20 Best And Cool Zip Around Wallets For Men [Updated 2020]

Best and cool zip around wallets for men

Check out some best mens zipper wallet! Not only the basic construction, you will have several options including the single and double zipper wallet.

Most men choose to buy the traditional bifold wallet, while others prefer a mens zipper wallet that helps secure all their belongings at the safest stage. You don’t need to worry about going upside down on a roller coaster ride anymore, these leather zip around wallets offer all the best for any kinds of outdoor activities.

The precise part of the best mens zipper wallet lies in a high-quality zipper covering along the edges. Different from the normal one, zip around wallet mens adds more protection with the zip enclosure, allow you to carry valuable items despite how messy they get inside. No matter how hard you move, wallet ensures to keep your ID cards, shopping cards and money stay in the same place.

It’s better to have one mens zipper wallet because of the:

1. Smart and Durable Material

Based on most surveys, leather zip around wallet is known as the most-purchased item. Although leather is highly recommended, wallet brand also makes use of other materials such as nylon microfiber, canvas or polyester. They help bring the skinny design as well as make your wallet completely indestructible.

Some wallet brands add one non-slip coating layer to the inner space. Mens zipper wallet features this layer is the best choice as it prevents cards and money from sliding out whenever you unzip.

2. Several designs – Appealing colors

Not just the traditional bifold, mens zipper wallet matches your fashion style by offering several styles. You can choose among the card holder, checkbook wallet or even tiny coin purse for those who hate carrying along the heavy wallet.

Zip around wallet mens is available in several colors, from dark to matte tones, and dark hues. Vintage prints and embossed patterns are also stocked if for making a huge impression.

3. Huge capacity

As always, people love using wallet with large storage. With these skinny mens zipper wallet, you can still have roomy space to keep items well-organized.

Reviews Of Some Best Zipper Wallets For Men in 2020

Check out some best mens zipper wallet suggested in the list below. Not only the basic construction, you will have several options including the single and double zip around wallet.

01. Lethnic Mens Zip Around Wallet, Genuine Leather Metal Zipper With ID Window, RFID Blocking

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If you prefer the simplicity and minimalist, this Lethnic Leather Zip Around Wallet would grab your attention from the very first time. Wallet delivers great elasticity and durability while using the genuine cowhide leather and heavy-duty zipper. Only measures 4.53 x 3.55 inches with the maximum thickness at 0.4 inches, for sure you’ll be amazed by its striking slimness.

This mens zipper wallet is such a good option for those prefer carrying just the basic items. This zip wallet can hold up to 7-8 bank cards, an ID card and many other kinds of stuff like keys, coins. Lethnic wallet always equips the innovate RFID blocking technology to helps you protect all ID information against hi-tech thieves. No more worry about your keys when wallet attaches to a ring for keychain, super convenient for tiny items as well.

Lethnic mens zipper wallet includes 1 inner slot for cards, 1 bill compartment and 1 functional pocket at the center in case you want to store keys, small coins. This wallet makes use of the outer design by offering 3 extra card slots and a transparent ID window.

This zip wallet offers a wide range of color including black, brown and blue. In case you are not satisfied with the product, this brand guarantees to give you a full refund or replacement within 30-DAYS. There are lots of customers gave positive feedback on the product, how about you?

02. Alpine Swiss Logan Zipper Bifold Wallet For Men or Women RFID

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Let’s get to see this Alpine Swiss RFID Mens Zipper Wallet – one common brand you will find in almost all our collections. Made of genuine leather, you don’t have to worry about the quality and durability. The more you use, the better this leather will become. Moreover, Alpine Swiss zip wallet features the rough outer surface, which is portable to grab immediately during the rush moments.

Wondering about sizing? This one measures 3 ½ x 4 5/8 x ¾ inches (H x L x W), one of the best options if you prefer a small item. You will have 9 card slots, 1 ID window and 3 pockets for receipts or cash. Take safety as the top priority, this mens zip around wallet equips the strong RFID blocking system that blocks any dangerous signals.

All your cards also receive the high protection with one zip around wallet covers all the edges. The real product is said to have a bigger size than its mentioned dimension.

Wallet receives several compliments for the well-organized construction. Since Alpine Swiss mens zipper wallet tends to have an annoying smell after purchasing, you can leave it in a ventilated area to get rid of the smell. According to most customers, the RFID blocking system does not work effectively enough.

03. Chums Surfshort Small Zipper Wallet

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This Chums Surfshort Wallet With Zipper will definitely grab your attention from the very first time. Available in eye-catching colors, you can choose mustard, ocean blue or olive if you prefer minimalist spirit. Otherwise, American flag or Jellyfish is highly recommended for those who are in love with an artistic motif.

Chums small zip wallet measures approximately 3 x 4 inches (wide x long). Be sure to measure your items to avoid sizing inconsistency. Wallet features 2 zip pockets, where you can keep your basic essentials such as banknotes, cards. The other side features a transparent ID window, ideal to keep driver license or a lovely small photo.

Made of ripstop nylon, this material is durable to withstand tears, wears or unexpected water. This zip around wallet for men emphasizes its sturdiness with red feet embroidered into the fabric. Also, there is one attached pull-tab for easy access to your stuff.

If you love the compact and solid design, do not forget to take a look at: Top 10 Best Tactical Wallet

04. Zip Around Wallet, Genuine Leather Metal Zipper With Front Pocket

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Having one front pocket combines to a strong zipper, Lethnic Zip Around Wallet For Men guarantees to secure your essentials from any outdoor activities. Made of premium genuine leather, wallet delivers its long durability and smoothness from the very first touch. In term of sizing, wallet measures 5 x 3.2 inches, extremely slim and convenient for daily use, traveling or short hang out on the weekend.

Take a closer look, this leather zip around wallet features 1 main zip-around pocket and 1 function slot for carrying bills, coins and keys. You will find 3 extra card slots at the front. Kindly choose 3 most-used cards and leave there for easy access. No more worry about the loss of private information anymore with the RFID Blocking System!

There are two colors including the Brown and Special brown. However, the special brown mostly grabs people attention with its unique patterns. We think it would match those guys with casual, sporty outfits.

Lethnic best mens zipper wallet comes along with one gift box set, perfect to choose as a gift for your loved one. The wallet is available in 4 colors including the brown, black, navy blue and special brown with unique pattern.

05. Herschel Travel Wallet

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Once we travel, the first priority is mostly SAFETY. All of us all want a safe trip with no loss of luggage, money or cash. And this is why we suggest this Herschel Travel Zip Around Wallet For Men.

As one imported mens zip around wallet, Herschel item guarantees to offer you good quality in construction and performance as well. Feature the combination of high-quality polyester and ripstop nylon, wallet delivers the long-lasted lifespan. Moreover, no more worry about the scratches or damage caused by dropping or water pouring.

In term of size, this Herschel wallet with zipper measures 8.2 x 4.7 inches (H – W). Traveling means we have the chances to discover from places to places, and this brings a high risk of electrical thieves. This one attaches to the strong RFID blocking system that blocks any dangerous signals. This wallet with zipper is great for someone who needs adequate space for their cards, cash and even passport. There is also one pen loop, convenient when you’re at the airport.

Wallet receives the good comments while offers good dividers and well-organized construction. Your item will be secured with the exposed metal zipper with a pebbled leather pull. Yet, this wallet appears smaller compared to the advertised sizing.

06. Men’s Wallet, Minimalist Vintage Cowhide Leather Wallet With zipper pocket

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Feature the same design as the previous one, this Vintage Cowhide Mens Zipper Wallet utilizes the hand-crafted retro cowhide leather. Wallet with zipper offers the luxury of lightweight and supple comfort when you touch it, which makes this type of leather very ideal if that is your preference. Since you are carrying on your hands one imported product, it ensures the quality and portable design. The outer skin is covered with one glossy lining that gives you a taste of luxury.

In term of sizing, this zip around wallet for men measures 3.25 x 4.75 inches. You can bring some of your most used items and organize them tidily inside 7 card Slots, 3 inside Slots, 2 ID window, 2 SD Card Slots, 1 Coin Pocket, 1 long Slots. The precise part of this mens zipper wallet must be the round-cut, which makes it easier for you to take cards in and out. Zip wallet features the sturdy hardware logo and contrast stitching inside.

When purchasing, you will receive a 30-DAYS warranty, allows you to receive a full refund or replacement if you are not satisfied with the mens zipper wallet. Wallet comes along with one gift box package, perfect to buy as a gift on special occasions.

07. MaxGear Credit Card Wallet with Zipper, Genuine Leather Credit Card Holder

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While most zip around wallet designs for men feature themselves as a bifold construction, or flat card holder, this MaxGear Leather Zip Around wallet will blow your mind with its smart motif. Feature the accordion style, you will have 2 currency slots and 10 card slots with adequate space for all essentials. At the back, there is one transparent ID window for driver license, or a lovely photo.

Made of finest milled cowhide, this wallet with zipper delivers a sense of smoothness and durability. Its outer pebbled skin keeps wallet stay in the palm of your hands. With its size measures 4.5 x 3 x 1 inch, be sure to check your card’s size before purchasing!

We highly recommend this MaxGear zip around wallet for men for those card lovers. As some may find it disappointed when you have to fold bills and put them in the end. The real mens zipper wallet appears smaller than the advertised dimension.

08. RFID Blocking Sleeves Front Pocket Wallet for Men, Secure Credit Card Wallet Mini Card Holder

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You are seeking for one best zip around wallet for men to secure you the best? This Protectif Mens Zipper Wallet is one good product to go for. Made of genuine leather, small zip wallet ensures to give you “durability” and “excellent performance”. The outer surface is covered with one layer of lining material, which delivers the smoothness and masculinity to combine perfectly with clothes.

The size measures roughly 3.25 x 4.67 x 0.2 inches, perfectly when putting inside the back or front pocket. Like other mens zip around wallet designs, you will have zipper pouch, 1 ID window and 3 card slots for the most-used items. As we are now worrying about the rise of electrical thieves, Protectif Mens Zipper Wallet is RFID PROTECTED.

It can fight against unauthorized RFID NFC and BLE scans which damage to your privacy. Also, all your belongings will be secured by the abrasion resistant YKK Metal Zipper, which covers along the edges. Feel free to pick this one as a special gift for Birthday, Anniversary or any special events.

In case you are not satisfied with the mens zip around wallet, ProtectIf offers a 60-DAYS guarantee for a full refund or replacement. According to most customers, the zipper is said to perform the low quality. ProtectIf mens zip around leather wallet is available in several stunning colors from dark to matte tones, perfect for both men and women.

09. Zero Grid Passport Wallet – Travel Document Holder

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If you are a travel lover, then you should not miss out this gear – Zero Grid Passport Zip Around Wallet For Men. No more suffering from electric thieves with their effective RFID shield. This RFID layer will automatically block any strange signals that reach your passport or cards without disrupting all your devices.

Made of rip-stop nylon, this mens zip around wallet delivers an intense durability and ability to withstand outer impacts (wear, tear or water plashes). In case you wonder about the size, this passport wallet for men measures 4.25 x 5.75 inches. With this size, feel free to keep in your backpack or carry on hands all the time.

Take a look inside, there are 8 card slots and 1 passport sleeve. Zero Grid gives away one full-size pen in each zip around wallet for men. All the pockets seem to be a bit tight at the beginning; but don’t worry, things will stretch out after times.

10. Men RFID Blocking Wallet Small Vintage Crazy Horse Leather

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Feature the exotic beauty, portable and roomy space, this Gazigo Zip Around Wallet For Men is sure to be one of the best options in zip wallet. Made of crazy horse leather, wallet delivers an intense durability and excellent construction. Feature the combination of polyester and leather, they bring the feeling of old fashion and vintage.

In term of construction, there are 2 separated pockets secure by the magnetic zipper. You can organize items as one pocket for cash and one another for coins or small keys. In details, mens zipper wallet offers 1 main cash slot, 6 card holders, 1 ID window and 2 coin pockets. Forget the time when you often leave your keys somewhere, now you can put in 1 outer pocket.

Also don’t be so worry when you see wrinkles and scratches on its surface, they result from the natural characteristics of leather. Although this one is popular as one zip around wallet for men, we believe women can also give it a try. All you have to do is just pick up one favorite color among those eye-catching tones.

In case you are not satisfied with the product, this brand guarantees to give you a full refund or replacement with 100% guarantee. According to most customers, the zipper is not good enough; so be sure when using. In case you experience a strange odor smell, leave it in a ventilate area to get rid of it.

11. Men’s Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Extra Capacity RFID Bifold Wallet

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This Italian Cowhide Mens Zipper Wallet from MANBANG is one wallet designed to have an actually-shape as one small notebook. Once you have purchased it, you will find it has so many spaces to keep your things. Made of Italy cowhide leather, wallet brings the feeling of smoothness and durability no matter how hard you use. Kindly measure your cards to make sure it fits this sizing: 3.7 x 4.7 x 0.6 inches (L – W – H).

The outer skin of zip around wallet mens is covered with polyester lining. This layer emphasizes the shining outlook as well as the elegant spirit. The longer you use, the brighter your wallet becomes. In term of capacity, you will have 3 inner pockets, 5 card slots, 2 SIM card slots and 2 long compartments. In case you are not satisfied with the wallet, MANBANG allows you to receive a replacement or full-refund within 30 days.

Feel free to choose your wallet among the dark coffee and black color tones. If you experience the strong odor smell after purchasing, kindly leave mens zipper wallet from a ventilated area for a few days. One inconvenience of this small zip wallet is the license holder. Since it was made of plastic, which requires you to remove your license out when necessary.

12. RFID Men’s Leather Zip Around Wallet For Men Bifold

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This Leather Zip Around Wallet For Men from DONWORLD will grab your look from the very first time, we believe! Feature the bright brown combines with a darker shade along the edges, this wallet with zipper is a good match for your vintage, boho outfits.

Feature the bifold design with three-sided zipper closure, you don’t have to worry about things that fall apart. Take a look inside, individuals will have 1 currency slot, 1 coin pocket, ID window and an extra slot for SIM. Card lovers are more likely to choose this small zip wallet as they will have up to 13 slots for their stuff (such a great deal, isn’t it?)

Take safety as the top priority, DONWORLD zip around wallet for men is handcrafted with intense care to small corners, and meticulous details. According to most customers, this wallet is bigger than the mentioned advertisement, which is a bit hard to keep in your pant pockets.

Note to yourself:

  • There will have tiny scratches, scar on the leather surface. No need to worry as these are the common symbol to identify the genuine leather. The longer you use, the more beautiful your wallet becomes.
  • Avoid direct heat, fire or flammable items. Keep your leather zip around wallet far from water is highly recommend also.
  • To wipe out dirt on wallet’s surface, use one soft dry towel. You can use high-grade cleaning fluid (commonly Pledge).


13. Credit Card Holder Wallet Zip Leather Card Case RFID Blocking

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For those who prefer electrical payment, even businessmen who need to store heaps of name card, this small zip wallet is a smart option. This design allows you to store up to 40 cards based on its slot. And there are 2 extra ID windows, where you can keep your license. Cash and bills are acceptable! However, it needs to be folded with care.

EasyYouLife Zip Around Wallet For Men and Women made of genuine cowhide leather, which emphasizes the sturdiness and elegant look. The inner card sleeve utilizes premium PVC. This material secures your cards from bending, or dirt as well.

We believe you guys will love this one. Feature the card sleeve designed as one photobook, super convenient to find your card in just a few minutes, isn’t it? However, please kindly be gentle when using the zipper. It can break down easily due to low quality materials.

14. Contacts RFID Mens Genuine Leather Double Zipper Wallet Pocket Bifold

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Different from all designs suggested above, this Leather Double Zipper Wallet ensures to offer you roomy space: from compartment for money, coins pocket to several card slots. This leather zip around wallet for men utilizes genuine leather, which delivers the best durability as well as excellent characteristics.

This best mens zipper wallet has gone through the meticulous process of checking. Its material is the main criteria that protects your belongings from water, directed heat and other outer impacts. Feature the bifold design, you will have 1 cash compartment, 2 extra slots for papers, 10 card slots. For coin collectors, there are 2 pockets secured by strong zipper. Such a huge capacity for you to carry all your things!

Please be sure to measure your cards to avoid sizing inconsistency. This zip around wallet for men measures roughly 3.5 x 4.5 x 0.8 inches, perfect for any pockets or small purse. Wallet comes along with one small chain, allows you to hook into your belt loop, or backpack strap when going on a long trip.

15. HUANLANG Mens Wallet RFID Blocking Multi Card Holder Wallets for Men

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Have you ever thought about one wallet that allows you to grab your card in just a few seconds? This HUANLANG Mens Zip Around Wallet will answer it all! Made of quality genuine leather, wallet impresses you with its sophisticated texture and great quality. With its dimension measures 4.7 x 3.9 x 1.18 inches, this is a perfect size allows you to put inside your pant pockets or carry in the palm of your hands.

Although we may see it as one small zipper wallet, the inner design offers adequate space includes 17 card slots, 1 currency pocket, 2 extra for receipts, and 1 ID window. The precise part is that these card slots are featured as one accordion wallet, easy to get cards out in a few seconds. Feature itself as one photobook, you can feel free to bring cash, car registration, keys and even some small coins.

Bringing so many cards and cash but still remains the excellent safety. This is a strong moto of HUANLANG. Not just the zip around wallet for men, one another side is attached by a strong snap button. No need to worry about the loss of your stuff!

Wallet mostly receives compliments for its performance and quality. According to most people, this mens zipper wallet appears a bit bigger than you expected. Feel free to choose your favorite colors among those dark tones, red, blue and coffee color.

Prefer wallet with multiple card slots to carry all your privacy? Check this one out: Best And Nice Men Checkbook Wallets

16. Vemingo Family Passport Holder RFID-Blocking Travel Wallet Ticket Holder

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Zip around wallet for men is available in several designs that fit different purposes of customers. However, the Passport Holder Wallet With Zipper is mostly preferred as this is one best option in case you have to go on a long trip. Feature the strong RFID Blocking System, wallet blocks any dangerous signals that can harm your privacy.

This wallet offers such a roomy space includes 13 card slots, 3 open pockets for currency, zipper pocket for coins, and an ID window. While people mostly buy the passport holder for themselves, this long zip wallet offers up to 4 passport pockets, which are convenient for a small family. You will have one extra pocket at the front, easier to store and take things out.

We believe this leather zip around wallet for men and women will protect your stuff at the safest stage; since it utilizes premium 300D cationic fabric, soft foam and durable polyester. In case there is a smelly odor after purchasing, just leave it in a ventilated area to get rid of the smell.

17. Hebetag Leather Clutch Purse Wallet for Men Organizer Holder

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One more design of the double zipper wallet – check out this Hebetag Leather Clutch Purse. Made of genuine leather fibers, wallet ensures to remain its durability and original shape no matter how hard you use. Using fibers delivers the weather-resistant characteristics to your wallet, especially water. It helps keep all essentials stay at the safest stage even when you are careless.

Hebetag best mens zipper wallet features double zipper pockets on the main body. You will have one slot at the back, and one zipper pocket at the front, convenient to keep your cellphones along. This zip around wallet for men defines itself as one small purse, compact to use for multiple purses from daily office days to a weekend dinner.

This mini coin pouch attaches to one wrist-strap. So, feel free to carry it around without any burden. As the keyring can wear out after times, be sure to leave it away from water or directed heat. However, wallet still receives many positive feedbacks for the quality as well as its stylish design.

18. Travel Wallet Passport Holder Traveling Pouch – Store Cash Passport Credit Cards

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Not just the zip around wallet for men, the double zipper wallet, we also suggest one more design with 4 ZIPPERS. Feel free to keep all your basic stuff as cellphones, keys, money or card slots. And if you often bring your passport or kindle along during the business trip, this mens zip around wallet can handle it all.

Made of 420D Dobby Nylon, this wallet delivers the excellent performance to withstand wear, tear or even unexpected water. This wallet allows machine wash to get rid of dirt or tiny stains. Just leave it in a ventilated area for a quick dry. Although the YKK zippers are said to make from high quality material, it’s better that you pay frequent care.

This NKTM zip around wallet for men receives compliments from people for its huge capacity and minimalist design. We highly recommend you use with care to avoid making the materials fade after times.

How to maintain the good quality of your mens zipper wallet?

  • For most wallet, including the slim wallets for men, the double zipper wallet or another design, genuine leather is the main material. You will find out some natural wrinkles, scars or scratches on the surface due to its obvious characteristics. Therefore, the longer you use, the more beautiful its surface becomes.
  • In term of material, please avoid the direct heat, water or extrusion. If you often put wallet in your purse or bag, kindly pay attention to avoid item with sharp edges. It may cause unexpected tears which are hard to deal with.
  • For mens zipper wallet that allows us to wash with hand, consider using one piece of soft cloth and wipe gently on the surface. Depend on some components, you can take a small about of specialized detergent to get rid of dirt or scars.

What do you think about our collection? Hopefully from this collection, individuals can pick up one best mens zip round wallet for them and even their love ones such as father and boyfriend. And if you think your wallet deserves to be one of the mens zipper wallet then don’t hesitate to share with us your thoughts.

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