Best Flat Wallets For Men And Women [ Updated 2020 ]


Discover the slim flat wallet collections: bifold, long wallet and magic wallet design. They all come in several designs, material, sizing and color that match your personal demands.

People often think it’s a great idea to store all your cards and currency in the wallet. They haven’t been aware that these traditional wallets to get bulkier and messier over time. Especially, they also grab the attention of most pickpockets when you intend to pay for something at public. Besides those traditional wallets, a mens flat wallet is now preferred by people thanks to its compact and convenient usage. Don’t want to own a wallet with disorganized and messy construction anymore?

For men and women, they often have problems with bringing lots of things in their pocket or backpack. It not only makes your appearance look huge and ungainly, but also ends up with health issues related to your back or your shoulder. The ideal solution for this is to bring one flat wallet which allows individuals to put conveniently in their pocket or front pockets of the pant.

In this collection of 16 Best flat wallet designs for men and women, we are so excited to recommend some common designs of the wallet which are divided into different styles including bi-fold, card holder or long wallet.

Different structures of womens and mens flat wallet

When seeking to buy one new wallet, all the reliable brands and designs which are available in the marketplace can become quickly overwhelming at the first glance. In fact, wallets come in several design, material, sizing and color that match your personal demands.

  • Classic bifold wallet: This wallet’s construction appears the same as your old traditional wallets. Among all wallet designs, bifold is the most popular and slimmest item. You can feel free to carry it on hands, put inside pockets or even sit on it.
  • Trifold wallet: Much like the construction of bifold, mens trifold wallet is divided into thirds. If you love bringing more cards, then choosing trifold would be an excellent choice. Please remember that the more items you put inside, the thicker your trifold wallet will become.
  • Card holder wallet: People prefer using their cards when they are going on holiday or traveling to another country. In these cases, one best business card holder is the best accessory for you to arrange all credit and debit, membership cards in the same place.
  • Money clip wallet: This type of wallet delivers the flexible accessibility and durability. Also, making a purchase or give tips at the restaurant won’t take much time as cash is now secured in the strong money clip.


Reviews of some best mens flat wallets in 2020:

01. Slim Mini Leather Card Holder – MINI VICTORY

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For the first item, we highly recommend this MINI VICTORY Flat Leather Wallet – one of the super slim designs in this flat card wallet collection. Please kindly measure your cards to make sure they fit this sizing: 2.99 x 4 inches. In comparison, this slim flat wallet has its thickest segment measures only 0.2 mm, one amazing criterion which cannot be found in 90% of other wallets in the market.

The brand utilizes Saffiano as the main material to embrace their wallet’s quality. Saffiano not only brings the sophisticated look but ensures to remain the exotic beauty for years as well. And with the unique “red slot” design, why don’t take this as a place to keep your most used-card. It would save more time to define the card and take it out.

Some of you may think this flat card wallet is designed for men; however, we believe women can give it a try as well with the Pink, and Dark Green color. If you are interested, click “Add to Cart” to purchase now and we sure you won’t disappointed!

02. LETHNIC Leather Bifold Wallet For Men – Cosy (Black)

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Choosing your wallet somehow depends on the individual’s taste as well as their actual needs. Basically, people prefer the mens bifold wallet thanks to its minimal design and huge capacity. Lethnic COSY Bifold Flat Wallet For Men wins the heart of most customers thanks to its flat and compact design. You won’t have to worry about backpain or bulky pocket whenever sitting for such a long time.

Feature the compact bifold construction, Lethnic flat wallet offers roomy space divided into 2 compartments, 5 card slots, and 1 transparent ID window. Take privacy as one of the top priorities, there are 2 hidden pockets for your private items such as receipts, keys or condoms.  With the medium size, feel free to keep in your front or back pant pockets.

Made of exquisite Italian leather and meticulous stitches, COSY flat wallet womens and mens delivers the excellent performance as well as long durability. Crafted with meticulous stitches and lining layer, it brings a sense of masculinity when combining with any type of outfit.

If you are seeking for one special gift for any special occasions such as birthday, reunion event or wedding day, COSY should stay in the wishlist! It comes along with one elegant gift box set.

03. Bellroy Micro Sleeve, slim leather wallet (Max. 6 cards and bills)

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Your daily routine or long vacation can be slowed down due to messy unnecessary. It may result from miscellaneous items inside your bag or expired bills that stayed in the wallet for months. Why don’t make things easier with this Bellroy Micro Sleeve Flat Wallet – the “SUPER SLIM” wallet made of environmentally certified leather?

Bellroy mens flat wallet measures 1,7 x 4 inches (H – W); super convenient to keep inside pant pocket or even carry on your hands. In term of capacity, wallet features 2 slots for credit card and 1 central pocket allow you to keep up to 6 cards totally. However, cash needs to be folded when keeping in the slot.

This Bellroy mens flat wallet features the slim motif as in the advertisement, which is the bonus point. However, the real product tends to stretch out after using. Since this one utilizes the genuine leather, it is better to be careful in order not to create any stains or unexpected scratches.

04. Minimalist Slim Wallet For Men Women – Elastic Thin Front Pocket Credit Card Holder

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Commonly, the flat wallet womens and mens defines itself as one card holder. Because when you prefer the modern cash payment, keeping all the cash helps your wallet slimmer and well-organized. With the size measures 3 x 2.2 inches (high x wide), it is super thin, but stills offer a smart look.

To make this best flat wallet, VBAX takes advantage of the Veg Tanned and Suede Leather with intense elasticity:

  • Veg-tanned leather: One friendly-environmental material which is stiffer and stronger. Basically, veg tanned leather embraces the natural colors to give you a variety of shades and designs. Also, the quality of leather will increase over time with a sophisticated patina. VBAX wallet in vegetable tanned features 1 main pocket for cards, 3 more slots for key. And there is NO EXTERIOR POCKET.
  • Suede leather: Similar to veg tanned leather, suede delivers a smooth appearance and an intense durability. This design features 1 main pocket for cards, 3 extra slots where you can keep currency and keys. In addition, there is 1 exterior pocket for keeping your most-used card.

Take versatility as the top priority, the slot appears with pull-tab for quicker access. With this VBAX wallet, you can keep up to 10 cards and multiple cash. As the brand is confident in their products, you will receive a 6-month warranty for any problems. All you have to do is just contact VBAX. Enjoy!

05. Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet With ID Window

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The minimalist lifestyle is now trending for a while, which leads to a sea of new-arrival minimalist products. Lethnic Flat Wallet RFID Front Pocket stands out of the crowd featuring its supreme slimness plus with large space for storage. Solving the biggest struggle when it comes to slim wallets – capacity. Feature the small size, this flat wallet is handy to keep in either your back or front pocket.

Lethnic slim flat wallet is made from 100% high-quality genuine leather for moderate softness and excellent durability. Feature itself as an ALL IN ONE wallet, you will have easy access to 2 functional pockets, 4 card slots and 1 compartment that fits up to 10 bills. Besides, it also has an ID window so you can store your identity card or your photo there.

The wallet has a mild oil layer delivering light shine, which is both good looking and easy to clean. They also build up RFID Blocking Technology to keep your private information stay safe from technological thieves, especially when you are living or intend to travel to different destinations.

All you have to do is pick your favorite one among 7 different colors, from the vibrant to pastel tone that matches your style. Although this mini flat wallet is suggested in the men collection, for sure both women and men can try this one as well.

06. SERMAN BRANDS RFID Blocking Slim Bifold Genuine Leather Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

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Among all the mens flat wallets in this collection, this SERMAN BRANDS Card Pocket is one slim design that grab your attention thanks to its masculinity. Made of top-grain genuine leather, mens flat wallet develops a rich texture and stronger character when in use. Be sure to measure your cards to avoid any sizing inconsistency.

If you are looking forward to slim down your wallet, this flat wallet embraces the experience of freedom, allow you to carry only what you need. Take a closer look, the inner design features 2 card slots, 1 transparent ID window. You will find 1 extra card slot at the front for keeping your most-used card, make it easier to take in and out in a few seconds. The precise part of this wallet lies in the small pull-strap. All you need is pulling the strap, then cards are now ready for use!

Not only the built-in RFID technology, but this flat wallet also takes advantage of two types of leather: the vintage leather and dressed leather. These slim wallets for men are also available in 6 colors that match your preferences.

  • Vintage Leather: Texas Brown, California Desert, Charcoal Black.
  • Dressed leather: Jet Black, Luxe Blue, Army Green, and Titanium Gray.

07. Magpul DAKA Essential Slim Flat Wallet

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Have you ever confused when finding the cards, especially if your wallet is too bulky and messy? As this world is becoming a less-cash society, people prefer using cards for fast purchases as well as to keep in touch with their business partners. With this Magpul Unisex Daka Flat Wallet, this one can contain up to 8 cards when in need. In term of sizing, this mens flat wallet measures 4.13 x 2.75 inches.

Made of reinforced Polymer fabric, wallet is lightweight and flexible to put inside all the pants pockets, even carry on hands without a burden. Its outer performance features the anti-slip texture, flat wallet will stay on your hands firmly without falling all over around. Made with welded technology, for sure this one is impenetrable to protect all your basic stuff.

Feature 3 card slots, you can carry up to 4 basic cards and cash. However, cash needs to be double folded. Kindly measure your essentials to make sure they fit this size: 4.13 x 2.75 inches.

However, there are two limitations for this wallet result in the size and performance. According to some customers, the size tends to increase once you have put all the cards in. As the quality is not extra-ordinary, we highly recommend that you use it with care.

08. Slim Full Grain Leather Front Pocket ID Window Wallet for Men

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For leather lovers who are seeking for minimalist design, this Leather Front Pocket Mens Flat Wallet plays itself as a smart card holder. Feature 2 card slots and 1 ID window, this flat wallet is for those who prefer the simplicity instead of roomy spaces for miscellaneous items.

One precise element lies in the ID window. A clear ID window prevents the chances of having crack or cloudy on its surface. Most people also make use of the slot behind, where you can hide extra cash or secret notes, receipts.

As Saddleback Leather Co. aims to bring to one quality flat wallet that can last long, they use the genuine leather. Stitched with marine-grade polyester threads, it is sturdier compared to the cow leather. Whether you carry on hands or keep inside pockets, this flat leather wallet still remains its original shape.

There are 3 different colors to choose from including Tobacco, Chestnut and Black. But according to some individuals, the customer service of this brand is still not good enough, which will take a long time for you to receive a response from them. But we do hope this is just the unexpected case sometimes.

09. Slim Money Clip Wallet, Bifold Leather Business Card Holder With ID Window

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For those who seek for minimalist and amazing quality, Lethnic Money Clip Slim Flat Wallet is definitely the best option. Made of 100% premium cowhide leather, wallet delivers the durability and longevity that meet your needs. If your wallet collection is full of the plain item, this one will blow a new wind while having beautiful crocodile pattern embossed on the outer surface.

This crocodile flat wallet measures 4.13 x 2.95 x 0.6 inches, very convenient and lightweight. Feel free to switch its function as one front pocket or back pocket wallet depends on your preference. Feature the slim design; you can carry up to 10 cards and 15 bills in 2 inner card slots and 1 ID window. The two features help make your experience become easier than ever include a small pull-strap and magnetic clip.

No more worry about the loss of information when your flat leather wallet is now attaching to an effective RFID Blocking System. In case you are seeking for one gift to send to your father/ boyfriends, product from this brand always comes long in an elegant gift box set.

This wallet receives mostly compliments for the design and good quality. Lethnic also gives you 1 extra money clip bar in case you need to replace your old one. If you are not satisfied with the product, Lethnic offers 30 DAYS warranty covering any factory defects derived from the manufacturing process.

10. Mighty Wallet Leather Billfold Mens Flat Wallet, Multi-Comic Book

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 “Do not fear to help them where they need help, but do not impose yourself on them. Gods can become devils far too quickly. Reliance on your own powers will destroy them. Belief in your values will give them strength.”

If you are a fan of Superman, then we believe you will recognize this quote. However, instead of putting the long quote, why don’t you choose one lovely wallet with Superman cartoon prints? This Mighty Wallet Mens Flat Leather Wallet embraces the adorable prints, slim profile and flexibility in use.

It’s hard to believe that one single folded sheet can give you roomy space for all essentials. This Multi-Comic Mens Flat Wallet is here to prove it! Take a closer look, you will have 2 large compartments for cash, 2 credit card pockets and 2 extra slots for easier access. It’s size measures roughly 3.5 x 4 inches (high x wide).

The flat wallet utilizes Tyvek material. This material brings several advantages include:

  • Strong resistance to withstand water, tears and stains. Even if you forget to take the flat wallet out when swimming, it can float on the water.
  • Known as one of the slimmest flat wallets, but still adapt any items you keep inside.
  • Long durability which can last more than one year. Based on some researches, there are customers who have their wallet remains the same for more than 3 years.

From all the great points mentioned from the brand, we highly suggest that you use it with care. And for sure, this wallet is suitable for people who just need space for basic items. If you need huge spaces for currency, cards, receipts and maybe coins, then it’s better to select a bigger, sturdier design. Overall, such a cute wallet with an affordable price! Why don’t give it a try and share with us?

As Tyvek is one material which offers the long durability and versatility than all kinds of fabric used in this industry. Take advantage of environmentally responsible material, it brings the intense protection to prevent the growth of moisture or the serious damage caused by external impacts. You may want to read this Best Mighty wallet – An earth-friendly item to carry cash.

11. Travelambo Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet Slim Minimalist Wallet

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If you always confused between the front pocket wallet and a money clip one, this Travelambo Minimalist Flat Wallet brings you 2 functions in just one simple item. Made of genuine cowhide leather, it is handcrafted by a skillful craftsman; ensures to bring you the long-lasted lifespan as well as amazing touch from the first time. Wondering about the size? Mens flat wallet measures 4 1/8 x 2 ¾ x 1/8 inches, perfect for any pockets.

Based on different preferences of customers, Travelambo manufactures 2 DESIGNS:

  • Wallet WITHOUT ID window: You can keep your most-used cards in 3 slots (ID window is replaced by card slots). Then leave all the folded cash secured by strong money clip.
  • Wallet with ID window: You will have 1 card slot and 1 ID window. The ID window is designed with a thumb cut-out and transparent, which make your information visible and easy checking. This one also has money clip to carry along your cards.

In term of capacity, the magnetic clip can hold up to 30 folded bills to lessen what you bring on a daily basis. You will receive a 1 YEAR WARRANTY when purchasing the product. So just feel free to contact the brand whenever you are not happy with this mens flat wallet.

Like others, this one equips to the strong RFID blocking system to secure all your private data. Based on most feedback, the magnetic is super strong to carry all your belongings. Yet, card slots are a bit tight to take your card in and out.

12. Lethnic Handmade Bifold Wallet For Men – PASIC

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These days, we believe you guys prefer accessories which are compact, slim and useful of course. Then this brand will bring you these characteristics combined in just one item – the PASIC Flat Wallet Womens and Mens. Skillfully crafted by artisans, wallet emphasizes its durability and solidness through the stitches in contrasting colors. Utilize the genuine wax-leather, this mens and womens wallet remains its beauty over time. The more you use, the better your wallet becomes.

Wondering about the size? This handmade flat wallet measures 3.4 x 4.4 inches, feel free to keep inside pant pockets or small purses. Like other mens bifold wallet, you will have roomy space for all the belongings, which can hold up to 40 cash and several credit cards.

Bring you the nice and creative package, you can choose it as a gift on special occasions. We believe the rustic look will please all customers, even the pickiest individuals. Also, to ensures your satisfaction, just return it within 30 days for a replacement or a full refund of your purchase price in case you are not happy with the product.

13. SlimFold Minimalist Wallet – RFID Option – Thin, Durable, and Waterproof Guaranteed

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When your wallet is too bulky to go along with your phone in the pocket, then why don’t think about having one flat wallet. We sure you will enjoy using one that doesn’t weigh you down. SlimFold Minimalist Wallet was made in the USA. For those who haven’t heard about this brand, SlimFold stood out as one leader in the minimalist revolution, which offers you the excellent quality in every item you bought. Made of Soft Shell material, wallet brings you the smoothness and durability.

One precise element is the resistance of wallet and abrasion. No matter how hard you use, your belongings will receive the best protection to fight against any outer impacts. In term of capacity, you can carry up to 10 cards in 1 full-length compartment, and 2 ID card slots. Each card slot gradually stretches to the size of cards, then rebounds for you to grab a single one.

This SlimFold flat wallet is a great option as it fits different types of cash from US, Canadian and Euro. You can put up to 20 Euro without folding. Instead of color for the whole wallet, this one makes a huge difference by using colorful stitching along the edges. Just feel free to choose the stitching color which you like best. However, according to most customers, you must be careful when using as the stitches look infirm.

If you are a gentleman, reading this collection and wanna find some slim wallet designs. You may wanna read this collection: Cool Slim Wallets For Men.

14. Kattee Men’s Vintage Genuine Leather Long Flat Wallet for Checkbook

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Slim flat wallet doesn’t have to be a card holder or money clip at all times. It can feature a unique motif, as long as it’s slim and bring comfort when using. So, this time we bring you a different design – Long Checkbook Vintage Flat Wallet from Kattee.

Made of Crazy-horse leather, this material delivers a durable and smooth experience. The longer you use, the more beautiful your wallet becomes. Mostly, people fall in love with the color shade as it brings a sense of vintage and masculinity. Also, Kattee emphasizes the sturdiness of its product by crafting exquisite stitches in the same color.

Take a look inside, you will have 4 currency compartments, 11 card slots, 1 ID window, and 1 extra zipper pocket. The precise element lies in card holder design, which follows the single layer incising. So, your wallet will look more sophisticated and well-organized. In case you often have trouble taking your ID card out, this one features the small cut-out for easier access.

Kattee flat wallet womens and mens is available in several colors that suit your true fashion taste. You can among the vintage solid style and the crocodile embossed style.

15. MEKU Slim Flat Leather Wallet Credit Card Case Sleeve Card Holder

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One more flat wallet design – the MEKU Credit Card Holder Wallet For Men and Women. Whether you are wandering around the supermarket, going to the gym or jogging in the neighborhood, this slim construction can handle it all. With its thickness measures only 0.08 inches, you can keep inside pockets, or carry inside the palm of your hand.

Take genuine leather as the main material, this mens flat wallet delivers the firmness and comfort in use. Take a closer look, you will have 3 card slots, and 1 transparent ID window, allows you to keep up to 8 cards in total. For cash when putting inside, remember you will have to double or triple folded.

Please kindly keep in mind that there are 2 versions including one WITH ID WINDOW, and another WITHOUT ID WINDOW. The version without ID window will be replaced with more cards. So, make sure you choose the right one that matches your purposes. This flat card wallet seems to be a bit tight at the beginning, but it will stretch out after times.

16. Handmade Leather Business Card Holder For Women Men – Mini Bifold Wallet – JOY

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Bring you the sleek design inside one small compact wallet – which can be only the Lethnic Womens and Mens Flat Wallet JOY. Its size features big enough to fit one normal card, which measures 3.2 x 4.3 inches. Emphasize the flat form, this flat card womens and mens is super convenient when carrying around or even keep inside your pant pockets.

No matter how small your purse is, the JOY flat wallet for men still fits inside easily. We highly recommend the JOY business card holder for men, especially those businessman and card lovers as its design looks like one basic wallet but focuses on the card space.

Take a closer look, you will have 6 card slots designed in both vertical and horizontal direction. For better convenience, the brand places one extra card slot at the back. So just grab your most-used cards and leave there for making fast payment.

There are 2 different colors including brown and wine. Lethnic highlights the solidness of their wallet by using meticulously stitched seams in contrasting colors along the edges. Wanna purchase it as a gift? The brand’s package will make everything ready for you!

17. FIDELO Minimalist Wallet for Men – Slim Credit Card Holder RFID

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So excited to suggest this wallet from FIDELO brand – the Slim Credit Card Holder RFID. Known as one exclusive 3-PIECE DESIGN, you will receive several items in just one package. The mens flat wallet comes along with 1 Removable leather case, 2 Money clip bands. And it’s your choice to use them separately or combine together.

Made of the best premium grade – carbon fiber, mens flat wallet delivers the long-lasted lifespan and strong resistance against outer impacts. Be sure to measure your items to make sure they fit this size: 4.3 x 2.6 x 0.32 inches (the metal card holder).

The bonus point of this flat wallet goes to colorful design for its wallet and leather cover. If you love to collect all these colors, then it’s perfect as each color will match different styles and daily outfits. FIDELO mens flat wallet allows you to carry up to 15 credit cards. And you can take advantage of the bands to carry more than 10 bills (they need to be folded).

This mens flat wallet receives good comments while offers good space and well-organized construction. Your item will also be secured with the strong money back, perfect to carry bills or folded money. According to some customers, the leather cover attracts dust and scratches easily; which requires intense care when using.

18. AULIV RFID Blocking Thin Minimalist Magic Wallet Card Case Holder

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AULIV RFID Slim Flat Wallet makes itself stand out with the magical mechanism that allows you to keep/ take your cash in such a fun way. First, you need to store cash in one side, then close the wallet. When opening it on another side, you will see your cash is now secured under the strong rubber bands. This is very simple, however, the brand hopes to bring you a unique wallet that can grab others attention.

Made of vegetable full-grain leather, this flat wallet womens bring the highest level of quality as well as its beauty. As long as you use, it’s outer surface will develop a nice patina layer to embrace its exotic beauty. Its skin appears roughly to keep wallet stay firmly in the palm of your hands.

In term of capacity, you can carry up to 8 card slots (6 inside and 2 more in the outer slots). And obviously, the elastic band inside is for securing your cash. According to most customers, money needs to be double folded if it’s large.

Note to yourself: Use one soft piece of cloth to wipe out the dirt. In case there are stains on its surface, use the professional leather cleaner.

If your main payment is cash instead of cards, then get yourself some tricks with the best magic wallet present in this collection: Best magic wallet

19. Aprince Amazing Men and Women Slim Genuine Cowhide Flat Leather Wallet Card Case

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If you are a type of person who is more into cards, then this Aprince Amazing Mens Flat Wallet will definitely make a move. Wallet design features like one photo album, allows you to find your cards and grab out in just a few seconds. Wondering about the size, this flat wallet measures 5.3 x 4.2 x 0.6 inches. However, it is still compact for you to put inside any pockets as well as sit on it, even when you are driving.

Made of genuine leather, mens flat wallet delivers the durability and flexibility to keep all the cards safe. Aprince flat card wallet featurse 1 full-length compartment for cash and 24 transparent card slots. Equip to the strong RFID blocking system, it protects your privacy from dangerous thieves by blocking 13.56 MHz or higher RFID signals

As this one focuses on storing cards, wallet tends to get bulkier once you will all the slots with cards. Flat leather wallet from Aprince allows you to receive a full-refund or replacement when purchasing. However, kindly keep in mind that its thickness tends to increase once you fill all the slots with cards.

20. Lethnic Leather Bifold Flat Wallet For Men Thin Slim RFID Blocking

View here

And finally, let’s carry more things with you by purchasing our wonderful mens flat wallet that won’t create a big bulge in your pockets. If you always waste time going through wallet, reorganizing things again to have more space, then Lethnic Flat Leather Wallet For Men are here to lend a hand!

Made of genuine cowhide leather with fine embossing, wallet reflects its unique characteristics as well as your fashion taste. The longer you use, the more beautiful your wallet becomes. This slim flat wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system that secures your private data from electrical thieves

Take a closer look, you will have 1 full-length compartment for cash, 1 half-open corner pocket and 2 quick-access slots for cards. In case you have some private receipts, Lethnic best flat wallet brings 2 hidden pockets, which helps keep them in the safest place. These pockets create space for up to 9 cards and 40 bills. Such an ideal option for both casual days and unexpected long vacation, isn’t it?

For all products from Lethnic, you will receive them in an elegant package. Not only show our thankfulness, but the package would also be great if you purchase wallet as a gift. What are you waiting for, click “Add to Cart” and share with us your thoughts?

Among those 20 Best flat wallets for men and women, we have suggested different designs of flat wallet that women, men and especially teenagers can have a look at them as well. Goes along with each product, we don’t forget to provide some feedback from latest customers so you can be smarter when choosing your own one.

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