5 Tricks to optimize your wallet

Nowadays, most of us will have at least one wallet to cover the whole items for daily activities. For some people, they tend to have different types to keep thing separated tidily. For example, the credit cards wallet, the passport wallet or even the small coin pouch for some girls and women.


Obviously, keeping items in the wallet stay well-organized is not a usual habit for neat freaks. In contrast, it is better to form the habit of organizing things tidily from the early age. Take a closer look, having one well-organized wallet brings two basic benefits for individuals; save the money they spend regularly and allow you to find you things in seconds.

In this article, we will suggest some tips for keeping your wallet optimize and prime during the shopping time.

1. Keep things simple

There are plenty of readers asked us the question like: “How to keep their wallet well-organized all the time without getting messy?”. In fact, simplicity is considered to be the key element which leads to the better result. According to Kristen Christian, the founder of the Bank Transfer Day events, she states that:

I always chase the simple style for everything and aspects in my life.” She also states that Kristen usually takes advantage of the premium passport case as the general covering to bring along all her debit cards, credit cards and ID for important occasions.

Since some people have the habit of bringing one small amount of cash, carrying your own debit and credit cards has its own benefits. Obviously, carrying fewer cards will prevent the case of losing your personal identity and money – which are the two important things.

2. Utilize the cash-back bonuses

There is one fact that individuals tend to receive 5% of the cash-back rewards for every month depend on the purpose they use their credit cards. If you want to follow this system, let’s call it “the hierarchy.”


When reading to this stage, we sure some of you may ask the reason why you never receive any rewards or bonuses since the day your cards have been approved.

  • For applying this system, it is better to sign up and check out for the rewards; which will bring the great results for long-term investment.
  • Next, select one handy post-it and do not forget to tell your bank or investing manufacturer the type of product you invest money regularly on purchasing

3. Clean your bills and important papers once a week

Knowing how to organize and clean your bills will bring 3 benefits:

  • Commonly, people often purchase too many things without noticing the money they invested. Therefore, counting your bills and receipts once a week is an ideal option to push you to the limit when you are spending too high. For example, when you went out for dinner with friends mostly every night, then counting the receipts on the weekend will remind you to save some money.
  • Second, keeping the receipt allows you to prove that stores or manufacturers have made incorrect charges when you purchase anything. For instance, when women go to the supermarket for purchasing convenient things, then check out your bills again is very important to see whether they have to make a wrong purchase or not.
  • And the last benefit is that taking bills out will provide a safe space for wallet user when it comes to the tax season.

4. Store coupons and rewards cards

As mentioned, sometimes people use different wallets to keep their things well-organized. In contrast, there are some who just want to utilize one to prevent losing or forgetting them at home. Therefore, if you have coupons and other miscellaneous cards, it is better to put in the car or handbag to make your wallet as slim as possible.

For a businessman, the implementation above is ideal for taking use of roomy space in the purse or handbag. On the other hand, it also reminds people about the another deal you may forget about.

5. Keep dollar bills tidily as other changes

Nowadays, wallet brand and other manufacturers design the money clip; which enhance the compact and convenient feature when using. If you are seeking to buy one, then using this type of wallet for cash, credit cards and bank receipts is highly recommended.


This tip will bring the benefits as:

  • Individuals will understand the way of saving and control their purchase during the time
  • By organizing things with a magnetic clip, it would be easier to use one particular amount of change (the type if money). As a result, it keeps wallet slimmer and neat.
  • If you limit the dollar bills inside the wallet, this method will prevent you from spending small expenses on miscellaneous items as the food in vending machine. (Once you don’t have the change, you cannot buy this gas bottle or the candy bar)
  • One more funny fact is that there will have lots of changes if you want to trade for other people. For instance, breaking one bill one 20$ leaves out more 1$ bills throughout the day.

Generally, spending the money wastefully is one common problem people often have when bringing lots of cash and bills along. With 5 Tricks to optimize your wallet above, hopefully you will have useful methods to organize your wallet effectively.

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