Awesome And Best Metal Wallet For Men (Updated 2019)

Best and awesome metal wallets

Sometimes less really is more, and minimalism in fashion – it’s just a story about how one mens metal wallet can bring you such a functional way to carry all goods.

Best mens metal wallet is becoming well-known as an important accessory to store your cash and business cards; along when going out. These days, metal wallet case not only utilizes the premium materials, but it also equips to the strong protective technology that helps secure your privacy. So, no more worry about having your information stolen from dangerous thieves when wandering around public places.

It is not surprise that a best metal wallet for men nowadays delivers a functional and stylish companion. Indeed, there are tons of aluminum wallets out there but choosing a suitable one matching your purpose is really a hard work. Below is the collection of the best and awesome metal wallets which are durable and made of reliable material.

Don’t waste your time anymore, here let’s take a look at the 12 designs of Awesome and Best metal wallet for men in 2019.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mens metal wallet

For men and women wallet, metal adds more sturdiness and formation but still prevents creating bulk to your space. Same as other EDC items, using one metal wallet case offers the safest place to keep your cards no matter where you go.

In term of construction, wallet’s structure commonly features the single frame of metal places that secure your cards. You will find one extra elastic band and O-rings to keep the cards in place. Some brand also attaches the money clip for cash tipping.

Mens metal wallet appears to have smooth material surface and compact construction, which make it easier to grab your wallet in and out in a few seconds. However, there are some disadvantages in using the metal wallet as it’s heavier and easy to wear out your pant pockets. Despite all the limitation, these wallet designs still grab people attention easily thanks to its performance and ruggedness.


  • Deliver the intense durability and resistance against outer impacts
  • Bring impact design for both keeping in pockets and carrying
  • Protect data at the safest stage through RFID blocking system
  • Balance between long-lasting lifespan and slim structure


  • Easy to slide away when you keep in pockets
  • Can wear down fabrics and damage other items
  • May make you feel heavier

Reviews of some best mens metal wallet in 2019:

01. Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet, RFID Blocking Bifold Leather Business Card Holder

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Welcome you to one of the slimmest items – Lethnic Slim Money Clip Mens Metal Wallet. Make use of 100% high-quality cowhide leather, wallet delivers the durability that meet your needs. While plain accessory became too common, Lethnic ensures to bring prominence through its embossed pattern on its surface. You can select this best stainless steel wallet for men as one perfect gift for your loved one; while it offers an elegant gift box set.

Lethnic item always focuses on the convenience that allows you to carry to anywhere. Its size measures roughly 3.93 x 2.95 x 0.6 inches. Although it features the claim construction, individuals still can put inside 20 – 25 bills, dollars and important receipts. Besides, you will find 2 inner card slots and one clip that can carry up to 7 cards. With the rise of electronic thieves these days, Lethnic tries its effort to reduce by attaching the wallet to effective RFID Blocking system.

Basically, the metal credit card holder from Lethnic brand offers multiple colors in dark tone including black, brown and wine. Why don’t you try and give us some comments?

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02. Trayvax Contour Minimalist Wallet Tactical Armor Steel Front Pocket RFID

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Let’s blow a new wind into your mens metal wallet collection with this Trayvax Contour Wallet – Armor Steel. This metal wallet case applies the modern design base on the classic leather wallet. Kindly feel proud of the material and quality of this one; since all the components, the design is assembled from the USA. Utilize the CNC-machined stainless steel plates, metal wallet delivers the durability and the exotic beauty throughout the time.

Feature the combination of stainless steel and top grain leather, it brings the smoothness when carrying on hands but still makes sure things are stable in its place. The capacity is enough for you to carry up to 8 cards. You will also find one clasp allows you to keep up to 10 bills; sure, you can adjust the clasp also. Attach to the strong RFID blocking system, no more worry about the loss of your privacy due to dangerous thieves. Best metal wallet for men designs with an integrated bottle opener.

This is one perfect metal wallet case that receives lots of compliments from customers. The edges are smooth go along with mechanism snap; which brings the uniqueness of your accessory. There are four separated colors for you to choose including the raw, black, gold and burgundy.

03. Dango T01 Tactical EDC Wallet – Made in USA – Genuine Leather, Multitool, RFID Block

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The Dango T01 Tactical EDC Wallet ensures to bring the sophistication and masculinity that matches your daily outfits perfectly. Made of exotic leather, you will feel the incorporate clean lines go along very well with eye-catching textures. As best metal wallet for men originally came from the USA, one of its sides utilizes the nickel plated which delivers the high hardness experience for individuals.

On the other hand, the side takes advantage of top grain leather. All its edges receive the solid secure using premium mil-spec bolts. Bringing too many often requires people seeking for one premium wallet with good protection. Dango stainless steel wallet equips the strong RFID blocking system that blocks all dangerous signal. The precise part belongs to the push notch at the bottom. You can access your cards easily from the front or the bottom.

Luckily, this best metal wallet for men receives lots of compliments for the design and performance. Besides the wallet function, you can also use it as a saw, knife, paracord tensioner, smartphone stand, nail pryer, ruler… Even the size is small, we sure you can carry all the basic essentials for days inside. The aluminum frames emboss Dango logo brand for intense uniqueness.

04. Shell-D RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector

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With high ranking and positive compliments, this Shell-D Blocking Metal Wallet For Men is one perfect item suggested by Amazon’s choice. Utilize the premium aluminum and ABS plastic card protector, you can carry your items in place for multiple purposes. Besides, the best mens metal wallet from Shell-D equips the strong RFID blocking system. While most metal wallet cannot block the 125KHz signals, this one guarantees for both the 13.56 MHz and 125KHz level.

In term of sizing, product measures roughly 4.3 x 3 x 0.8 inches. You can feel free to put in the front or back pocket, even carrying on hands when out of the house. Take a look inside, there are 7 card slots allow you to bring up to 10 cards. For better protection, individuals can close the metal wallet case safely and securely when it is not in use.

In case individuals are not satisfied with Shell-D item, the brand offers 100% guarantee for a full-refund or replacement. As the clasp is not high-quality enough. So, avoid dropping the metal wallet case since all your item can fall all over around.

05. MaxGear Professional Business Card Holder Business Card Case Stainless Steel Card Holder

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Proud to suggest one BEST SELLER ITEM in this best mens metal wallet collection. This MaxGear Business Card Holder will definitely leave a long-lasted expression when producing a super-professional metal credit card holder. Metal wallet case highlights a combination of high Polish and Satin finish; to bring the minimalist design. Besides, using stainless steel is one ideal element to maintain the performance even after a hard use.

Since professional men now have the habit of using the men wallet in long design, selecting this one would form a great combination. While its size measures roughly 3.7 x 2.3 x 0.3 inches, you can collect the cards in one place but still put this metal credit card holder inside the long once comfortably. In term of capacity, this best metal wallet allows you to hold 15-20 business cards; including different types such as gift cards, ID cards or business items. The edges are sturdy and Sharpless to protect things without hurting due to carelessness.

Know that there may have customers who do not satisfy with the product, MaxGear willing to offer a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. According to some customers, this type of material is easy to get fingerprints all over the surface; which leave an unprofessional outlook.

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06. Aluminum Mens Metal Wallet, RFID Blocking Minimalist Wallet, Slim Wallet, Money Clip

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Have a quick look at this Aluminum Metal Wallet from LOOKISS, one compact accessory that will make your minimalist fashion taste even smarter. Feature the combination of premium aviation aluminum and 304 stainless steel, wallet delivers the intense durability no matter how hard you use. The outer skin is covered with one solid metal texture, it not only brings a sense of elegance, but also the smooth touch.

This mens metal wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system, which secures all your private data from dangerous scans. When purchasing, you will receive one package includes one Minimalist mens metal wallet measures roughly 3.35 x 2.13 x 0.24 inches, and a screw driver. Slimmer than all traditional wallets, LOOKISS aluminum wallet can easily hold up to 12 cards using one elastic webbing band. However, you still need to bring some cash in the money clip for unexpected tipping.

07. triHOLD The Ultimate Front Pocket Compact Minimalist Wallet – Black Leather

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All the best mens metal wallet above are mostly bi-fold constructions. Yet, this one belongs to the tri-fold mens metal wallet – the TriHOLD Ultimate Trifold Black Leather. TriHOLD metal credit card holder balances between the fashionable style and versatility. Wondering about the size? This Trifold Black Leather Metal Wallet Case measures 2.68 x 3.62 inches. When you open, size goes up to 7.68 x 3.62 inches.

The unique mens wallets from TriHOLD features a combination of Napa leather and stainless steel. Metal wallet ensures to bring the smoothness from the very first tough as well as the intensive performance. Take a look inside, metal wallet case features 1 full-length compartment for cash and up to 5 pockets. It gives roomy space since you can put inside 6 – 12 basic cards in total. All the edges seem with solid strong stitches for better construction.

Mens metal wallet receives most compliments for the functional and compact design. According to most customers, the real size is smaller compared to the mentioned size. Yet, it delivers the light-weight function. But be careful when using since the metal piece closure can get loose after time.

08. Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Mens Metal Wallet Credit Cards Holder for Men

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Would love to purchase one metal credit card holder in the new and unique design? This Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Mens Metal Wallet might be a good choice. Use high-quality aluminum materials, item stands out thanks to its friendly origin. With multiple colors including catchy patterns, women and men can choose the best one that suits their own taste. In term of size, this credit card holder highlights the convenient through average dimension.

When opening, it offers roomy space divides into 7 accordion slots. This is a great number of card slots for you to put in up to 9 cards; including debit/ credit or business nametag. Since there is a rise of electrical thieves, we sure the RFID blocking technology attaches in this aluminum shell will secure all your important information. In case individuals are not satisfied with Elfish item, the brand offers 100% guarantee for a full-refund or replacement.

Based on most comments, the quality of this card holder case is not good enough, which does not result in long-term using. For those who interested in this wallet, kindly avoid dropping to make sure the button closure still works well.

09. TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet”RIO” – Mens Wallets slim Front Pocket RFID Blocking Card Holder

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This Best Mens Metal Wallet “RIO” from TRAVANDO is known as one of the best seller items if you are searching for one mens wallet with money clip. Get away from your bulky wallet, TRAVANDO mens card holder measures 4.5 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches. It stays neatly in your pockets. We believe you will still feel comfortable even when wearing the slim suit or when running with your joggers in the early morning. Take a closer look, you will see the cleanly stitched seam along the edges, which delivers its durability and protection against the wear and tear.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, wallet ensures to bring you the best quality that matches its elegant look. In term of capacity, it features 7 card slots, 6 inner pockets and 1 front pocket for the fastest access. You will also find one best metal card holder wallet inside for carrying cash. One “bonus point” for this mens money clip wallet is the outside notch, super convenient for you take your cards in and out in a few minutes. TRAVANDO smart mens metal wallet prevents the loss of information by equipping the strong RFID blocking system.

As this is the best seller item from Amazon, we believe you should give it a try. Yet, this best stainless steel wallet also increases its thickness once you put inside too many items. So, choose the basic and organize them tidily!

10. RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder/Protector – Best Metal/Stainless Steel Travel Wallet/Case for Men

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Always worry about the loss of cards and money? This Best Mens Metal Wallet Case from ProtectIf is here to help you out! Made of high-quality stainless steel from top manufacturer, wallet emphasizes the durability and excellent performance. No need to worry about damaged cards, they are now protected from any outer impacts and dangerous scans. Wondering about the size? The ProtectIf metal wallet case measures roughly 3.8 x 2.7 x 0.75 inches.

You can feel free to keep it in pant pockets and carry on hands without a burden. Take safety as the top priority, metal wallet case features one protective latch, which is easy to open and close when using. ProtectIf best stainless steel wallet offers a full refund in case you are not happy with the product. One precise element of this mens metal wallet is the accordion design of 5 card slots, which allows you to grab your cards in just a few seconds.

Mens metal wallet comes in an elegant gift box set, perfect to choose as a gift on special occasions. With the lining finish layer covers at the front, wallet will make you stand out thanks to the sophisticated and shining skin. According to customers, the quality is not good enough since the plastic clasp tends to break after 3 – 4 months. However, you still can give it a try if you are interested.

11. RFID-Blocking Slim Minimalist Card Holder /Travel Wallet For Credit Cards & More (Gun Metal)

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Give your money and cards a safe place with this RFID-Blocking Slim Minimalist Card Holder by Maverick Systems! Made of premium quality aluminum, this mens metal wallet will protect your essentials from any outer impacts. The outer skin is covered with one finish layer. It not only brings a sense of elegance to your outfits, but also prevents wallet from getting rusty.

This metal card holder wallet features an elastic, black silicone band to keep your cards in place. You will find one money clip attached at the front for keeping cash, in case you may want to tip the waiter for coffee. No more worry about the loss of information, this wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system.

Maverick Systems always willing to replace the bands in case your wallet has any trouble. Based on most comments, the real item appears to be heavy and too solid, you will find it a bit hard to take your cards in and out.

12. FIDELO Carbon FIber Minimalist Wallet – Mens Slim Wallet Credit Card Holder Money Clip with 4 Cash Bands

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Lets check out one item that stays on the top list of Amazon’s Choice – the FIDELO Carbon Minimalist Fiber Mens Metal Wallet. Made of genuine carbon fiber, it is stronger than steel but still embraces the light-weight experience when carrying. Unlike other wallets that look cumbersome and complicate to use, FIDELO wallet solves all your problem. It stays fabulous for years and eliminates the damages caused by external impacts.

Designed as one ultra-sleek money clip wallet, you can carry up to 15 cards with NO BULKY THICKNESS. In term of sizing, this mens metal wallet measures 2.25 x 3.4 inches. We know individuals often get annoyed when removing the cash band clips all over again. All you need to do is just push out your cards and squeeze the plates to choose one in a few seconds. FIDELO takes safety as the top priority by equipping the strong RFID blocking technology to secure your card accounts.

In case you are not happy after purchasing, feel free to contact FIDELO for a full refund or replacement within 1 YEAR. We suggest folding all receipts and cash into thirds, make it easier for you to organize as well as take them out. However, it seems like the RFID blocking technology doesn’t operate good enough. But if you still interested in this mens metal wallet, just give it a try!

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13. Flipside Wallets New RFID Blocking Flipside 4 Mens Metal Wallet

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Being a man does not mean you only have options between the brown and black color. This Flipside Wallets New RFID Mens Metal Wallet is available in several colors, from dark to brighter tones including the blue and red color. Designed and manufactured in the USA, wallet utilizes the premium material which can last over years. As there is no detailed measurement from the brand, please be aware that it measures roughly 4.2 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches.

Made of premium polycarbonate and aircraft grade aluminum alloy, mens metal wallet delivers the strength and long-lasted lifespan. In term of capacity, feel free to keep inside up to 10 banknotes and 8 cards. With the smart construction, you can take all cards out easily using your thumbs and count your money while it’s still in the cash slot. You will receive one detachable clip for holding extra items such as receipts, tickets, voucher cards.

The Flipside 4 Mens Metal Wallet can hold US bill conveniently in the cash compartment; however, wide banknotes such as Euros, Canadian and UK notes need to be double folded. As you may have seen the design, you may feel thicker in your pant. Metal card holder wallet attaches to the patented RFID blocking system as well.

14. Leopardd RFID Blocking Stainless Steel Card Holder Case

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Have you ever imagined that your data can be stolen when staying among the crowd or public places? We have got you covered with these Leopardd RFID Stainless Steel Card Holder. Made of high-quality stainless steel from top manufacturer, wallet emphasizes the durability and excellent performance. No need to worry about damaged cards, they are now protected from any outer impacts and dangerous scans.

Wondering about the size? The Leopardd metal wallet case measures roughly 3.74 x 2.55 x 0.47 inches. You can feel free to keep it in pant pockets and carry on hands without a burden. Take safety as the top priority, metal wallet case features one protective latch, which is easy to open and close when using. Leopardd offers a full refund in case you are not happy with the product (within 60 days). One precise element of this mens metal wallet is the accordion design, which allows you to grab your cards in just a few seconds.

Wallet receives lots of compliments for the quality and compact design. However, Leopardd should improve the quality of RFID blocking system, as some customers sometimes have trouble of using this.

15. Minimalist Aluminum Wallet, Slim Money Clip Mens Metal Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet

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Have you ever hurt your back for a whole day due to one bulky wallet with the messy items?

Have you ever jealous of others since their wallet is so attractive and minimal?

Have you ever considered to chase off a minimalist life style by purchasing an accessory that related?

This Metal Credit Card Holder From Dinghao is such a good choice to consider. Feature a combination of premium carbon fiber and 304 stainless steel; it delivers a unique feeling whenever you touch. Take privacy as the top priority, this item attaches to an effective RFID blocking system. So, it can block any strange signal which damages to your privacy. In term of material, this one measures 3.35 x 2.16 x 0.27 inch; which is convenient for both the back and front pocket.

Despite the slimmer design, Dinghao mens metal wallet can hold up to 10 cards secure by one flexible built-in elastic band. It helps both secure the cards and lessen its capacity when necessary. This item features 2 separated element as V-shaped mouth makes it easy to put credit cards into it. On the other hand, C-shaped mouth helps you push cards out conveniently, then cards can be easily accessed. No need to worry about screws loosing out over time, you will receive one screwdriver and several optional screws for replacing.

A wallet is preferred by customers thanks to durable materials and good construction. However, others say it gets too bulky when you put inside too many items. There are two versions include the black and gold tone that match your personal fashion taste.

16. Armour Mens Metal Wallet, Money Clip, Key Holder & Multitool RFID Carbon Fiber Slim Minimalist Card Holder

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Lastly, this Armour Mens Wallet Money Clip will definitely blow your mind up thanks to the great quality and great functions. Utilize the strongest material, the inner design utilizes premium-grade Aviation Aluminum plates; while its outer shell is constructed of high quality 3K Carbon Fiber weave. In term of sizing, this one measures 3.4 x 2.1 x 0.2 inches; convenient to put inside pant pockets and carry on hands without a burden.

Feature the compact design, this mens metal wallet allows you to carry up to 12 cards and 5 folded bills. With every Armour aluminum wallet you buy, you will receive a free premium key holder and tactical multitool card. The precise part of this wallet lies in the multi-tool card, as you can turn it into a ruler, a hex key, a bottle opener and more … This metal card holder wallet secures your information from dangerous signals when staying in public places.

Not only men, but women can also select this mens metal wallet as one protective shield for your belongings as well. There are various colors from the dark tone, to brighter colors such as Copper, Green, Gray, Navy blue. Based on most customer feedback, the money clip appears to get weak after a hard time using.

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