning design

01. Card Wallet With Rivets

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Rivet is one of the key trends in womens and mens fashion. This Card Wallet with Rivets will blow a new wind in your accessories collection. Feature a minimal construction, mens Coach wallet ensures to bring you a sense of elegance and chic style. Skillfully crafted using the sport calf leather, black Coach wallet delivers an intense durability as well as the flexibility in performance. Feature the small bifold design, it measures 3 x 4.14 inches (L – H). With this small compact design, you can put in either the front or back pockets, even carry on your hands.

Feature the bifold design, this Coach small wallet features 3 card slots and 1 inner pocket to keep inside some cash. You will also have one outer slip pocket – one best place to leave your most-used card and take in/out in a few seconds. The precise element of this item is the combination of polished rivets and brown leather along the edges. It creates an accent as well as makes your wallet look more luxurious.

02. Coach Boxed 3-In-1 Varsity Card Case & Money Clip Gift Set

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If you are seeking for one unique gift for a special birthday, then we highly recommend this Coach Boxed 3-In-1 Varsity Card Case. Made of 100% leather, wallet delivers the long durability as well as luxurious look. These mens Coach wallets will leave a long impression through the 3 separated coated canvas. You will see a great combination between the black color and stunning blue, gray.

Wondering about the size? This one measures 2 ¾ x 3 3/3 inches (L – H). In term of capacity, you will have 4 credit card slots to keep your basic essentials. As everyone needs to bring a little amount of cash for quick buying or tipping at the coffee shop, there is 1 money clip to keep your cash stay secure. Mens Coach wallet comes along with a dust bag and one elegant gift-box. Such an ideal package for your loved ones on special occasions.

As there haven’t had any feedback about this black Coach wallet, why don’t you give it a try and share with us?

03. Rip And Repair Slim Coach Billfold Wallet

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The wallet in traditional design has been so familiar to us! But this Rip and Repair Billfold Wallet is worth a try. Skillfully crafted in richly texture buffalo-embossed leather, mens Coach wallet delivers an intense durability as well as excellent performance. Its outer skin is covered with one pebbled layer, which forms the sturdiness from the first look.

Take inspiration from baseball, we sure most fan will interest in the rip and repair details at the front. Wondering about the size? These Coach purses measure 4 x 3 x ½ inches (L – H – W). Feature the bifold construction, its inner design includes 1 full-length compartment for cash, 6 card slots and 2 hidden pockets to keep your important receipts. Kindly check the Coach brand logo to make sure its authenticity.

04. Mens Coach Wallet Breast Pocket Wallet In Signature Crossgrain Leather

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Feature the same texture as the previous one, this Coach Mens Breast Pocket Wallet sparks more luxury when embracing the long design. Made of high-grade leather, wallet delivers the intense durability as well as the excellent performance. Its outer skin is covered with one pebbled layer, which both keeps wallet stay firmly on your hands and remains the original beauty. The longer you use, the more beautiful your wallet becomes.

Mentioning about the design, this black Coach wallet measures 3 ¾ x 7 ½ inches. You can take turn carrying or putting it inside the pockets. Take a closer look, the wallet features some full-length compartments, 14 credit cards and pockets to keep important papers. This one is also suitable for coin collectors with one zippered pocket provided.

Although this mens Coach wallet don’t receive many feedbacks from customers, most of them are compliments. Coach wallet for men always impress individuals with its good quality, so the price seems to be a bit high.

05. L-Zip Card Case – Coach Wallet For Men

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One creative design in this mens Coach wallet collection – the L-Zip Card Case. Feature the L- shape round edge design, it is more convenience for keeping inside your pant pockets. Also, wallet edges are covered with a sturdy zipper, perfect for you to have your things well-organized and take them out in a few seconds. This Coach wallet for men measures 5 x 2 ¾ inches (L – H).

Made of grain leather, mens Coach wallet delivers the intense durability as well as flexible performance. This pliable caviar leather ensures to offer extreme protection from outer impacts such as water, scratches or stains. You can take turn hold it in the vertical or horizontal side, which depends on your preference. In term of capacity, you will have 1 zipper compartment and 4 card slots. Feel free to pick one among three colors include light denim, red and black.

06. Coach 74993 Mens Signature Pvc Wallet Mahogany/brown

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For those who are into traditional design, this Mens Coach Wallet 74993 Signature needs to stay on top of your wish-list. Made of premium synthetic, this material is environmental-friendly and durable no matter how hard you use. Its outer skin is covered with pebbled layer, which keeps product stay firmly in the palm of your hands. These Coach purses on sale measure 4.8 x 4 x 1 inch, convenient when putting inside any pockets, even carry on your hands.

As this is one imported mens Coach wallet, it ensures to make use of original materials and fulfills your needs. No more worry about damages caused by outer impacts such as water, dirt or humid moistures. Take a closer look, mens Coach wallet sale features 1 full-length compartment for cash, up to 8 card slots and 2 hidden pockets. The item embraces its authenticity by applying the black signature texture on the brown skin.

Wallet comes with the original packing, perfect if you want to give as a gift to others. As this is one item stays in the list of the Amazon’s Choice, why don’t give it a try?

07. Zip Card Case With Wild Beast Print And Rivets

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Have you ever thought about the combination of rivets and catchy prints? With this Zip Card Case With Wild Beast, we believe you will become interested in how the wild beast lives in the modern fashion style these days, not in the zoo. As the back side embraces its details with matching rivets, this both brings the uniqueness, but also keep wallet stays firmly on your hands.

Utilize the pebble leather, mens Coach Wallet delivers the long durability as well as effective moisture management. The mens Coach wallet sale measures 5 x 3 inches (L – H). You will have 1 zippered compartment and 5 card slots at the front. This design is super convenient since you can look up and find your cards in a few seconds. If you are into the military pattern, then this Wild Beast Coach wallet for men should stay in the top list.

If you are in love with military texture wallet, read this collection: 10 Best Military Wallet (2019 Trending)

08. Mens Coach Wallet Card Case

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Mens wallet appears in several design and patterns that grab the heart of most customers. Among all the components sold on the market, alligator skin delivers the smoothness and excellent luxury in term of performance. With 4 different colors include black, brown, gray and light navy, we believe both women and men can also give it a try.

Made of premium genuine leather, you can deliver the long-lasted lifespan and excellent performance over time. Mens Coach Wallet Card Case features the crocodile embossed skin which forms a bold statement for most gentleman. In term of sizing, this Coach wallet for men measures 10.5 x 8 centimeters (L – H). This item is worth trying for most businessman, as there are 6 card slots to keep all your belongings.

09. Coach Men’s Black Slim Coin Textured Leather Billfold Wallet 185

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One more design of mens Coach wallet – the Black Slim Coin Textured Leather Billfold. Take advantage of buffalo embossed leather, this material brings great tensile strength and intense durability. Among all materials, buffalo leather is always the best choice that suitable with both casual and daily-work style. Wondering about the size? This one measures 3 ½ x 4 ¼ x 1 inch (L – H – W).

Besides premium material, black Coach wallet features the contrasting stitches along the edges, which brings you a sense of sturdiness. In term of interior design, you will have 1 full-length compartment, 6 credit card slots. Feel free to grab your basic cards and keep inside these spaces. Most coin collectors will fall in love with this one as there is 1 extra coin pocket, prevents them from falling over around. Don’t be panic when seeing the scratches on this Coach wallet sale as they are just the natural characteristics of the leather.

Although this mens Coach wallet doesn’t receive many feedbacks from customers, most of them are compliments. In case the leather fades away after time using, you can use some conditioners to make it look shiny again.

10. COACH Mens Leather Card Case Box Set

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We believe most businessman will fall in love with this Mens COACH Wallet Leather Card Case. As the wallet appears with dark saddle color, it is perfect to combine with several outfits; from daily work to a romantic night out. Skillfully crafted using calf leather, mens Coach wallet offers a long-lasted lifespan as well as excellent performance. Don’t forget to check the Coach embossed logo at the front to make sure its authenticity.

In term of sizing, it measures 4 x ¼ x 2 ¾ inches (W – L – H). Please kindly take 4 most-used cards and leave them in this wallet. This Leather Card Case is the perfect option for those who prefer using cards in this modern 4.0 world. As this Coach small wallet is one imported item made in the USA, it ensures to meet all strict requirements in quality and craftsmanship.

Kindly keep in mind that these mens Coach wallets cannot be shipped to military addresses (APO or FPO) and addresses in Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Guam or any other locations outside of the continental US.

If you are still eager to try something new, check out the 10 eye-catching designs of EDC wallet. With just separated and simple pieces, you can put it in pockets or even carry for a whole day long.

11. Mens Coach Wallet Universal Perforated Black Leather Phone Case F65204

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In the modern world where convenience starts having its own place in the priority list, people prefer accessories with great innovation. We believe you won’t want to miss out this Black Leather Phone Case Mens Coach Wallet. Black Coach wallet features one huge pocket to carry your smartphone along. It fits iPhone 6/6S and others with the approximate dimension.

In term of sizing, this one measures 6 x 3.25 x 0.75 inches (L – H – W). Besides the phone pocket, you will have 4 card slots and 1 hidden pocket for cash, important receipts. The phone pouch features several ventilated holes to help you get rid of dirty moisture which can harm your devices. There is 1 extra small slot in case you want to keep your SIM or key during a long holiday. Coach small wallet did satisfy most customers thanks to its great design and quality.

How to clean the Coach wallet for men?

As Coach products utilize different types of leather, fabrics, it should be cleaned and preserved carefully using the personalized cleaner and moisturizer set. We do not recommend you use cleaners for ink, grease or oil stains. If you visit any Coach store, they also sell brush and eraser to clean Nubuck product.

Although Coach does not offer service for cleaning or refurbishing your accessories, they do offer the Coach Product Care. With the cleaner for fabric and leather, moisturizer, you can feel free to clean your wallet at home.

Sig C Cleaner

Take a small amount of cleaner and clean your accessories with a soft white cloth. Rub the outer skin of your mens Coach wallet follows the circular directions. Take another piece of cloth to wipe away the excess dirt. an item in a ventilated area and let it dry completely before reuse.

Cleaner for leather

To get rid of the dirt, clean your mens Coach wallet with a small amount of cleaner. Similar to the one above, you should use one soft cloth and wipe on its surface follows the circular strokes. Keep it in a ventilated area and wallet will dry in about 30 minutes. We highly recommend you use the moisturizer after the cleaning process, as it will enhance the luster for your wallet.

Moisturizer for leather

The moisturizer should be used after cleaning. Take one piece of soft cloth and rub following the circular rotation. Remember to wipe off all excess residue and massage gently to enhance the luster.

Mens Coach wallet always surprises its customers with premium quality and elegant design. However, the most important thing is to purchase the authentic product. Kindly refer our recommendations above to pick up the right one. Happy shopping!

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