Beautiful And Best Business Card Holder For Men ( Updated 2019 )


If your bulky wallet is weighing you down, why not consider upgrading to the best business card holder – one great way to streamline and bring you such a compact accessory?

When it comes to the items that highly portray the masculinity and elegance of men, people mostly reflect themselves through their favorite accessory. It can be one designed belt, the best business card holder or several brandy watches. Typically, it helps businessman reveals their social status towards surrounding individuals.

These days, there are a lot of brands that pioneer in producing the business card case and raise the standard for a personalized business card holder through each premium product line. Through a short period of time, these types of leather business card holder gradually become the indispensable accessories in the world of business, in the office. More conveniently, people also take it as gifts for not only their loved ones; but also, customers and partners in business affairs.

Top benefits of best business card holder

  • Perfect traveling “friend”: Usually, people prefer using their cards when they are going on holiday or traveling to another country. In these cases, one best business card holder is the best accessory for you to arrange all credit and debit cards in the same place. Besides, using one passport wallet for men and women also offers space for both your passport, and other essentials as well.
  • Embrace flexibility: This is the main reason which pushes people from purchasing one credit card holder. Having all your cards at the same place allows you to reach out your most-used one in just a few seconds. In fact, the standard business card size is completely compact, which fits in both your front and back pocket.
  • Always in fashion: Be it a teenager, a middle-aged man or someone in their 60’s, best business card holder suits everyone. There are very few products which have a massive following among every group of people and leather wallets and accessories are among those set of products.

Best business card holder you should take a look:

Having one wallet or card holder to store all your cards may sound funny or over simplistic. However, we sure they will play an important part of your desk at work. Let’s check out these business card case below.

1. Lethnic RFID Front Pocket Wallet – Best Business Card Holder – Minimalist, Ultra Slim, Thinnest Wallet

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We think you heard about Lethnic – one new brand which is famous for stunning versions of wallet for both men and women! If you prefer the slim and minimalist construction, this one ensures to be the best choice. Feature the sleek design, it stays safely out of sight no matter where you keep, neither the back nor front pocket. Lethnic RFID best business card holder made of genuine leather, which is 70% handcrafted by professional craftsmen. This material guarantees to deliver both the long-lasted lifespan, and the exotic appearance.

In term of size, this business card dimensions measure 4.33 x 2.95 x 0.12 inches. Although the size is not huge, we sure you can keep your basic items secure when going out. Feature roomy capacity, there are 7 card slots and 1 money pocket in case you still prefer using cash. No more worry about the rise of electrical thieves when you now have one effective shield of protection. The business card organizer features RFID blocking technology to secure all your important privacy.

This Lethnic credit card holder is available in several colors, just pick one tone that you like best. If you are seeking for one unique gift, Lethnic item always goes along with elegant gift box set. It also receives lots of compliments thanks to the smart design and excellent performance.

2. MaxGear Professional Best Business Card Holder Business Card Case Stainless Steel Card Holder

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Proud to suggest one BEST SELLER ITEM – the MaxGear Professional Best Business Card Holder. MaxGear has left a long-lasted expression when producing an exclusive metal credit card holder. This MaxGear metal business card holder highlights a combination of high Polish and Satin finish from stainless steel. You can feel free to make use the “polish side” as a mirror also.

While its size measures roughly 3.8 x 2.5 x 0.3 inches, you can collect the cards in one place but still put this metal credit card holder inside the long once comfortably. In term of capacity, this best business card holder wallet allows you to hold 15-20 business cards. They can be gift cards, ID cards or business cards, all items which you use daily. For those who often get hurt due to carelessness,

Know that there may have customers who do not satisfy with the product, MaxGear willing to offer 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. According to some customers, this type of material is easy to get fingerprints all over the surface; which leave an unprofessional outlook. Wallet is available in several colors from the bright to dark tone.

03. LETHNIC Handmade Leather Business Card Holder For Men – Mini Bifold Wallet – JOY

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Bring you the sleek design inside one small compact wallet – which can be only the Lethnic Womens and Mens Card Holder JOY Wallet. Its size features big enough to fit one normal card, which measures 3.2 x 4.3 inches. Emphasize the flat form, this business card holder is super convenient when carrying around or even keep inside your pant pockets. We believe womens can give it a try as well! No matter how small your purse is, the JOY card holder still fits inside easily.

Take a closer look, you will have 6 card slots designed in both vertical and horizontal direction. For better convenience, the brand places one extra card slot at the back. So just grab your most-used cards and leave there for making fast payment. We highly recommend the Lethnic Joy card holder for businessman and card lovers as its design looks like one basic wallet but focuses on the card space.

There are 2 different colors including the brown and wine. Lethnic highlights the solidness of their wallet by using meticulously stitched seams in contrasting colors along the edges.

4. Personalized Leatherette Business Card Case – Free Engraving

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When it comes to giving and receiving gifts, people often say it’s the thought that counts. From etching and engraving to custom art to personalization, personalized business card holder is always one-of-a-kind. With this best business card holder from Forevergifts USA, you can engrave letters on the front; it can be your name or the name of your loved ones.

In term of sizing, this business card dimensions measure approximately 3 13/16 x 2 ½ x 9/16 inches. This wallet size is compact for putting inside any pockets. In case you must go out in a hurry, then just grab this one with some basic cards and your smartphone. You can have your wallet personalized in 1 line at the front of the pocket. The maximum character for your personalized quote is 35. Best business card holder makes use of contrasting threads to bring the sturdiness throughout the whole product.

This best business card holder receives lots of compliments thanks to its uniqueness lies in the personalized case. Since wallet features the standard business card size, it’s better that you choose the basic and most-used cards.

5. Alpine Swiss Genuine Leather Thin Business Card Case Minimalist Wallet

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When you have to remember the contact and personal information, then it’s time to have one Alpine Swiss Men Best Business Car Holder. With this Alpine Swiss Business Card Case, genuine leather is the main material. The luxurious genuine leather for the inner and exterior design. Highlight the sleek and smooth surface, the credit card holder features the elegance and light-weight feeling when holding on the hands.

About the size, this one has the size measures roughly 4.7 x 3.8 x 0.8 inches. Take a closer look, these wallets allow you to bring 25 credit cards or up to 50 business cards, so convenient!!! More convenient, swiss leather business card holder wallet features pockets allow the customer to expand widely as one flat compartment. Alpine Swiss also take advantage of stitched seams in the bright tone of color to emphasize the firmness and sophistication.

For those who need to store lots of cards for business purposes, then we sure you will love this one with roomy space for cards. Wallet comes along with one gift box set, perfect in case you want to send it as a gift on special occasions.

Interested in this brand, you may wanna check out this collection: Best And Unique Alpine Swiss Men’s Wallet

6. Lethnic Leather Small Wallet Credit Card Holder Rfid Blocking

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In color psychology, colors have a huge impact on your overall state of mind and feeling, especially when you take advantage of them on your daily outfits. For example, red is known as one bold and powerful color, green is one restful color that emphasizes the balance of all emotions, while brown shows the love for great outdoors, not afraid that you will get dirty or tired.

If you are into these 3 colors, then we sure you will love this Lethnic RFID Best Business Card Holder from the very first sight. Handcrafted using the premium cross-patterned rosewood leather, this business card case not only lets you immerse in the appealing visual effects, but delivers the long durability as well.

Take “slim construction” as one of the top priorities, wallet measures 2.95 x 4.33 inches. You can feel free to put inside your pockets or carry around during lunch time. Wallet ensures to bring generous capacity to meet your needs, including: 2 card slots, 1 functional slot, 1 slip and 1 half-open pocket. It can fit up to 9 cards and 9 folded bills.

No more information loss, the RFID blocking system will secure all your privacy from being hacked by identity thieves. Lethnic offers a 30-day warranty if you experience any problems caused during the manufacturing process.

7. Slim Wallets for Men – Mens Wallet Card Holder – Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet with Elastic

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Wanna find one best business card holder that delivers the exotic performance and vintage soul? Check out this Mens Card Holder from HUSKK – one high-end brand in London. Make use of 100% crazy horse leather, this one delivers the attractiveness and long-lasting lifetime. Best business card case from HUSKK attached to RFID blocking system. No more worry about private information is being stolen from a dangerous signal.

The benefit of owning one minimalist wallet is that you can both reduce the excess stuff and have a better way to organize things. In term of capacity, this mens business card holder carries up to 12 cards for basic functions. The 3 precise elements that will blow your mind up including one key ring loop and the intuitive pull-strap for accessing easily to your cards. For people who still have the habit of using cash, please make use of the leather strap to secure money due to carelessness.

Best business card holder receives lots of comments for the good design and durable materials. To maintain the genuine leather throughout time, please avoid direct heat, sunlight or water. According to customers, the size is not huge enough to carry a US bill. On the other hand, the elastic band may crunch your bills and money.

8. Partstock(TM) Flip Style Leather Business Name Card Wallet / Holder 25 Cards Case

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This best business card holder is designed to best suit women and men, with multiple eye-catching colors. Men can choose colors such as black, brown as they would be easier to mix with your formal suit. Made of durable leather, wallet delivers the durability which remains wallet performance no matter how hard you use. You can see the stitches feature the same color, which defines the harmony for every item you take.

In term of capacity, this Partstock Flip style leather business card holder holds up to 25 cards (including ID and credit cards). Wallet measures 4 x 2.8 inches, convenient for you to put in both the front and back pocket. Even if you carry one small purse, this one fits well. In case individuals are not satisfied with Partstock Flip style leather business card holder, you will receive a 100% money back guarantee for returning or receiving its refund.

Please understand the difference in color due to monitor brightness and lighting system as well. However, there is the customer not satisfied with the quality, as they easily tear apart after time using. This leather business card holder is one high-rated product in Amazon’s Choice list, why don’t you give it a try?

9. HISCOW Envelope Business Card Case with Magnet Closure – Italian Calfskin (Black)

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For those who want to try something new besides the bifold, trifold construction, you must check out this HISCOW Envelope Business Card Case. The leather business card holder comes along in one classy matte-black box which is then enclosed in a black cardboard sleeve, and then shrink wrapped. Super nice to choose as one gift on special occasions. Made of premium Nappa Italian Leather, you will sure feel the smoothness and wonderful smells for both the inner and outer design.

Embrace the simplicity, you can feel free to combine this business card case with formal outfits, elegant suit or even active sportswear on the weekends. Be sure to measure your cards before purchasing to avoid sizing inconsistency. The HISCOW best business card holder measures 2.9 x 4.2 x 0.19 inches (H – W – D). In term of capacity, wallet can hold up to 14 business cards or 6 credit cards depending on thickness.

The leather business card holder receives mostly compliments for its compact design.

10. Lethnic RFID Thin Wallet For Men, Women – Unique Color-Mixed Genuine Leather

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Have you ever thought that minimalism can exist in those “left-pocket” leather wallets? If not, might you not hear about Lethnic, or the magic created on their drawings.

The L-shaped construction features as one highlight of this Lethnic RFID Slim Wallets For Men. You can take this space for additional receipts or bills as well. Made with the revolutionary genuine cowhide leather, wallet not only delivers the elegance; but embraces its performance. Using premium leather also brings the long durability no matter how hard you use.

In term of sizing, this flat leather wallet measured by 4.55 x 2.95 inches. Feel free to keep inside your back or front pocket, even carry on the hands when you are in a hurry. Take a closer look, you will find 4 card slots, 1 ID window, 1 bill compartment and 1 extra slot. These spaces allow you to carry up to 9 cards and 10 – 12 folded bills. Flat wallet from Lethnic enhances your privacy protection by equipping the strong RFID Blocking System.

Lethnic flat wallet is available in 3 separated colors: black, brown and navy. In case you are not satisfied with the wallet, Lethnic offers a 30-DAY WARRANTY; which means the brand will cover any factory defects as a result from the manufacturing process of the product. Since this is a new product, why don’t click “Add to Cart” now and share with us your thoughts?

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11. SunplusTrade Professional Best Business Card Holder Business Card Case Stainless Steel Card Holder

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Carrying a metal credit card holder is one great option to extend the life of your credit cards. Besides, your card’s shape remains intact until they expire, as they will not be crushed. This SunplusTrade Professional Business Card Holder is designed to meet the needs of both men and women. Made of high quality stainless steel, wallet delivers the sturdiness and intense durability.

In term of sizing, this metal credit card case measures 3.7 x 2.4 x 0.28 inches (L – W – H). You can feel free to put inside pockets or even small purses. Its outer skin is covered by one layer of finished satin, and one mirror edge in the front. You can carry from 13 to 18 business cards depend on the thickness of your cards.

This case is enough for what you need since it protects the shape of your cards and allows for streamlined carry in a pocket, a briefcase or even a folder. However, the shining metal surface is easy to have scratches and fingerprints (especially on the mirror finish on the front).

12. Leather Business Name Card Holder Case Wallet Credit Card Book with Magnetic Shut Coffee

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Available in several colors, this Leather PU Business Credit ID Card Holder from Y&G will make you fall in love with it from the very first time. Feature the combination of synthetic leather and stainless steel, you will still feel the softness when touching on wallet’s surface. The inner steel not only guarantees the high protection but delivers the durability as well. This best business card holder goes along with one gift box set, perfect for your loved ones on any special occasions.

In term of sizing, this Y&G business card case measures 4 x 2.55 x 0.6 inches. Please understand if there is any slight difference in sizing due to manual measurement. You can feel free to carry up to 14 business cards (including access cards, ID cards, driver license, medical cards..). Y&G metal credit card holder features one built-in magnetic strip, which makes it easier for you to open and close.

Wallet appears the same as mentioned in the advertisement. However, you need to be careful when using. It will help avoid bend or unexpected scratches. Besides this best business card holder, Y&G still offers several wallet styles that meet your needs.

13. Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Secure Thin Credit Card Holder

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This wallet from kinzd is one best business card holder you don’t want to miss in this collection. Kinzd impressed their audiences by offering over 45 styles of leather business card case made of Napa Leather, Crazy Horse Leather, Carbon Fiber leather and Crosshatch Leather, Waxed Vegetable Leather. Since wallet has been through the strict craftsmanship, all the edges are sewn with sturdy stitches and oiled to prevent the materials from fraying.

You may want to know more about the leather’s function used for kinzd wallet

  • Napa leather: Utilize as the first layer of leather, Napa material delivers the soft and durable characteristics. People often use Napa leather for high-end furniture and accessories including luggage and wallet. It can be used for luxury car interiors as well.
  • Crazy horse leather: This is one manufacturing process that brings the glossy and smooth for wallet’s skin surface. Crazy horse leather is mainly used as the first layer of cowhide embryo.
  • Crosshatch Leather: It embraces the trendy fashion style, mostly used by many high-end leather goods.
  • Carbon fiber Leather: Made of carbon fiber and treated from graphite epoxy coating fabric of the pressure. The benefit of using this one includes the light-weight, high tensile strength and low density.

This best business card holder appears with the small size 4.4 x 3.15 x 0.12 inches You will find 6 card slots, 2 large pockets and 1 ID window. All you have to do is just to keep your belongings tidily. No more worry about information loss since this one equips to the strong RFID blocking system. You will find all the slots slight tight when putting the cards in. Please be aware that it will loosen a bit after days using.

14. Personalized Black and Silver Quality Metal Business Card Holder – Free Engraving

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Let’s check out another version of personalized business card holder. This metal business card holder grabs individual’s attention as they can have free engraving at the front. All the free engraving includes 4 lines of text; with 30 characters for each line. Made of premium silver metal, it limits the damages caused by water, heat or any outer impacts.

If you choose to buy this one, kindly contact Amazon and provide them the engraving details within 24 hours of purchase. You will also have more than 20 fonts to choose. All you have to do is to check carefully the fonts and spelling accuracy. Wondering about the size? This best business card holder measures 3.7 x 2.3 inches, super convenient for putting inside small pockets as well as carrying on hands.

Do not forget to give the engraving details to Amazon otherwise you will receive one item with the company logo.

15. Leather Credit Card Wallet with Zipper, MaxGear Genuine Leather Credit Card Holder with RFID Blocking Small Accordion Wallet

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MaxGear has gone through many collections on our site. So, if you are a business seeking for the small item to carry on important cards, let’s check out this MaxGear Best Business Card Holder For Women and Men. Make of premium genuine leather, leather card holder delivers the smooth and durability within one touch. The outer performance covers one layer of fabric lining to emphasize solid construction. MaxGear ensures to bring the wallet with excellent performance since it was handcrafted by professional artisans.

Feature the compact size measures roughly 4.5 x 2.9 x 1 inches, you can put it in the pockets, bags or small pouch when going out. In term of design, you will find 2 cash compartments and 9 slots for the card. The outer performance features 2 ID windows, which is more convenient for checking at stations or bus stop. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can receive a full refund or replacement within 365 days.

With this one, no more worry about losing your information with an effective RFID blocking technology. This leather business card holder receive mostly compliments from customers, so why don’t give it a try and share with us?

16. Y&G Men’s Fashion Unisex Leather Vertical Business Card Holder with Magnetic

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Taking a look at this one, we sure you guys will be overwhelmed with a multitude of different color models; from the dark tone to colorful patterns and even with a golden sparkling one. Originally produced from Y&G, the cool Y&G men wallets take advantage of genuine leather for the soft experience when holding in your hand. In details, PU leather also delivers the long-lasted lifespan to withstand a bump or accidental flashes of water.

Since this YDC06 Best Business Card Holder highlights the strong case form, the premium stainless steel is utilized to prevent rusty or serious damages to items stored inside. For people who have the habit of using debit or credit cards, this one allows you to store 4-5 with a little space for business cards. But with the size measures 9.4 x 1.3 x 6 inches, we highly recommend this for a metal business card holder with 25 – 27 cards.

Y&G also attach one magnetic closer to keeping cards entirely safe, even when you are running. However, putting fewer cards will leave extra space inside; which can make cards move around. Please kindly understand the slight difference in colors due to lighting angles.

All these 15 best business card holders are hand-picky ones that come with the best quality and catchy designs. They are carefully chosen from the most favored card case sold online. I hope that with the help of one of those business card holders in this collection of Beautiful and best business card holder for men in 2018, you can reach your business success and strengthen the relationship by bringing along the cards for immediate contacts.

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