Awesome Ways To Prevent Electrical Thieves While Traveling


Check out the most valuable tips will help you get away from the risk of having electrical thieves during your vocation!

Knowing how to get rid of thieves and scams while traveling is one common concern for most tourists. And we believe just by surfing through the internet, you will find several guidebooks or blog mention about this topic on the website. But just take a glance at our post too!

Unfortunately, in the 21st century, individuals are more likely to have their personal information stolen. It could be your private data, financial status and digital identity, anything that can bring harm to your privacy. Identity thief is one increasing problem all over the world – especially for those who love to travel around countries.

Just imagine you are wandering among strange places with unsecured Internet connection, we bet your information is always in danger whenever you log in any websites. And travelers sometimes will unexpectedly share their credit card information with ATM or merchants, whom they don’t know about and won’t meet again in the future.

With the development of technology, this problem will bring a huge impact to more people, especially travelers. Read more for some efficient ways to avoid identity thief during your upcoming holiday below.

Tips for protecting your privacy during vacation

“Store” all your private documents

We know there are individuals who often carry essential papers with you inside the wallet or small purse. They may include your medical card, checkbook, bank statements – remember to leave them at home before heading to cool places for a few days.

For all the papers you bring along during the trip, kindly be aware of pickpocketing. Consider crowded places such as nightclubs, public squares or big concerts), you will want to carry your backpack carefully from the moment you walk out of your hotel room.

Highly recommend: For every hotel, you will have the hotel safe. However, it’s better to use it with caution.

“Secure” your essentials

This seems to be the common recommendation you will come across when reading all the traveling articles. However, it would be great if you have one travel bag, which you can wear on your hips.

Highly recommend: It’s better to have one wallet with a strong RFID Blocking System to secure your privacy from those dangerous thieves. When purchasing the wallet, most of us often seek for unique design goes along with eye-catching colors. But these days, RFID Technology is one of the top criteria customers often request when selecting their wallet.

With a detailed list composed in this collection Best And Stylish RFID Wallets for Men, they make recommendation based on the rates and feedbacks of customers; which is very reliable. From that, Sharkk, Access Denied, Lethnic, Travelon or Dash Co receives several compliments from customers.

Be careful with shared / public connections

For us, we found that this suggestion is super hard to do. Once you are in another country, you can hardly find shared connections apart from connections at the coffee shop, hotels, airports.

Accordingly, some connections will send you a confirmation before giving you the access to its data. Otherwise, they are unsecured and may let others steal your information. Please remember it’s risky once you start typing your information, including account email and password login.

Highly recommend: There is nothing more to say than be careful when accessing these connections. Avoid giving these websites your bank accounts, personal email or sensitive accounts. If you have no choice, choose what you will wisely type in the blank.

In case your business trip requires you to use your laptop with free Wi-Fi, be smart to select the safe connections. You will find several websites allow you to get access to open system. In any circumstances, try using the HTTPS:// instead of HTTP:// For those who haven’t known, the S stands for “secure” which guarantees that your information is strictly protected. One more option is to use the Surf EAS VPN, which helps encrypt all data when accessing a public network from your own laptop.

If you want to set a stricter protection in case you are using public computers, we recommend one pay service named Authentic8. This service operates as one particular browser in a silo in the cloud, where all your data are secured at the safest stage.

Below are some tips to help you become more careful when using public Wi-fi Networks:

Commonly, we believe most of us often use public computers to access sites, and then log out. But have you known that this is not enough! Go on reading:

Delete all cookies and browsing history – There are some computers that can automatically keep you log in on their websites (could be Facebook or LinkedIn), unless you log out yourself. Basically, public terminals are set up to delete your information automatically. However, it would be better if you can do it yourself, isn’t it?

Use ATMs locate at the bank – Recent researches show that identity thieves tend to install the card reader in an ATM. By applying that way, they can have faster access to all card number and PIN. This situation often happens to generic ATM, which you can find across the vendors. We suggest you find a bank hosted ATM that are less likely accessed by thieves.

Check card statement regularly – No matter how confident you are with the secure shield, don’t forget to check your credit card statement even during the trip. Commonly, travelers rarely check their bank data until they get home, which gives chances for thieves to start their bad plans.

Hopefully these tips will help you get away from the risk of having electrical thieves during your vocation. Also, with the development of technology, why don’t utilize the modern accessories to make your life easier and safer?

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