Best Handmade Wallets For Women (Updated 2017)

Our handmade wallets for women play an important part in our lives. Whenever we leave the house, we need to bring our wallets, which contain many important items such as cash, credit card, driver’s license. However, wallet is not only just a mean but also a sense of fashion, especially to women. They have to bring a lot of little essential things for a night out. All these things need to be in a fashionable and elegant wallet because wallet is also a part of their styles.

Actually it may be hard to believe, but a beautiful outfit is ruined easily by an old-fashioned wallet. In the modern days, women are more attracted to accessories and products made of handmade material or design. Those products not only bring a new appearance to their style, but catch the attention of surrounding people as well.

For people who do not know, everything related to fashion takes a lot of time to be chosen. You’re probably having a tough time finding your favorite wallet, which supports you in carrying your essentials as well as show your style. No worries, these Best and beautiful handmade wallets for women may help you out.

01. Lethnic zip around wallet, genuine leather metal zipper travel with front pocket, RFID Blocking for men/women – Enclosed Gift Box

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Wanna be a part of a community of all wallet lovers? Please join Lethnic to welcome their latest item: the Lethnic zip around wallet. Utilize genuine cowhide leather, handmade wallets for women deliver the durability no matter how long you use. 70% handcrafted by professional craftsmen, wallet ensures the smooth and soft feeling when touching your fingers on the outer skin. Feature the zip around design, this is a neat all-rounder to keep your basic items.

These days, people prefer the compact design as they can use for several activities during the day. This Lethnic handmade wallet measures 5 x 3.2 inches; which is convenient to carry on hands or put inside pouches. With the Lethnic zip around wallet, no more worry about information loss thanks to the effective RFID blocking system. Besides the extreme protection, handmade wallet offers adequate space for your essentials. It includes 1 inner compartment and 1 main zippered pocket and 3 outer card slots for quick access.

For any dissatisfaction, we are willing to offer a full refund or replacement within 30 days. The wallet is also available in different colors including brown, navy and black. Interesting?? Why don’t give it a try and share with us?

02. Itslife Women’s Rfid Blocking Small Compact Bifold Leather Pocket Wallet Ladies Mini Purse with id Window

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Instead of choosing the long bi-fold wallet, we highly recommend you to try something new as some handmade wallets for women. Typically, this Itslife Women’s Rfid Blocking Small Compact is available; in various colors and separated skin type. As natural leather is the highest level of material, it brings the softness to the touch. It comes along with one elegant box, convenient for multitasking women. You can even use as one gift on special occasions, birthday, upcoming parties.

In term of sizing, this one measures roughly 4.2 x 3.6 x 0.8 inches. You can carry by hands or put inside the coat pocket, backpack easily. Take a look inside, you will have things organized tidily with one cash slot, 1 ID window and up 6 card slots. For people who have the habit of using coins, there is one zippered coin pocket. Best handmade wallets for women attach to RFID technology system to prevent electrical thieves.

No more worry about unsatisfaction. Itslife Women’s Rfid wallet gives you a refund and returns when this item does not meet your rule. Be sure to leave it in a ventilated area to get rid of the chemical smell.

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03. ARCK – Leather Ultra Slim Magic Wallet for Men and Women, Handmade Wallets for Women, in Brown or Black – Great Gift Idea

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If you wanna find a wallet, why don’t choose one of the handmade wallets for women that could last for years? Come with the design as some money clip wallet for men, this ARCK – Leather Ultra Slim Magic Wallet for Men ensures to bring more colors to the table. Utilize the premium cow suede, item not only brings the smooth experience; but highlights the sleek performance when carrying on hands. Besides, you will feel the durability from handmade PU leather; which can last for years no matter how hard you use.

In term of productivity, these handmade wallets provide lots of space for you. There four separated sleeves for storing up to 8 cards, from the front, back and interior design. While the risk of having your information scanned by thieves, individuals nowadays tend to seek for products equipped with RFID technology. Design with the powerful RFID blocking, it dispels the powerful energy from scanning readers effectively. For any type of money clip wallet, you will find one small strap that helps getting things out easily.

In fact, for those who are seeking for large capacity, this one is not suitable for you. If you are interested in this one, it is better to use for credit cards rather than cash or important bills. Understand that customers can somehow feel unsatisfied about the products, ARCK offers a 12-months-warranty for returning. For unsatisfactory, be sure to return within 30 DAYS for money back

04. Handmade RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Bifold Zippered Wallets with Coin Pocket Designer

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Rustic Town has been promoted through many collections on this site, and this time let’s take a look at Handmade RFID Blocking Genuine. Made in India, handmade wallets for women take advantage of premium leather. It helps deliver the durability and well-performance whenever you use. Women and men will have various selections of the black and cognac colors, easy to match with your daily outfit.Wallet emphasizes its solid performance through strong stitched seams and embossed logo at the front.

In term of sizing, this one measures 11 x 9 x 2 centimeters. With this handmade wallet, no more worry about losing your information while it attaches to one RFID blocking system. You can carry your credit cards or papers with information when hanging out. When opening, there are 12 slots for cards, a currency compartment, and one ID window. For people who have the habit of storing coins, kindly leave them in one zippered pocket in the middle. Wallet’s package presents one elegant gift box set, ideal for your loved one on any special occasions.

Wallet receives mostly compliments from customers; for both the design and quality. What are you waiting for? Why don’t try one handmade wallet and share with us your comments?

05. JSLOVE Rfid Blocking Small Compact Bi-fold Leather Pocket Wallet for Women

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Some women prefer the traditional long black or brown wallet. You can refresh your style a little bit with these JSLOVE Rfid Blocking Small handmade wallets for women. Utilize the premium full-grain cowhide, you will experience the long-lasted lifespan goes along with good performance. As the gold version or any shiny colors, JSLOVE covers the outer design with the lining layer. It is both soft and reflects the elegance to match perfectly with your outfits.

As this is one mini handmade wallet, its size measures 3.74″ L x 4.13″H x 0.51″ W. Feature the combination of clear layout and bi-fold construction, we sure you can bring along all the basic essentials without a burden. The inner design presents 1 cash slot, 6 card slots, 1 ID window and a zippered pocket. Since there is the rise of thieves, you do not have to worry much since this one is shielded against the electronic pickpocketing. The RFID system works effectively in protecting your bank account and all private information.

JSLOVE guarantees to give you a full refund or replacements if you are not satisfied with the product. As the new product appears the strange odors smell, leave it in a ventilated area for a few days. Last but not least, kindly understand the slight difference in color due to your monitor brightness.

06. BIG SALE-Yafeige Women’s RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Bifold Multi Card Case Organizer Wallet with Zipper Pocket

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Among those handmade wallets for women, this Yafeige Handmade Wallet seems to be the most stunning and convenient one. With the size measures 7.48 x 3.93 x 0.7 inches, wallet stays conveniently inside pockets or small purse. You will find 2 zipper compartments (fits cash and smartphone) and 20 card slots. Interestingly, the design also provides users with zippers so that they can keep the mobile phone or money when going out immediately.

Feature the combination of leather and microfibers, they bring along the durability and the softness. The leather wallets for women take advantage of distinct rectangle design for their edges and corners. It is available in plain design and weave patterns (this one highlights the unique outlook). Due to the significant rise of electrical thieves, the RFID blocking technology is one precise element to protect all information.

According to most customers, the zipper is not strong enough so be careful when using it. As putting more and more items will make it hard to close, consider the thickness of your item when carrying along.

07. BOSTANTEN Wallets for Women Rfid Blocking Credit Card Holder Wristlet Leather Wallet Clutch Purse

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Take a glance at these BOSTANTEN Handmade Wallets for Women, we sure you may love its embossed patterns on the outer shell. Handmade wallet utilizes premium cow leather, which delivers the durability and smooth experience within one touch. This item emphasizes the clear fashion texture handcrafted professionally by skillful artisans.

Feature the long construction, BOSTANTEN handmade wallet measures (L) 7.5 x (W) 1 x (H) 3.9 inches. With its roomy space, you can organize essentials in 3 cash holders, 1 zipper pocket, 8 card slots, and 2 receipt pockets. Instead of carrying miscellaneous things, you can now carry your wallet with the iphone 6/iphone 6 plus stored inside. As BOSTANTEN product is fulfilled by Amazon. If you buy BOSTANTEN products from other delivery channel, please check their own trademark

Wallet appears the smelly odors due to natural leather, consider leave it in a ventilated area for a few days. These handmade wallets for women attach to one wristlet to wear on hands without a burden.

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08. MaxGear RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder Genuine Leather Credit Card Case Security Wallet

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If you prefer the simplicity and comfort, MaxGear RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder features cards in accordion style. Very easy to find your stuff within one second! Make of 100% genuine leather, handmade wallet ensures to offer the good quality goes along with durability. Wallet covers its outer shell with fabric lining layer to define the finest craftsmanship. No more worry about information loss since your handmade wallet is now attaching to the RFID blocking system.

You can carry on hands or put inside small pouch, backpack or handbag while its size is very compact. These MaxGear handmade wallets for women measures 4.5 x 3.1 x 1.8 inches. For inner construction, there are 2 zippered compartments, 11 credit card slots, and 2 cash slots. The precise element of this item is the division of compartment into 2 areas. You can organize one side for cash, and another for cards easily.

MaxGear handmade wallets for women allow you to return or replace within 45 days. The item also offers 2 years caring service if there is any problem happens. For the real product, it appears bigger and bulkier than the mentioned size.

09. SafeCard Women’s Credit Card Case Wallet 2 ID Window and Zipper Card Holder Purse

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Women who are seeking for handmade wallet and who are the fan of pink, this SafeCard Women’s Credit Card Case features the most adorable design. Take advantage of 100% top quality leather, handmade wallets for women deliver the long durability and smooth experience within one touch. Take craftsmanship as the top priority, your essentials will receive the extra protection thanks to heavy duty and metal zipper.

This is one best and comfortable gift for women while offering roomy space for small performance. Its size measures roughly 4.53 x 3.35 x 0.79 inches. When opening, you will find 2 ID windows and 20 card slots. This version is suitable for most businessmen as you can find cards easily. SafeCard handmade wallets for women offer 1-year warranty. So you can receive a full refund or return when you are not satisfied with the product.

If your loved one prefers all adorable things, this SafeCard item needs to stay on top of gift-list when there are any special days. Fortunately, it receives mostly compliments for the design and capacity.

10. DEEZOMO Multicolored Leather Slim Magic Wallet and Credit & ID Case Holder

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DEEZOMO item always delivers the good quality and high prestige. You can find other versions such as long bifold design, credit card case or RFID item on different collections on our site. But for the handmade wallets for women, this brand releases one slim magic wallet. You will love DEEZOMO Slim Magic Wallet from the first glance if you belong to the minimal and elegant fashion group.

Take premium PU leather as the main material, handmade wallet delivers the durability and smooth performance every time you touch. The size measures 4 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches, convenient to put inside pouch or small handbag. The outer performance includes 4 slots where you can store credit cards or ID window. The inner design features 4 elastic straps to “magically” keep your currency and cards securely in line.

Do you ever wonder why we call it the magic wallet? Magic wallet construction is absolutely simple. You will find 2 separated slides of wallet and 4 pieces of plastic. Not only stick these slides together, plastic allows you to open the magic flip wallet from both sides.

Love to try the new design? Check out Magic wallets for both men and women.

11. Shvigel Credit Card Holder – Leather Slim Wallet Case for Business Men & Women – Pocket Id

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Among these handmade wallets for women, this Shvigel Credit Card Holder is maintaining its high position to be the most exclusive item here. Made in the USA, these handmade wallets for women utilize thick CRAZY HORSE leather. This type of material not only emphasizes the unique craftsmanship, but underlines your personal taste as well. When purchasing, the package includes one handmade wallet, a designer leather keychain with a mini world map on it.

Commonly, most handmade wallets feature the average dimension; as this one measures 2.8 x 4.1 x 0.4 inches. You will find one patch pocket for cards on the back. When opening, there are 3 additional compartments and 1 zippered pocket. Your task is to organize and define which essential will fit in each space. Customer will receive a 1-year warranty for any dissatisfaction. You can make a replacement or refund, depends on actual experience.

You ought to measure your cards at first to prevent any inconsistency in slot size. Most comments for this item are compliments. So why don’t give it a try and share with us?

12. Fintie Passport Holder Travel Wallet – Premium Vegan Leather RFID Blocking Case Cover – Securely Holds Passport, Business Cards, Credit Cards, Boarding Passes

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Handmade wallets for women are not just the small, magic wallet or any kind of long bifold one. You can find different design, especially this Fintie Passport Holder Travel Wallet. Take advantage of full-grain leather, this handmade wallet delivers the smooth and soft experience. Feature the combination of perfect craftsmanship and reinforced stitching, the durability is totally guaranteed.

Since there is the rise of electrical thieves, this item attaches to the RFID blocking system. So no more worry about information loss or damaged bank account. As these handmade wallets for women focus especially on giving space for passport, you can feel free to leave one inside (28 – 52 pages). There are 4 additional slots for credit cards and boarding passes. Super convenient to access your personal information during boarding and transit!

This one mostly receives compliments for the quality and design. Yet, please use carefully to prevent the stitches coming undone after only one month of use. You also need to measure your slots to avoid the inconsistency in sizing.

13. ZLYC Women Handmade Leather Long Minimalist Slim Cash Holder Wallet Clutch

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ZLYC Women leather handmade wallets for women made them stand out from others thanks to unique envelope design. Take advantage of the 100% genuine full-grain cow leather, wallet delivers the long durability. The hides of animals were tanned by using tannins, which occur naturally in the bark and leaves of many plants, so it is eco-friendly.

ZLYC utilizes 6 high length nylon to make itself looks unique and chic. Besides, dyestuffs, refined from plant are used to cover the leather color; which make the color looks natural.Feature the unique envelop design, this handmade wallet measures 6.7 inches x 3.5 inches (W x H). This version is suitable for putting the basic essentials while it has only ONE compartment for cash. Your item also receives the high protection with one golden metal button closure.

PLEASE NOTE that wallet color may vary from the pictured sample. No two wallets will be exactly the same and may vary slightly from the photographs. The wallet reflects the vintage and minimalist style. However, there are not many compartments to separate your cards apart.

14. AINIMOER Women’s Small Genuine Leather Bi-Fold Wallet Multi Card Organizer Pocket with Zipper

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If your essentials include mostly credit cards, then this Bi-Fold Wallet Multi Card Organizer suits you the best. Take advantage of the grain oil wax cowhide, you will feel the smooth and durability whenever touching on the leather. Wallet’s performance utilizes lining polyester and light gold hardware, it delivers the luxuriousness to match perfectly with your daily outfits.

Wondering about the size? This one measures 5.52 x 4.33 x 0.79 inches. Offer roomy space, you can have your items well-organized in 4 bill compartments, one coin zippered pocket, 8 card slots and 1 ID window. There is one extra pocket at the back for coins or bus ticket. If you are not satisfied with these handmade wallets for women, do not hesitate to drop AINIMOER a line. We will offer a full refund or replacement based on product condition.

Please understand the different in color due to your monitor brightness. As the natural leather tends to appear its unique smell, you can leave it in a ventilated area for a few days. According to customers, the actual size is a but huge and bulkier.

These 14 products mentioned above are the Best and beautiful handmade wallets for women on sale right now. They are all handmade very carefully with high quality materials such as real leather and bead. This list has a variety of designs and colors and styles. Don’t waste your time finding a right wallet for yourself, check out this collection and order a wonderful wallet, or maybe two!

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