7 tips to keep up your handbags

7 tips to keep up your handbags

Using and storing your handbag properly will remain its quality for many years.

1. Protect its material

To prevent their bags from getting stained with spots or dirt, women should determine what their bags are made of and how they could do to protect the material. Some solutions may help you. For example, those made from fabric should turn to fabric and upholstery protector which is often used to protect sofa or car seat cover.

1. Protect its material

For leather bag, you should use leather protector to make it resistant to oil and water and minimize fouling. Also, you can use leather gel or leather milk to increase durability and reliability for your bags.

2. Keep them properly

Your bag will quickly break down if you often throw it into the mess at the bottom of your wardrobe or anywhere you like. To extend its life cycle, you should preserve it properly, the most ideal way is storing in a vertical position in a dust bag or pillowcase. Remember not to put them in moist plastic.

You should allocate padded scarves, sweaters, napkins or sponges inside to help it stay in good shape. Remove the strap in case you don’t want to use it.

3. Do not wipe off indiscriminately

Handling soiled stains in a wrong way even encourages you to throw away your handbag more quickly. The first step is you need to know what kind of the stain is and then find the treatment. Here are some tactics to remove common stains on the bag:

– Food stains: Crush white chalk, sprinkle on the stain and leave it overnight. Rub it with a clean cloth on the following morning.

– Oil spill: Sprinkle cornstarch on the stain immediately, then rub to generate heat from friction promoting it to quickly absorb oil. Brush away the powder with a clean cloth.

3. Do not wipe off indiscriminately

– Ink stains: If the ink stain is new, use a white eraser to remove it immediately, but do not rub too hard as it is very easy to spill over. If it gets dry, you need a professional treatment (see section 7). White eraser is also extremely useful in removing some dirt.

– Traces of dirty water: If your bag is in contact with mud or dirty water, let it dry naturally, then bring it to a professional laundry for them to solve.

– Eliminate odor: Put a small bag full of dough inside your bag or put your bag inside a vacuum bag for 1-2 days. You can also dryer sheets and put two of them into the bag for a few days.

4. Protect lining

Pack cosmetic and vials of liquid into a separate bag before putting them in your bag to reduce the risk of stain spills and damage to lining and other items. Be careful with pens having open nibs. You should preferably store them in boxes or small bags to avoid leakage.

5. Keep metal parts shiny

Prevent jewelry or keys on your costumes or hard objects on the car from scratching metal parts on your handbag. In case they are dull and grimy, you are supposed to use a clean sponge and remember not to use a brush as well.

6. Regular maintenance is vital

6. Regular maintenance is vital

Currently there are many shops for leather maintenance. If you do not have time, here are some things you should remember to take care and preserve your leather bags daily:

– Avoid placing your hand on the bag if they are dirty or stick with liquid or cream.

– Avoid direct contact with the sun.

– Use different bags alternately so as not to let one quickly get broken.

– Use a brush dedicated to suede treatment and able to recover bags from this material.

– Frequently use a moisturizer for leather material to make it flexible and reduce cracks.

– Wipe your bag weekly with soft cloth.

7. Bring your bag to a professional place

With stains or damage through a very long time, do not try to cope with them when you are not sure whether your treatment will be effective. Bring them to a laundry facility or professional bag-fixing shop.

They will upgrade, clean up and restore the color if necessary. If the bag loses its metal pins on the bottom, they will be replaced. Those service-takers will utilize dedicated substances to remove dirt and handle scratches to return your bag as a brand new one.

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