The Best And Cool Teen Boys Wallet (Updated 2019)

The Best and Cool Wallets for Teen Boys

Looking for a high-quality and fashionable wallet for yourself or your boys? Check out this collection of the best and cool Wallets For Teen Boys and choose your favorite.

If you think teen boys do not have much interest in wallet as it is nothing more than a cash and coins holder, then you might be wrong. This little item turns out to be an inseparable tool which boys carry around every day and everywhere. A good wallet is not only something to accommodate your essentials; but also, a requisite accessory. Alongside with your cloth, teen boys wallet makes you either becomes a dignified gentleman or a stylish cool young man.

As mentioned above, a wallet plays an important part in showing boys’ style and elegance, as well as attracting people’s attention. And thank for the exponential growth of men fashion industry, there is a numerous collection of wallets different in brands, materials, designs and durability out there for guys to choose. However, this also raises a question on how to find the best wallet which both enhances your image and satisfies your demand among various ones?

Some gift ideas for your teenager boys

Are you seeking for some gifts for teen boys? Buying presents for teenager seems to be one challenging task. Commonly, you just have one or two ideas as teenagers do care about everything. If you know their favorite brands, then giving some necessities would be great. Check out some vibrant gifts for teen boys in all price ranges.

  • If he loves taking pictures: For boys who love to document all his trips with friends to keep all these memories, why don’t give him a classic Polaroid. It just takes a few minutes to shoot and have the real picture out.
  • If his phone always runs low on power: In the world of technology, people always love carrying along their smartphone. This device is not just for entertainment, but also for working, connecting people, even reading your favorite news. Giving him an external battery pack is the most ideal option.
  • If he loves inviting his friends over: There is nothing greater than having a speaker to start your party. And if your kids enjoy inviting his friends over, then a super portable one is on the go! And be sure that everyone can connect to this device via Bluetooth.
  • If he needs a fancy wallet: Kids are growing up so fast, and we believe he will need one stunning wallet to store his essentials, as well as reflect his true colors. Choosing one high-quality teen boys wallet with good quality is perfect for any occasions he may take.
  • If he loves to jam out: People with artistic dreams will first start their music ambition with a normal guitar. Treat him an electric guitar with a glassy tan finish and amazing tone will encourage him to practice more and more.

Best teen boys wallet with appealing design

Among these gift ideas above, teen boys wallet is the first option we choose to suggest. Let’s take a look through our collection of Best and cool Wallets for teen boys to find out the one that will be your smartest choice.

1. Lethnic Minimalist Wallet, Business Card Holder, Modern Slim & Small Embossed Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Horizontal

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If you want to treat yourself to a fancy, grungy and cool military wallet without fears of low-quality or no reliable guarantee, this Lethnic Minimalist Wallet For Teen Boy has the most attainable entry point.

Look like canvas, but it’s not canvas at all! The teen boys wallet is made out of precious Italian genuine leather to escalate the durability and beauty. Besides, the combination of the camouflage pattern brings it a powerful and cool look. It’s like a reliving of the grunge vibe from the 90s, surely emphasizing your daily outfits and molding up your style.

A bonus: its nicely zigzag embossing delivers a whole new different look to the wallet, more powerful, more beautiful and more badass. That means just a little more effort for a lot of rewards. Plus, a button strap to keep everything in place securely.

Another reason helps this design get the cake in my collection is its reasonable capacity. Not too big to cramp your pockets, but not the way too small to fit nothing. It’s just enough to house a couple of regular cards, changes and IDs. Cool and protective, that’s all about this wallet. If you want to be outstanding, don’t hesitate to pick it up, bro!

Check out the Slim wallets for men in case your kids prefer something which is slim and more compact.

2. Dynomighty Men’s Eboy New York Mighty Wallet, Multicolored, One Size

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Among the wallets for teen boys, Mighty is one famous brand offers the long lasted and recycle products which are better than others. Dynomighty Eboy New York teen boys wallet utilizes Tyvek (constructed by thousands of interlocking plastic fibers). Although it appears slim as the express mail envelopes, wallet delivers the incredible strength to prevent them from tear and water flashes. Besides, you can wash it gently by hand or use a damp cloth to remove dirt.

With the size measured roughly 3.9 x 3.4 x 0.2 inches, it contains a compartment for storing currency and important cards. Apart from the bi-fold design, the ingenious origami construction is the precise element that drives little boys crazy. In term of construction, stitch fewer design guarantees for slim performance and even offers space for adequate essentials.

Through the time being, Tyvek component tends to soften and patina. Yet, the performance of this boys leather wallet still grabs your attention. Since this is one best-seller product, order right after making your choice or things will go out of stock within a few days.

3. JINX Minecraft Chest Boys Leather Wallet

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There are boys who are willing to choose stunning art decorations, others prefer the simple pattern but deliver the uniqueness. Minecraft Chest Boys Leather Wallet is cool for all green lovers. Make of 100% genuine leather, this material covers the whole inner and outer performance. No worry about the fake product since the little boys wallet is officially licensed by Minecraft and designed by JINX.

In term of dimension, wallets for teen boys measure 3.75 inches x 4.25 inches; such convenient to put inside both the front – back pockets. Do not underestimate its space due to the average sizing. With one cash compartment, a transparent ID pocket and 5 card slots, just feel free to carry your essentials for a hang-out. Stitched seams utilize the green tone to emphasize solid construction.

Based on comments, these JINX gifts for teen boys appear to have the strong smell of chemical after purchasing. Kindly leave it in a ventilated area to reduce the odors. For young teen boys, these wallets for teenage guys seem to be bigger for the actual item.

04. Lethnic Leather Bifold Wallet For Men – COSY

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In aspects, minimalism suggests that we only keep all the bare belongings to reach the highest stage of compacity. Besides adults, teenagers also interested in this style of living; as they will form the well-organized living habit.  If you are seeking for one wallet which emphasizes the elegance and minimalist, then it would be great to choose the Lethnic COSY bifold wallet. Commonly, people prefer minimalist bifold wallet as it’s thinner than the bulky trifold one.

Measure 3.74 x 4.33 x 0.75 inches, this Cosy wallet emphasizes the sleek design, more convenient to put inside both the front and back pockets. So, feel free to carry it around when you are hanging out with friends, or playing basketball in the school yard.

In term of material, the tactical minimalist wallet utilizes genuine Italian leather, which brings the sophisticated look and soft experience. Besides, the leather makes itself stand out thanks to the flat surface as well as shining layer. The brand takes advantage of the neutral colors include black and gray, perfect to combine with your casual clothes as well as sporty outfits.

05. Nike Basic – Wallet For Teen Boy

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Stay on top as the famous brand in the market, Nike both offers shoes, and focuses on the wallet for men and women. With this Nike Basic Teen Boys Wallet, the combination of polyester and nylon is ideal to withstand the light rain or unexpected water flashes. You can also clean all the dirt by wiping out with one soft cloth. Deliver the uniqueness, Nike embraces the stylish plain black design goes along with a small Nike swoosh stitched on the exterior surface.

Wondering about the size? Wallets for teen boys measure 9 cm x 13 cm (H x W). Feature the trifold design, you will find 1 huge compartment, zippered pocket for storing your coins, and 6 slots for credit cards and coupons. Forget other designs which always make you worry about the loss of cards. This one attaches to one Velcro strap closure to offer high protection.

If you are seeking for one simple wallet to carry the basic essentials, this one is a good option. Consider one more time if you belong to the group of heavy travelers. Since this Nike wallet for teen boy is one top product in the Amazon’s Choice list, why don’t give it a try and share with?

06. Dakine Men’s Vert Rail Teen Boys Wallet

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The Dakine Men’s Vert Rail Wallet has its performance as the same as the previous one. Since this is one imported product, wallet ensures the durability and craftsmanship that meet the high-quality standard. Take advantage of 100% polyester, wallet mostly protects your essentials from outer impacts such as water flashes, bent or accidental drop out.

In term of dimension, its product dimension measures roughly 4.7 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches. You can carry on hands or put inside both pockets conveniently. Feature the trifold design, there is one large pocket for bill and currency, an ID slot with see-thru shields and 6 card slots. If you have the habit of using a coin, kindly store them inside the zippered pocket. Wallets for teen boys attach the Velcro hook-and-loop closure to enhance protection.

For some audience, some credit card pockets seem to be bigger than they expected. Dakine teen boys wallet is available in several stunning colors. Click “Add to Cart” now if you’re interested or things will run out of stock in couples of days.

07. Lethnic Handmade Wallet For Teen Boys – Pasic

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For every product from Lethnic, not just gentlemen and women, but teenagers can also give it a try. Skillfully crafted by artisans, wallet emphasizes its durability and solidness through the stitches in contrasting colors. Utilize the genuine wax-leather, PASIC bifold wallet remains its beauty over time. The more you use, the better your wallet becomes. Then this one is great for those who love using accessory for such a long time.

Be sure to measure your belongings to avoid the sizing inconsistency. This handmade wallet for teen boys measures 3.4 x 4.4 inches, feel free to keep inside pant pockets or small purses. Like other wallet, you will have roomy space for all the belongings, which can hold up to 40 cash and several credit cards.

Bring you the nice and creative package, you can choose it as a gift on special occasions. We believe the rustic look will please all customers, both the young boys and girls. Give this teens boy wallet a try, don’t you?

08. HENGSONG Men US Dollar Bill Wallet PU Leather Credit Card Photo Holder Bifold Billfold (Dark Brown)

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Do you love to have one vintage accessory that features the unique patterns? HENGSONG Men US Dollar Bill Teen Boys Wallet is here to fulfill the needs. Made of premium PU leather, this wallet for teen boy is sturdy enough to offer long-durability and great performance for the exterior design. Also, this type of material allows individuals to wipe the dirt on its surface using one piece of soft cloth. Kindly understand the small wrinkle on its surface due to the genuine material.

With the size measured roughly 4.4 x 3.34 x 0.59 inches, you can put inside pockets or carry on hands conveniently. The teen boys wallet contains 1 huge compartment for cash and important bills, 7 slots for your credit cards and one ID window for convenient checking when going out. To ensure the sturdy performance, you can see stitched seams are crafted skillfully with dark tones to emphasize the stunning patterns.

Yet, the real size seems to be bigger compared to the mentioned dimension according to comments of customers. The HENGSONG wallets for teenage guys are great items you can pick as a gift for your loved one.

09. Wallet for Men-Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet With Coin Pocket (Dark Brown)

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In the wallet market, Rustic Town is a famous name which embraces the exotic beauty and vintage style of its product. As this is one imported teen boys wallet, it ensures to meet the strict standard of quality and design. Skillfully handcrafted by Indian craftsmen using premium leather, wallet delivers the intense durability as well as an appealing look. Although feature the slim design, Genuine Leather RFID Teen Boys Wallet still doesn’t bulk up and slip out of your pockets.

In term of dimension, product measures roughly 10.9 x 8.9 x 1.2 centimeters (L – H – W). Take a look inside, you will find 2 compartments for note, 2 additional for currency, an ID window and 5 card slots. If you have the habit of using coins, kindly store them inside the zipper pocket secured by flap closure. To solve the high rise of electrical thieves, wallets for teen boys leverage its performance thanks to RFID blocking system. It will store valuable information from unauthorized scans.

Are you seeking for one gift for your loved ones? These Rustic Towns gifts for teen boys have their package presents as an elegant gift-box set. The brand also guarantees for refunds or replacement if there is any dissatisfaction happens after purchasing.

10. MEKU Men Teen Boys Wallet Minimalist Slim Wallet – RFID Blocking Slim Bifolod Wallets with Zipper Coin Pocket

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If you have got bored with the casual leather wallet, refresh your style with the MEKU Men Minimalist Slim Boys Leather Wallet. Its inner design utilizes soft leather and polyester lining, which prevents wallet from scratches or bends. To deal with the rise of electrical thieves, wallet’s outer skin equips to the strong RFID blocking system. Such a perfect option when having one teen boys wallet that secures your belongings from the first place.

Wallet measures 4.4 x 3.6 x 0.5 inches (when being closed). In term of construction, the inner design features 2 bill compartments, 2 inner pockets, and 5 card slots. You will also find one additional zipper pocket for coins, paperclip or small keys. While your old wallet still gets you worry about the loss of information, the MEKU item features RFID blocking system which offers protection to the safest level.

According to most customers, the actual product appears to be bigger than in an advertisement. Please remember you can just wipe out the dirt using a dry clean cloth. There are two colors for you to choose includes the Blue and Coffee.

Normal wallets are commonly designed with one downside. We think you may interested in the boys and men zipper wallet collection that ensures to secure all your belongings.

11. Lethnic Small Handmade Wallets For Teen (Brown)

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Lethnic always offers product which can meet the needs of most customers. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a huge basic wallet or one small compact design for everyday activities, they can deal with all. Known that most women love to carry several things along, this credit card case offers 3 separated pockets that can carry up to 15 credit cards, ID and some cash.

The Lethnic Cool Wallet For Teen Boys makes itself stand out from the crowd thanks to the vintage and exotic look. Skillfully handcrafted by artisans, you will feel the exquisite forms with meticulous stitches along the edges. Made of finest oiled and waxy based leather, this handmade wallet for women delivers the durability as well as the exotic performance.

Searching for one special gift on the upcoming holiday? Check out this Lethnic Tactical Wallet design. The product comes along with one gift box set.

12. JINX Minecraft Creeper Face Leather Bi-Fold Wallet (Green, One Size)

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There are boys who are willing to choose premium quality, others prefer the simple pattern but deliver the uniqueness. Minecraft Creeper Face Teen Boys Wallet is cool for the green lovers. Make of 100% genuine leather, wallet delivers the vibrant appearance, but also high protection to all your belongings. No worry about fake products since this item is officially licensed by Minecraft, designed and JINX. Originally made in the USA, wallet ensures to meet strict requirements in design and craftsmanship.

Feature the bifold construction, wallets for teen boys measure 3.75 x 4.25 inches; such convenient to put inside both the front – back pockets. Do not underestimate its space due to the average sizing. With one cash compartment, a transparent ID pocket and 5 card slots, just feel free to carry your essentials for a hang-out. Stitched seams utilize the green tone to emphasize solid construction.

Based on comments, JINX boys leather wallet appears to have a strong smell of chemical after purchasing. Kindly leave it in a ventilated area to reduce the odors. The material features thick design to protect essentials from outer impacts.

13. JEMINAL Men’s Camo Printed Bifold Wallet Teen Boys Wallet for Kids

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Camo print is one trend we never thought would claw its way back into the fashion mainstream. But with this JEMINAL Men’s Camo Printed Bifold Wallet, you will have several colors to try on this wallet for teen boy version. You will feel the smoothness from the very touch as this teen boys wallet utilizes premium canvas. This camo wallet is also woven with braided double-layer yarns which help resist from any outer impacts. It can be dirty moisture, water or unexpected wears.

In term of sizing, this teen boys wallet measures 3.54 x 0.59 x 5.12 inches. You can feel free to keep it inside the pant pockets, or even carry on the hands. Feature the bifold structure, there are 6 card slots, 1 pocket for cash and 1 transparent ID window. If you have the habit of using coins, we also provide one zipper pocket to prevent them from falling around. Take safety as the top priority, wallet features the two buckles closure that secures all belongings.

According to some customers, change sometimes fall out as well due to carelessness. Not only boys, but girls can also give it a try as there are so many colors, from dark to brighter tones.

14. Marvel Comics Leather Character Bifold Wallet w/Gift Box

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Everybody all wants a happy ending, right? But sometimes it doesn’t roll that way. Maybe this time, let’s just bring your childhood back with this Marvel Comics Leather Character Bifold Wallet. Handcrafted using genuine leather, this teen boy wallet delivers an intense durability as well as excellent craftsmanship. Its outer skin is covered with printed images which are full of superheroes who are fighting crime and keeping the peace in Marvel Universe.

Feature the bifold design, this Marvel Comics wallet for teen boy measures 4.5 x 3.5 x 0.75 inches. Take a closer look, there is 1 full-length pocket for cash, 2 utility pockets, 5 card slots and a transparent ID window with a thumb cut-out. In case you are seeking for some gifts for teen boys, this boys leather wallet comes along with an elegant gift-box set. Please be aware that this teen boys wallet is officially licensed to represent all Marvel characters.

Marvel boys leather wallet receives lots of compliments, especially adults who are in love with Marvel stories. However, this item features the design and materials as some Mighty Wallets. Please be careful when using, or wallet will fade out too quickly.

15. Boys Slim Compact Flap ID and Coin Pocket Bifold Wallet

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We believe you will feel the power and quality of this little boys wallet when hearing the brand name – Leatherboss. For sure this is not just the name, the brand defines its own position in the wallet market at the most competitive prices and excellent craftsmanship. Handcrafted skillfully using genuine leather, teen boys wallet delivers flexibility and intense durability. The longer you use, the more beautiful your wallet becomes.

Wondering about the size? This Boys Slim Compact Flap Id and Coin Pocket Bifold Wallet measure 3 7/8 x 3 1/8 inches. Feel free to carry on your hands or keep inside any pockets. Take a look inside, there are 6 card slots and 1 transparent ID window. For coin collectors, you will have one pocket with snap closure to prevent them from falling around. There are 3 different colors for you to choose including Brown, Black, and Blue.

Leatherboss teen boys wallet mostly receives compliments for its design and excellent craftsmanship. According to some customers, the stitching quality is not good, which will go missing over time using.

Above is our amazing collection of Best and cool wallets for teen boys. Wallets are tools where you keep your important things. However, they can also be fashionable accessories to brighten your appearance when attending a short hang out with friends or your loved ones. Therefore, it makes sense to take effort in finding the one that is simple, convenient and stylish at the same time.

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