Back-pain: When having a Fat Wallet isn’t a good thing

When individuals reach the middle age during their whole life, there will have severe problems happen with the body. Have you ever talked to someone who always complains about their back pain? And for those who are suffering from lower back pain or sciatica, these symptoms may result from carrying the thick wallet in your back pocket. Getting to interview our team members, most of men these days have never thought about this. On the other hand, we do think this is the common problem that modern men often suffer.

Mentioning about “Wallet sciatica”, this term absolutely relates to the wallet neuritis or fat wallet syndrome; which means the health problems individuals have to suffer when carrying too many things inside their wallet. For a long time, it results in the lower back problem which seriously leads to piriformis.

Don’t close your tab !! Because after you read this article, you will know more about the bad results of carrying one fat wallet and some methods to treat this annoyed syndrome.

True Fact: Take a closer look in medical terms, bringing a superb thick wallet (also called fat wallet) in your back pocket is more likely to cause sciatica. Since we have made a detailed survey, there are up to 80% of Americans, especially modern men have to suffer from this issue during their life.

Obviously, you guys can predict exactly the elements that lead to this issue. For example, sitting in a wrong position, being hunched over a desk or even not practicing enough sports. Those who do not pay much attention realize the strange inconvenience that gets worse throughout the time. But let’s straight to the point, it happens because of sitting on your thick wallet.

Reasons lead to this health problem

Commonly, people often see back pain as one common issue happens from repetitive spinal stress or the weak core. But just come up with the simple thought as having the thick wallet in your back pocket is the basic reason. Men nowadays love to reveal the personal status by showing their super-thick wallet; without thinking that this can have a huge impact on their spinal core.

Known as one indispensable accessory which offers roomy space; wallet allows individuals to bring many things such as cash, credit cards important bills, pictures and miscellaneous things which can result in quite a chunky piece of pocket wear.

Let’s imagine that individuals carry along this chunky piece all over the time, even when you are working at the office or sitting on the chair. At this time, instead of sitting balance on the flat surface, your pelvis appears to have one side higher compared to the another.

  • For people who have not known, the thick wallet not only brings a huge impact to the spine; but also affects other cells and structures on the lower parts.
  • For people who are new to wear a wallet in their back pocket, you may feel inconvenient at the beginning, but this experience will be forgotten once you become familiar with the accessory. However, don’t underestimate this aspect because it may lead to something serious
  • In fact, the human body has one amazing ability to adapt and adjust the body for imbalances. So when your body comes across some mysterious syndrome, you will absolutely do something to compensate for this.

The detail structure of lower part

Obviously, walking and sitting is two main activities that appear respectively during the whole day. And pelvis and hips are also the basic base of the spine; which have a huge impact on different movements. As we said, wearing one wallet on the back pocket will cause one high side and the another features the slightly raised position.

There are some common harms result from wearing fat wallet:

  • In the situation, the body tends to pull your core towards the side which has your wallet, even out of the imbalanced area. In contrast, wearing thick wallet will make two halves of your pelves move gradually. As a result, this will lead to the risk of taking sacroiliac joint dysfunction.
  • When suffering from a long-term process, your spine appears to experience the body stress and back pain. Apart from the spine, the pain also happens to many structure and tissues that play important roles in supporting your movements; as well as the Sciatic nerve around your buttock
  • After being compressed, this nerve is more likely to get worse; which results in the serious leg pain or tingling for the whole time. You can search for more information by typing the term: “wallet-neuropathy”.

How To Cure Piriformis Syndrome

This is one video mentions about the serious back pain syndrome caused by “bringing a superb thick wallet” from Austin, Texas chiropractor Jeff Echols. In this video, Jeff will show you the change of your body as well as the bone when putting the wallet in your back pocket for too long. Besides, we also see how this simple habit can bring a huge impact on all the sciatic nerve.

We sure that this information here definitely contributes to the pain and ache to happen in the thigh from sciatica. When it comes to the part of giving ideal solutions, Jeff also suggests modern men nowadays should consider using one slim wallets for men or one money clip wallet for people who have the habit of using cash.

“You might not think of too much cash as a source of pain; but using one thick wallet is the main reason which leads to piriformis syndrome. These symptoms may result from carrying the fat wallet in the back pocket of men pants. And you can find one way to solve this situation by keeping your wallet in a front pocket or in your jacket.” – Simple Therapy

If you have suffered from this health issue, we sure you may have heard your doctor said: “Don’t bring the fat wallet in your back pocket!!”.  Hola you guys, did we say that carrying one front pocket wallets for men not only brings benefit for the clothing style; but also your posture? Please, ladies, you’re not the exception: Even wearing heavy purse or shoulder bags can cause serious back pain, too.

With all the disadvantages and solutions we have mentioned above; you can take a look at some collections on this site to see which one is good to prevent you from this annoying health problem. But at first, remember to keep your wallet clean and slim by taking out all the trash and miscellaneous things.

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