Best magic wallet – Get yourself a magic trick [Update 2020]


If your main payment is cash instead of cards, then get yourself some tricks with the best magic wallet present in this collection.

It would be a bit confusing and nonsense when hearing one individual is seeking for the magical accessory within their life. These days, the slim magic wallet is one common item to most teens, adults even the pickiest one. Therefore, it is too common when seeing all the young people wandering on streets with the magic flip wallet. It highlights the minimalist and compact functions.

Magic wallet construction is absolutely simple. You will find 2 separate slides of wallet and 4 pieces of plastic. Not only stick these slides together, plastic allows you to open the magic flip wallet from both sides as well.

Let’s talk a little bit about the magic. If you open your wallet from the right hand-side, elastic plastic stays on the left. From the right view, you will see 2 elastic straps form a cross signal. Just leave your cards, cash, or banknote on the cross, close this wallet. Now, you can take your things from THE OTHER SIDE.

If your main payment is made by cash, then this magic wallet is a great option. Check out this collection of Best magic wallet – Get yourself a magic trick below. We suggest all the great items for all ages, genders, and lifestyle.

Our suggestions for some best designs of leather magic wallet:

01. Magic Wallet Flap Boy Slim Front Pocket Jaimie Jacobs

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When giving Jaimie slim magic wallet a chance, you will see all items deliver the handmade design combines with the exotic material. Magic wallet takes advantage of premium calfskin leather, especially the 100% vegetable tanned leather. As one handcrafted product, skillful craftsmen did use the premium calf leather. Jaimie ensures the long durability, reaches 3 years warranty.

Kindly measure your essentials to make sure they fit this size (4.06 x 3.27 x 0.31 inches). Feature the slimmest construction, it is available when putting inside both front – back pocket. In term of capacity, you can put money inside (different types including: US Dollar, Euros, Great Britain Pound). Flap plastic holds up to 15 cards.

Since there is the rise of electrical thieves, magic wallet attaches to cutting-edge RFID protection technology. No more worry about unauthorized access with this Jaimie Jacobs Leather Magic Wallet Flap Boy.

Customers prefer the combination of plastic cord and the outer card slots as well. Too awesome!! There is one buyer states that the plastic is not tight enough. Yet, if you still like this one, go for this and share with us your thoughts.

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02. DEESEE(TM) Mini Neutral Crocodile Magic Bifold Leather Wallet

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Instead of chasing the minimalist plain motif or floral prints, crocodile pattern is becoming one animal-inspired trend in the fashion industry. And this Mini Neutral Crocodile Magic Flip Wallet will bring you a chic and luxury appearance that can hardly be found when carrying other accessories.

Made of artificial leather, you will feel the smooth feeling through one layer of grained plastic. The craftsmanship is clean and tiny in each cut. This mens magic wallet features the crocodile texture on both the outer and inner design, which brings a real experience when carrying your wallet. In case you are using one small pouch, kindly check out the dimension to make sure the sizing consistency.

Feature the bifold closure, you can keep things well-organized without worrying about the drops. We recommend you leave one side for cards, and another side for money, receipts, or some folded papers.

Although there is not many comments, all of them are compliments on the design and quality. Feel free to pick your favorite among 3 different colors: pink, blue and red. Invest such an affordable price under $20 for one stunning leather magic wallet, you need to give it a try! Choosing one as a gift for your loved one? Highly recommend!

03. Garzini Thin Minimalist Genuine Leather Magic Wallet

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Tired of your old traditional bulky wallet? We believe this Garzini Thin Minimalist Slim Magic Wallet will give you a chance to slim down all those excess items. As the brand Garzini aims to express passion, quality, and appearance, all their items all reflect the attention in detail and craftsmanship. With two different colors, you should choose camel brown if you are into vintage and classic style, while the sapphire blue brings you a new and fresher look.

Made of genuine soft buffalo leather, this magic wallet delivers the durability and the true exotic beauty. As all items are handmade by skillful artisans, you can see them as a sophisticated artwork created with care and hard attention. Wallets have to pass through a strict selection process to make sure it meets all the craftsmanship requirements.

Apart from the straps for securing cash, this magic flip wallet features 8 card slots for the card lovers. Instead of the cross-sign strap, this one features one big thick strap, and two more to prevent banknotes, papers from bending.

A lot of customers seem to love the leather straps as they look more classic and well-designed. If you are familiar with the rubber band, then you may not like this one. For each product purchase, Garzini offers you a 30-day care free trial period to support you with any problems. Please understand the slight difference in color due to our monitor brightness.

04. Magic Wallet – Magical Flip, for Men Women Kids

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In our mens magic wallet collection, we always try to find the most sophisticated and high quality item to bring you excellent performance. And this Magical Flip Wallet from Useful Thingy is not an exception! With an affordable price (about $13) and different colors, it’s worth giving a try!

Made of premium genuine leather, this slim magic wallet delivers the durability and softness from the very first touch. The outer design is covered with a smooth surface, which is suitable for men, boys and even kids. No matter which types of outfits you wear, the magic wallet embraces the true characters and creates a fashionable look.

Wondering about the size? Useful Thingy mens magic wallet measures 4.1 x 2.8 x 0.4 inches. You can put inside pant pockets, small purse or even carry on hands when shopping around. The inner construction offers you 4 card slots for the basic essentials. As this is one slim magic wallet, however, be aware that the thickness tends to increase a little bit once you fill it with cards, bills, and receipts.

We believe you will satisfy with this magic flip wallet as other customers have made compliments on it. No need to concern in case you have any troubles, Useful Thingy offers a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE within 30 days.

05. AULIV RFID Blocking Thin Minimalist Magic Wallet Card Case

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Basically, all the mens magic wallets have the same basic design. However, we try to find more versions to widen your choice in choosing the best one. This AULIV RFID Blocking Magic Wallet is a perfect accessory that impresses your friends with a funny trick when storing your money.

Made of vegetable tanned leather, wallet brings a vintage look to your appearance. As this is the full-grain genuine leather, the longer you use, the more beautiful your wallet becomes. AULIV utilizes the stitched seams in the same color to create harmony as well as fit with the signature brand logo. Take a closer look, you will have a total of 8 card slots (both inside and outside), and strong elastic strap to secure your cash.

According to most customers, this slim magic wallet is strong and durable over the years. However, the card slots are a bit tight at the beginning. Don’t worry they will stretch out over years.

06. Shag Wear Men’s Retro Inspired Magic Trick Wallet

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Basically, most magic wallets feature the same performance in design and material. If you are a fan of retro fashion style, this Shag Wear Mens Magic Wallet will bring more color to the table. The magic wallet takes advantage of premium faux vegan leather, especially known as the Polyurethane Foam. Thanks to the excellent craftsmanship, you will have such a comfortable feeling when carrying this wallet on your hands. Shag Wear item ensures a long durability, which enhances its exotic beauty throughout the time.

In term of sizing, this one features the small compact size, convenient when carrying inside back or front pockets. The flap plastic band allows you to put money inside (different types including US Dollar, Euros, Great Britain Pound). There are also 2 extra card slots for basic essentials.

With the iconic prints including Subway map, Witch or Cassette Player, this magic flip wallet is favored by mens, father, especially travelers. For each product you purchase, you will receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee to support you in any problems.

Fortunately, this wallet receives several compliments from customers. Yet, the card slot needs to be deeper to keep things more secure. According to customers, the real product appears to be a bit bigger compared to the mentioned sizing.

If you prefer the retro motif, those Leather Wallets For Men are the best matches for your everyday outfits!

07. CKLT Men’s Fashion Magic Money Clip Leather Minimalistic Slim Wallet

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If you came across our collection of CKLT Men’s Fashion Magic Money Clip wallet, sure you already know how famous and good quality its product desires to bring to customers. This design is available mostly in stunning colors, which are suitable for women and girls, especially teenagers. Inspired by the southwest heritage, you will find embroidery patterns that meet the vintage fashion style.

In term of sizing, this one measures 3.93 x 2.75 x 0.19 inches, convenient when carrying inside back or front pockets. The flap plastic band allows you to put money inside (different types including US Dollar, Euros, Great Britain Pound). It is interesting that the plastic band uses contrasting colors to create the focal point for your wallet. There are also 4 extra card slots for basic essentials.

Customers prefer the combination of plastic cord and the outer card slots as well. Too awesome!! Yet, if you still like this one, go for this and share with us your thoughts.

08. Slim Pocket Wallet with Magic Money Clip & Card Holders

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This Generic Slim Magic Wallet is the most elegant item in this collection. From the very first glance, its exquisite performance forms through the superior craftsmanship. Wallet takes advantage of genuine leather, which delivers the smooth and soft with one touch.

In term of sizing, it measures roughly 3.9 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches, conveniently to carry on hands or put inside pockets. Although its dimension appears as an average size, there are 4 card slots. We believe this is enough to store some basic essentials. In case you prefer more space with extra slots, then this Generic item should not in your wish-list.

The magic flip wallet mostly receives compliments thanks to its minimalist design and durable material. If you are seeking for one item to replace your bulky wallet, Generic Magic Wallet should stay on top of the list.

09. Garzini Spacious Smart Genuine Leather Magic Wallet

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As we have suggested one bifold design above, this one is more special with the triple-folded design. Garzini Spacious Magic Wallet brings the most awesome trick through its innovative construction. You will have a huge space to store up to 12 cards, ID cards, driver license, and several banknotes. If you have the habit of using coins, this magic flip wallet features one small pouch secured with button closure.

Make of finest genuine leather, mens magic wallet delivers the soft and solid appearance within your first touch. Apply firmly stitched seams; it highlights the well-constructed to avoid wear, tears after long-term use.

In term of sizing, this Garzini magic wallet features a small compact size that stays firmly in the palm of your hands. Perfect if you wanna put inside front, back pockets and the small purse! In case you often your wallet in bags, we are sure the RFID Blocking System will block all the dangerous signals that can harm your personal information.

Confusing in choosing one special gift? Garzini mens magic wallet’s package comes with an elegant gift box set, dust bag as well. As this brand offers you a 12-month warranty for every item you purchase, just click “Add to cart” now with confidence!

10. ZhaoCo Minimalist RFID Magic Wallet, Genuine Leather

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Besides the design, the color of one accessory plays a vital role in persuading customers to buy this or not. For masculinity, most men often choose to buy black color. Yet, this ZhaoCo Minimalist Magic Wallet delivers the intense exquisite, perfect to combine to any outfits. Whether you prefer the formal clothes or sporty outfits, this wallet can handle all!

Use genuine soft cow leather, it delivers the durability and exotic performance in design. Feature the front pocket wallet in slim construction, magic flip wallet still ensures to offer roomy space through 4 card slots. The outer design features one ID window with a thumb cut-out, convenient for checking your personal information as well as accessing the card.

No more worry about the left-over space, the 2 separated spaces are created by strong horizontal leather straps allow you to carry international bank notes and cardboard business cards. ZhaoCo wallet equips to the strong RFID Blocking System that secures your data at the safest stage.

Searching for one unique gift? This magic wallet package presents a luxurious box, which is suitable for all ages. Based on comments, customers are satisfied with the design, material. In case you are seeking for another stunning color, there are still more like Red, Navy or Matte Brown.

11. Hunterson Minimalist Slim Magic Wallet – Coin Pouch

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If you have got bored with the traditional brown or black color, this collection with stunning colors will catch your attention up. This slim magic wallet is available in both the bright and dark colors, which is suitable for both men and women, especially teenagers.

Taking a little bit about Hunterson, this magic wallet brand carries the substance and culture in every item in their collection. Hunterson Minimalist Slim Magic Wallet is handcrafted using premium soft cow leather, the durability would be longer compared to normal materials or casual canvas. This is the reason why its price is a bit high. But we are sure it will worth your investment.

Apart from the elastic band, you will find 4 extra slots that allow you to bring up to 8 cards. Wallet emphasizes the solid construction with firm stitched seams. At the back, you will have one coin pocket secured with strong button closure. Such a great space to keep your coins, keys or even the small ticket fares to avoid the loss of privacy.

The Hunterson magic flip wallet mostly receives compliments thanks to its minimalist design and durable material. If you are seeking for one item to replace your bulky wallet, choose this one. And for frequent travelers, this magic wallet equips to the strong RFID Blocking System that protects your data from any dangerous signals.

It would be great when having one small wallet for women/men for storing several items like keys, coins or even small cosmetics. Check out this collection!

Mens magic wallet features the same design and material. Yet, if you know how to pick one that best suits your performance, hopefully, these items in this collection will meet the need. Now, Are you ready to grab one for yours?

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