Best And Nice Zip Around Wallet For Women [ Updated 2020 ]

best zip around wallet for women

Let’s save time organizing your belongings when you now have the best women’s zip wallet suggested by us!

Women’s zip wallet is an indispensable item in every woman’s handbag. Many women use a big handbag to carry tons of personal items, including cellphones, cosmetics, and handbook. And they use a wallet to keep their money, payment cards, information cards or some important notes well organized, so that they can get to them immediately without difficulty. Sometimes, when hanging out at night with friends or stopping by a store, women like to use a leather zip around wallet as well, for the most convenience.

In these cases, a women’s zip wallet is the best choice as it ensures that your belongings won’t fall out when carried around. Three-sided zip-around style zippers provide much more security than others, especially if you usually carry coins and too many stuff that could easily slip out.

Someone says closures are not important, however, not only the closure give you the security but also a sense of style to your wallet. In addition to not making a loud “click” or being noisy when being shut like Velcro or kiss locks, a beautiful bright colored zipper will make your wallet more special and attractive. So, if you are considering getting a new wallet, why don’t you take a look at our collection of Best and nice zip around wallet for women? Perhaps you could find a suitable one for yourself.

How to fix your wallet’s zipper?

There are several things attach to a strong solid zipper; it can be your jacket, backpack, pants or camping gears. But what will happen when there are problems happen to your wallet zipper? You can solve this problem with a few simple tricks, or you may have to replace with a new one.

When teeth don’t stay closed

One of the most annoying problems with zipper is when it cannot be closed. There are many reasons lead to this situation. But we recommend you try the pencil (or one bar of soap) at first to make the teeth work smoothly again.

If this doesn’t work, it may result from the improper operation. In the beginning, please check the cloth or stitches to make sure they don’t stuck inside the zipper. You also need to look at each individual tooth. If they are falling out of the places, use your pliers to make them stay straight again.

When zipper break off

In case your zipper is broken, it would be hard for you to pull and close the whole women’s zip wallet. However, this is the easiest problem which you can fix it just a few seconds. Use a paperclip and turn it into a zipper pull or a keyring.

When zipper gets stuck

Use your graphite pencil and rub its tip on the zipper’s teeth. If the problem is not too serious, your zipper will work again. If it doesn’t work, then it’s time to move on to the lubricant. You can give a try on Widex, soap or lip balm.

List of the best women’s zip wallet in 2020:

01. Lethnic Women’s Zip Wallet, Genuine Leather Metal Zipper With ID Window, RFID Blocking

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If you prefer the simplicity and minimalist, this Lethnic Leather Zip Around Wallet would grab your attention from the very first time. Zip wallet delivers great elasticity and durability while using the genuine cowhide leather and heavy-duty zipper. You’ll be amazed by its striking slimness, only measures 4.53 x 3.55 inches with the maximum thickness at 0.4 inches. This one is such a good option for those prefer carrying just the basic items. This women’s zip wallet can hold up to 7-8 bank cards, an ID card and many other kinds of stuff like keys, coins, etc.

Lethnic zip wallet includes 1 inner slot for cards, 1 bill compartment and 1 functional pocket at the center in case you want to store keys, small coins. Leather zipper wallet womens makes use of the outer design by offering 3 extra card slots and a transparent ID window. Lethnic wallet always equips the innovate RFID blocking technology to helps you protect all ID information against hi-tech thieves. Wallet also attaches a ring for keychain, perfect to carry your key or hang it anywhere you need.

This zip wallet offers a wide range of color including black, brown and blue. In case you are not satisfied with the product, this brand guarantees to give you a full refund or replacement within 30-DAYS. There are lots of customers gave positive feedback on the product, how about you?

02. Sakroots Artist Circle Large Wallet

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If you have got bored with the plain patterns, why don’t try something new such as the hobo pattern of floral prints as well? This Sakroots Artist Circle Large Wallet is one imported product. We sure it ensures to meet the strict requirements in design and quality of materials. Since this leather zip around wallet utilizes synthetic; zip wallet delivers the durability and excellent performance no matter how hard you use.

Wondering about the size? Sakroots women’s zip wallet has its sizing measures roughly 4.5 x 8 inches (high x wide). You can put it in your purse or even carry on hands without a burden. Take a look inside, you will find several pockets including 4 slip compartments and 1 zipper pocket. Hence, all essentials will receive a strong protection thanks to the premium golden zipper.

There are multiple colors for you to choose: from the bright to the darker shade. According to most customers, the real zip around wallet appears to be larger than the mentioned sizing. And be careful when using to avoid breaking the zipper.

03. Easyoulife Credit Card Holder Womens Zip Wallet Leather Case Purse

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If your job relates to the public relations area, which means it is necessary to bring client contacts at any time; then this Zip Around Wallet Card Holder is designed just for you! One criterion that will blow your mind up stays in the catalog design, which allows you to carry up to 60 cards, and 2 driver licenses. All the sleeves utilize the transparent PVC, which makes it easier to find and grab your cards in just a few seconds.

Made of genuine cowhide leather, this large zip around wallet delivers excellent performance as well as intense durability. Easyoulife has their wallet covered with one pebbled layer to keep it stay firmly in the palm of your hands. This women’s zip wallet features roomy space, allows you to store your smartphone without a burden.

Take safety as the top priority, this leather zip around wallet equips to the strong RFID system to secure your cards at the safest stage. However, there is a bit inconvenient in design, which requires you to turn the page every time you want to take your cards out. It would be a great idea if the brand can improve this point!

04. Fossil Women’s Logan RFID-Blocking Leather Zip Around Wallet Clutch

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While Fossil wallets for men deliver the elegance and mature spirit, the womens accessory always sparks the creativity to give you the best look during your day. You can have a wide range of choices among satchels, wristlets, bags that deliver the new and savvy looks. And if you often wander around the mall or your neighborhood, this one can carry several items without any inconvenience.

Fossil Women’s Zip Wallet measures 8 x 4 inches (high x wide). Be sure to measure your item to avoid sizing inconsistency. And if you often carry a small purse, then it’s better to hold the wallet on hands as well. Take a closer look, you will have 3 slip compartments, 12 card slots, and 2 zipper pockets (both inside and outside).

This Fossil large zip around wallet is made of genuine leather. For sure, the wallet will remain its shape and quality no matter how hard you use. The inner design is crafted with polyester lining to prevent cards and money from tears, and scratches.

According to most customers, wallet slots appear to be a bit stiff at the beginning. However, things will stretch out over time. This leather zip around wallet can fit an iPhone 7+ or S7 easily, but it would be hard to close the zipper. So, remember to measure your stuff before making a move!

05. Lethnic Zip Around Wallet, Genuine Leather Metal Zipper With Front Pocket, RFID Blocking

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Having one front pocket combines to a strong zipper, Lethnic Womens Zip Around Wallet guarantees to secure your essentials from any outdoor activities. Made of premium genuine leather, wallet delivers its long durability and its smoothness from the very first touch. In term of sizing, zip wallet measures 5 x 3.2 inches, extremely slim and convenient for daily use, traveling or short hang out on the weekend.

Take a closer look, wallet features 1 main zip-around pocket and 1 function slot for carrying bills, coins and keys. You will find 3 extra card slots at the front. Kindly choose 3 most-used cards and leave there for easy access. Lethnic leather zipper wallet women’s leverages its protection by using effective RFID Blocking System. No more worry about the loss of private information anymore! Among these colors, the special brown mostly grabs people attention with its unique patterns.

Lethnic best zip wallet comes along with one gift box set, perfect to choose as a gift for your loved one. The wallet is available in 4 colors including the brown, black, navy blue and special brown with unique pattern. Since this is one brand-new item, why don’t you give it a try and share with us?

06. Buxton Butterfly – Women’s Zip Wallet

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tead of purchasing the one with long and flat design, choosing one women’s zip wallet in round shape not only offers you more space, but it would be more convenient to put in bags or pack-backs. For this Buxton RFID Butterfly Wallet – Exclusive, it was made of 100% pebbled grain synthetic to ensure the durability and great performance for the exterior design. Besides, the nylon lining is one common component to add sturdiness to the outer surface.

In term of construction, this wallet was divided into 2 separated compartments which allow you to store various cards into 6 slots. Buxton wallets measure roughly 4.2 x 3.5 x 1 inches for those who want to know the detailed dimension. There is also one transparent ID window to put in the picture or driver license for convenient checking at the station. Both of the pockets are secured with strong and magnetic zippers.

Though receive lots of comments, customers still state that the real product is very small. So, if you want to have the best Buxton wallets for women for BASIC ITEMs, then go for it. Card slots are too small that make your wallet becomes bulky.

07. CHALA Small Zip Around Wallet, Wristlet, 8 Credit Card Slots, Sturdy Pu Leather

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Your little girl is at the age of growing up and needs one kind of accessory to carry out her essentials? Then this Chala Zip Around Wallet For Women ought to stay on top of the list. One bonus point of Chala women’s zip wallet brand is that it is suitable for all ages; from the tiny one to a feminine woman. Utilize the PU leather, small zip around wallet delivers the durability and smoothness from the very first touch. The inner design has itself covered by one lining layer, which avoids friction and damage to your valuables.

Although feature the small design, it still offers enough space for essentials. Feel free to store them inside 2 separated compartments for cash, 8 card slots, and 1 ID window. For people who still have the habit of using coins, you will find one zipper pocket outside. And why don’t store your keys or any essentials as well? This small zip around wallet comes with a strong wrist strap, which allows you to use as one tiny pouch or compact purse.

The actual item seems to be smaller than the size. (its size measures 4.5 x 0.5 x 5.5 inches). This item is best suit for teenager or women with small hands. Based on most comments, the zipper is easy to get loose after a short time using, so please be careful.

08. Coach F58035 Corner Zip Wristlet in Signature Coated Canvas

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Mentioning about the small zip around wallet or womens wristlet wallet, Coach brand always stays on top of the list. Instead of trendy design, most Coach products focus on the quality and signature construction. We guarantee that you can experience both the premium quality, as well as elegance and one-of-a-kind fashion style.

Wondering about the size? This women’s zip wallet measures 6 ¼ x 4 inches (L – H). The inner design features one huge pocket, and up to 3 card slots. So, feel free to keep some basic cards, cash, and small items such as keys, ticket fare. On the other hand, makeup kit including mini lipstick, lip balm, cushion is acceptable. Be aware that none of the small wristlets can fit smartphone, as it results in the broken zipper.

In term of material, Coach small zip around wallet is made of coat canvas that brings an intense convenience when carrying on hands. As the center stripe takes advantage of premium leather, it creates the signature form for your wallet; and adds more solidness into the whole construction as well.

According to most customers, the real wallet appears smaller than the mentioned size. Most people didn’t receive the Coach box in their package. If you are in this case, don’t hesitate to email the brand to specify that you need one product box!

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09. Lavemi Women’s RFID Blocking Real Leather Women’s Zip Wallet Clutch Large Travel Purse Wristlet

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Available with elegant design and various colors in this collection, the Lavemi Women’s RFID Blocking Wax Real Leather not only offers plenty of space but forms an elegant style when combining between basic color with premium quality zipper. Feature genuine leather and sturdy stitching, you will experience the high standard craftsmanship without any loose threads left.

With the size measured 8.5 x 4.3 x 1.0 inches (L x W x H), feel free to put their things into 17 slots for cards, 3 huge compartments for bills and important papers and one more secured with magnetic zippers. There are one additional pen loop and an ID window for convenient checking. Take comfort as the top priority, this one provides one wristlet for individuals to hold onto the hand and put 5.5 inches smartphones/checkbook for immediate hangouts.

Lavemi carefully selects leather and unite it with premium hardware to make good women’s zip wallet, including gift box. So be confident to choose it as one amazing gift for your loved ones. According to some customers, be careful when using the zipper or it may get broken easily.

If you are interested in a wristlet wallet, take a look at our collection of Best And Nice Wristlet Wallet For Women

10. CrossLandy Women Men RFID Blocking Double Zip Leather Wallet Clutch Wristlet

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If the single zip around wallet for women doesn’t offer enough space for you, then this one needs to stay on top of the list. The CrossLandy Women’s Double Zip Wallet is available in 2 separated colors. Feel free to choose one that matches your style. With the combination of PU leather and solid-colored fabric lining, the manufacturer was promised to offer durable materials go along with elegant performance available in several tones of colors for you to choose.

Its size measures 7.5 x 1.75 x 4 inches (L x H x W). In term of design, the wallet ensures capacity and usability when offering 2 huge compartments as the dominant type of organization. Inside them, there is one inner pocket, 8 slip pockets, 4 slots for cards and zipper pocket for essentials. The wristlet wallet is large enough to hold your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 and others with the same dimension.

Unfortunately, some people say that zippers were very stiff and hard to zip. In case your double zip wallets stuck in this situation, put a little Vaseline on the zipper. CrossLandy women’s zip wallet comes in an elegant gift box set, which is perfect to give as a gift to others.

11. RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Women, Excellent Women’s Genuine Leather Credit Card Holder

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Let’s save time organizing your belongings when you now have the double zip wallet from Leopardd. This Women’s Leather Credit Card Holder is divided into 2 zippered pockets. You can use one for cash and important receipts and another for cards. Made of finest milled cowhide leather, zip wallet delivers the intense durability as well as excellent performance. Leopardd women’s zip wallet measures 4.1 x 3.1 x 1.4 inches, with a compact size that fits perfectly in pockets or tiny purses.

Being one small zip around wallet doesn’t prevent this one from offering your adequate space. Its inner design features 1 coin pockets, 2 money splits and up to 10 card slots. There is one ID window designed with a thumb cut-out, which makes it easier for the checking process. Not only the material, Leopardd utilizes the high-end zipper that made of stainless steel. We believe this leather zip wallet women’s will bring you the best experience while it has gone through 2 quality inspection process.

Based on most comments, zipper appears with low quality that got customers unsatisfied. Leopardd small zip around wallet offers the best protection with a strong RFID blocking system.

12. Heaye Unicorn Wallet Hollow Floral Wristlet Zip Around Wallet Pouch

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Have you ever left your house but still feel insecure with the messy items inside your bag? With this Heaye Unicorn Women’s Zip Wallet, be ready to leave your convenient feeling behind from now on. Besides the Boho Beige, there are more colors for you to choose including Black, Cognac or lovely Pink Blush.

Commonly, the large zip around wallet always focuses on bringing a huge capacity. And Heaye double zip wallet allows you to carry the whole collection with 4 full-length compartments, up to 16 card slots, one ID window and zip pocket for important bills or coins. One precise element is that you can store your smartphone and passport without any difficulty. Smartphone’s size as iPhone 8 Plus or Galaxy S10 can fit perfectly!

We believe you guys will love this double zip wallet from the beginning thanks to all the sophisticated hollow cut-outs and cat graphics on both size. Heaye also attaches golden metal dots along the edges. In case you wonder about its size, this one measures 7.48 x 3.93 x 1.77 inches.

13. MICHAEL Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Continental Wallet

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“From the very beginning, everybody can be sexy and elegant at the same time”. Michael Kors has delivered its message successfully for those who purchase their women’s zip wallet. Made of saffiano leather, this item embraces the elegant and feminine design no matter how hard you use. The longer you use, the more beautiful your Michael Kors Set Continental Wallet becomes. This leather zip wallet women’s measures 8.25 x 4 x 1 inch (W – L – D).

As this is one imported item, the zip wallet ensures to meet all the strict requirements in design and quality. Take a closer look, you will have 3 opened compartments, 2 split pockets and 1 transparent ID window. Beside the gold-tone hardware, your wallet comes with one removable wristlet strap. Feel free to wear the strap when wandering outside or keep inside bags when your hands are “busy”.

There are multiple colors that match your fashion taste; from the dark tone to brighter ones, as well as matte hues. Please understand the slight difference in design due to our monitor brightness. As this women’s zip wallet stays in the top list of Amazon’s Choice, why don’t give it a try and share with us?

14. Buvelife Credit Card Wallet Leather RFID Wallet for Women, Huge Storage Capacity

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Although this is just a traditional business card holder for women, we sure you can bring THE WHOLE WORLD when going out. Made of genuine leather with pebble texture on the surface, this Buvelife Big Wallet With Zipper delivers the durability. This kind of material helps create the rough surface which prevents hand slipping. Its inner design utilizes the soft fabric which offers excellent protection for your essentials.

This women’s zip wallet measures 8 × 4.5 × 1.3 inches; which is lightweight and compact for you to carry everywhere. Take a closer look, there are 2 slots for cash and up to 36 card slots. This is such a big deal if you are a businessman and needs to carry name card or bank credit at all time. Besides, one bonus point is that additional slot for putting your smartphone inside. It can be the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X or GALAXY S9+.

In case you are not satisfied with the product, Buvelife guarantees to give you a full refund or replacement within 30-days. This womens zip around wallet receives lots of compliments; for both the design and quality of the material. This is a unique and super convenient credit card case! A MUST HAVE ITEM GIRLS!!!

15. Women RFID Blocking Wallet Leather Zip Around Wallet – Phone Clutch Large Travel Purse

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With the rise of electrical thieves, your private data is always endangered whenever you are out of the house, especially when standing among the crowds. Therefore, most credit cards also come with RFID chips which offer the best protection in this cashless world. To make things more secured, Bveyzi Leather Zip Around Phone Clutch equips to the strong RFID shield, which protects your cards right from the start. This women’s zip wallet measures 8.07 x 4.5 x 1.1 inches.

Made of genuine leather, each women’s zip wallet delivers intense durability as well as an appealing look. As the wallet’s outer skin is covered with one oil wax layer and good stitching, it sparks elegant chemistry when combining with different outfits.

Take a closer look, there are 2 compartments for cash, 1 zippered pocket, 17 card slots and 1 ID window with a thumb cut-out. We believe a businesswoman will take this zip wallet into consideration, as you will have a pen holder and space for your smartphone. Smartphones with size measure the same as iPhone 7/8 Plus can fit perfectly. Feel free to keep inside your passport in case you are a frequent traveler.

According to most customers, the real women’s zip wallet appears bigger than in advertising. You will have several colors to choose from including the bright and dark shade. For those who are seeking for one special gift, this Bveyzi zip around wallet is highly recommended!

16. Fly Joys Women RFID Blocking Leather Rose Embossed Credit Card Holder

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Seeing wallets for women with plain design or funny prints is too common, this Fly Joys Hand-Painted Wallet will bring special spirit to your accessory collection. The outer pattern is created by 3D technology, which embraces the sharp and vivid images. We believe you can feel the patterns just by touching it from the very first time.

This small zip around wallet measures 4.5 x 3.15 x 0.98 inches (L – W – H). A size that fits perfectly inside your pant pocket, jacket, small purse, or even if you love carrying it on hands. Different from the traditional wallet design, you can find and grab your wallet easily thanks to the accordion style. Although feature the small size, individuals can carry several items in 12 card slots, and 2 cash pockets.

Take safety as the top priority, all your private data will be secured thanks to the strong RFID Blocking System attached. Fly Joys small zip around wallet also saves you time collecting all the messy cards results from high-intensity activities.

The wallet receives lots of compliments for its sophisticated look and compact design. However, please understand the slight difference in color due to our monitor brightness. While the Magnolia color embraces the artistic spirit, there are still more lovely colors with animal, sky or plants images.

Prefer the card holder design? Take a look at: Best And Beautiful Credit Card Wallet For Women

17. WOZEAH Women’s RFID Blocking PU Leather Zip Around Wallet Clutch

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One of the most appealing print trends these recent years was the leopard patterns. While most designers embrace them on clothing and bags, others showed up on accessories such as luggage, wallet, watches strap. This WOZEAH Zip Around Wallet Clutch is made of top-grain PU leather. This material is way thinner and more light-weight than those wallets made of real leather. Also, these long wallets for women measure 8.5 x 1.25 x 4.3 inches (L – W – H).

This women’s zip wallet offers roomy space, allows you to carry iPhone 7 or 8 Plus without a burden. Take a closer look, it features 3 full-length compartments, 9 card slots and one ID window with a thumb cut-out. You will also find out 1 extra zippered pocket at the center for coins and important receipts. The brand also adds one pen loop to keep your favorite pen. It’s always good to carry at least one pen whenever you are traveling.

WOZEAH card holder equips to the strong RFID blocking system, which secures your information to the safest stage. Feature the combination of sleek design and magnetic zip around, feel free to use it as one daily purse or a stunning clutch from day to night.

It seems like WOZEAH zip wallet does not receive many compliments from customers due to the low quality. Although some got in trouble with low-standard stitching and zipper, we believe this will not happen to everyone. However, the customer service is quite good. So, don’t hesitate to contact WOZEAH if you have any problem with your wallet.

18. Star Wars Han Solo Women’s Zip Wallet

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Bioworld always comes up with trendy and adorable wallet. Although this collection is for women, we believe there will have individuals who prefer the chic and creativity in their design. This Star Wars Women’s Zip Wallet takes inspiration from Captain Han Solo AKA Nerf Herder, Scoundrel, and Smuggler. In the series, he is in charge of the Millennium Falcon by his side!

This large zip around wallet features the long zip construction like others. We believe you can carry several things without worrying about the space. Take a closer look, this wallet includes 2 compartments for cash, 8 card slots, and one zippered coin pocket where you can keep your private bills, important papers.

Made of vegan faux leather, wallet ensures to deliver the long-lasted lifespan and sophisticated look. As the material hasn’t been through any chemical process, its outer performance still remains its beauty over time. Vegan leather is also friendly environment without animal sufferings! With the metal rebel badge at the front, you will have the real experience as one pilot on the infamous Millennium Falcon with the captain as well.

19. Purse Wallet Canvas Elephant Pattern Handbag with Coin Pocket

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If you are into the long bifold design, then this Canvas Elephant Pattern Handbag with Coin Pocket may make a good match. Besides the traditional black and brown color, the floral pattern is one best choice which sparks the feminine chemistry for all of your outfit sets. Made of genuine leather, women’s zip wallet delivers the strong durability as well as excellent performance. In term of sizing, this one measures 7.8 x 3.9 x 1.7 inches (H – W – L).

Take a closer look, this leather zip wallet women’s has 2 full-length compartments for bills, 3 zippered pockets, and up to 8 credit card slots. Wallet also has one zippered pocket at the back. So, feel free to keep your important papers inside. LATHPIN zip wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system that secures your belongings at the safest stage. In case you are in a hurry to go out, you can still keep your smartphone inside this wallet (phone with screen measures 6 inches).

LATHPIN women’s zip wallet receives many compliments for the good quality and excellent design. However, please understand the difference in color due to monitor brightness.

20. Travelon: Phone Clutch Wallet

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Let’s get to see this zip around wallet – The Travelon Phone Clutch Wallet. Take advantage of nylon, women’s zip wallet delivers the excellent performance and smoothness when using. The combination of textile lining and detailed streamlined stitching is the most important aspect that helps brighten your wallet. It is equipped with advanced unique proprietary blocking material, which helps protect your privacy when going out.

In term of sizing, this one measures 4.75 x 8.25 inches (high x wide). You can use it as one wallet with a zipper or one wrist design. The inner space is roomy with 1 hidden slip pocket, 6 credit card slots and 2 slip pockets. At the back, it’s designed with one zipper pocket that allows you to store something special likes keys, train fare, or coins. If your job requires a frequent business trip or travel holidays, feel free to put one personal passport or small items like mini lipstick, small smartphones.

Mostly feedback for this Travelon Phone Clutch Wallet are compliments, for the design and convenient wrist strap. Purchasing this women’s zip wallet means you will receive one gift box set for sending as one gift on special occasions.

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21. KUKOO Credit Card Holder Case for Women RFID Small Printed Zip Around Card Wallet

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KUKOO is one brand which commits to bringing you the lovely and compact style in every product. This KUKOO Credit Card Holder Case applies the first layer leather with natural surface folding, which brings the smoothness within one touch. Its outer surface is covered with cute 3D cross pattern coating to withstand external impacts from the environment. No matter how hard you use, this credit card wallet still becomes more and more sense through the time.

Feature the compact size, the small zip around wallet measures 4.6 x 3.34 x 1.1 (L – W – H). The precise element of this one is that all cards are displayed like a photobook; allow you to find one in just a second. In term of capacity, there are 2 large pockets for cash, 10 slots offer space for up to 20 cards. No more worry about information loss since this small zip around wallet equips to a strong RFID blocking system.

According to some customers, the real KUKOO women’s zip wallet appears to be smaller compared to the mentioned sizing. There are 6 different colors for you to choose, from the dark to brighter shade. According to most customers, the zipper is not good enough, which can break after a short time.

How to maintain the good quality of your women’s zip wallet?

  • For most wallet, even the most luxurious wallets for women, the double zipper wallet or another design, genuine leather is the main material. You will find out some natural wrinkles, scars or scratches on the surface due to its obvious characteristics. Therefore, the longer you use, the more beautiful its surface becomes.
  • In term of material, please avoid the direct heat, water or extrusion. If you often put wallet in your purse or bag, kindly pay attention to avoid item with sharp edges. It may cause unexpected tears which are hard to deal with.
  • For women’s zip wallet that allows us to wash with hand, consider using one piece of soft cloth and wipe gently on the surface. Depend on some components, you can take a small about of specialized detergent to get rid of dirt or scars.

What do you think about our collection? Hopefully from this collection, individuals can pick up one best women’s zip round wallet for them and even their love ones such as mother, daughter. And if you think your wallet deserves to be one of the women’s zipper wallet then don’t hesitate to share with us your thoughts.

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